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[The most luxurious place in Lambo was the headquarters of Viscount Lambo, Lambo City.

[It was the fruit of the Automatons technological knowledge, and all kinds of Automaton war beasts were there.

The defensive strength of this place could be said to be the strongest place on this planet.

[Even Long Zhan and Ke Shen had never thought of approaching this place.

[There was an existence at the 9th Chasm of the Sage Monarch realm, a headquarters that was built with a lot of money, and a robotic race.

Without a Sage Monarch cultivation base, it would be impossible for one to enter.

[You studied the outskirts of Lambo City for a long time and used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes to check everything that you could, but you still couldnt find any passage that could allow you to sneak in.

[You sighed.

The Automatons were indeed a robotic race.

Even their defense was impeccable and very meticulous.

[However, this place in front of him was definitely the most valuable place on Lambo.

Not being able to enter this difficult problem was not impossible for you.

[You started to use the most primitive method of siege.

Using the principles of earthwork, you planned to dig a tunnel and directly sneak into the city.]

[On the 112th day, because the sound of digging was too loud, your actions caused the level of security in Lambo City to rise.

The alarm sounded throughout the entire planet.

Viscount Lambo, who was about to successfully kill Ke Shen, rushed back after hearing the alarm.

There were many precious things in his nest.

He could not afford to lose them.


[As a result, Ke Shen was spared.

He hurriedly ran away and hid.

[You were besieged by groups of mechanical beasts.

Dozens of mechanical beasts were at least at the 1st Firmament of the Sageking realm, and the highest was at the 6th Firmament of the Sageking realm.

[You relied on your powerful physical body and Sageking weapons to fight and retreat.

You killed dozens of mechanical beasts and successfully obtained 1,600 points.

[You surpassed Long Zhans points in one go and became the temporary number one on the points ranking.

[Your strength intimidated the mechanical beasts that were chasing after you, and you successfully escaped from them.]

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[On the 114th day, the last day before the assessment, Long Zhan surpassed your points, and you were placed second.

During this period, you didnt see Long Zhans figure.

You had some doubts, but this assessment seemed to be a little too simple.

[You were trying to avoid the pursuit of a 9th Chasm Sage Monarch, and youre trying to kill as many Automatons as you could on the way.”

[Whether its for you or the other two, it seemed to be a little simple.

[Just as you were thinking about it, a persons profile picture instantly darkened in the score ranking.

[Your expression instantly became unsightly.

Because just now, Ke Shen, who was ranked third and had quite a background, died].

[After Ke Shen had escaped Viscount Lambos pursuit, he went to look for Long Zhan.

Since Ke Shens brother was a small commander of the army, Ke Shen could still speak to Long Zhan.

[Ever since Long Zhan had landed on Lambo, he hadnt moved.

Instead, he had taken out a capsule and directly created a laboratory.

[The mechanical creatures of the continent continuously walked out of the laboratory and charged in all directions.

[With Long Zhans strength at the 3rd Firmament of the Sageking realm, he could control the mechanical beasts at the 6th Firmament of the Sageking realm at the most.

[Groups of mechanical beasts started to slaughter on Lambo just like that.

[Long Zhan was also continuously absorbing the power of the killed Automatons.

He had already reached the 5th Firmament of the Sageking realm in six days.

[His goal was not as simple as just being number one on the points list.

[He also had another goal: kill Viscount Lambo and obtain all of his wealth.

[An intermediate planet, a 9th Chasm Sage Monarch, and the accumulation of his entire life.

Even the descendants of large families like Long Zhan were somewhat envious.

[Therefore, when Ke Shen came to find Long Zhan, the two of them prepared to cooperate and kill Viscount Lambo together.

[After that, it was the usual method of luring the snake out of its hole.

Ke Shen exposed his position and attracted Viscount Lambo.

After that, Long Zhan commanded a large number of mechanical beasts to surround Viscount Lambo.

[A great battle broke out.

[The great battle lasted for an entire day.

All of Long Zhans mechanical beasts died.

Ke Shen died, and Viscount Lambo escaped with serious injuries.

[How could Long Zhan let Viscount Lambo go He gathered all of his laboratories and chased after Viscount Lambo all the way to the bottom of Lambo City.

[Only then was he stopped by the city defense array on the city wall and a large number of mechanical beasts.

[Long Zhan knew that an opportunity wouldnt come again.

He directly released his laboratory and poured a large number of resources into it.

One after another, 6th or 7th Firmament Sageking mechanical beasts were continuously created and began to attack Lambo City.

[Naturally, you also noticed the terrifying battle ripples that erupted from there.

After slaughtering a few more small Automaton cities, you also rushed to the outskirts of Lambo City.

[This was also the first time you experienced the terror of commanding and summoning.

[Long Zhan never personally took action.

He only continuously poured materials into the mechanical laboratory.

One powerful mechanical beast after another appeared and attacked Lambo City.

[It was obvious that there were mechanical workshops in Lambo City.

However, the speed at which monsters appeared wasnt as fast as that of the laboratory that Long Zhan brought.

[Soon, Long Zhan had the upper hand.

Many mechanical beasts had already attacked the city wall.

[You hesitated for a while.

Were you going to watch quietly, or were you going to steal the fruits of victory

[You thought for a while.

Considering the power of the clan behind Long Zhan, you didnt choose to make enemies with them.

[However, just because you didnt want to make enemies with them didnt mean that others thought the same.

[Just as you were planning to take the opportunity to enter Lambo City and sweep away some resources, a 6th Firmament Sageking mechanical war elephant and a 7th Firmament Sageking mechanical war eagle simultaneously charged toward the place where you were hiding.

[You were instantly shocked.

You used the Thirteen Fists of Heavens Destruction, forcing the two war beasts to retreat.

Only then did you use Cloud Step and fly to a place not far away from Long Zhan.

“What is the meaning of this I have no enmity with you.

Why did you attack me” you said to Long Zhan with a cold face.

[The other partys action of ordering the mechanical beasts to attack you had already established the hostile relationship between the two of you.

“Hehe, you have the possibility of threatening me to obtain the final fruit.

So, its better for you to die early.”

[A faint cold killing intent appeared on Long Zhans young face.

It wasnt because he disliked you but because your existence might threaten him.

Therefore, you had to die.

[Just as you were speaking, the two mechanical beasts pounced over again.

You dodged while charging in Long Zhans direction.

[You were aware of the principle of capturing the leader before capturing the bandits.

These mechanical beasts were all controlled by Long Zhan.

The crisis would naturally be resolved if you killed Long Zhan.

[It was a matter of nature.

Long Zhan was the one that initiated the attack.

No matter what happened, you wouldnt be afraid.

[You approached Long Zhan in a flash.

Finally, when you were less than 100 meters away from Long Zhan, you mobilized all your Blood Qi and threw a punch at Long Zhan.]


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