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[On the 108th day, rumbling sounds came from your body, followed by a roar that sounded like a raging bull.

Your eyes instantly opened, and your realm instantly broke through, successfully becoming an existence at the 2nd Firmament of the Sageking realm.

[You were very surprised.

You didnt think breaking through would be so simple, but you faintly felt something was wrong.

[One had to know that over the past few days, dozens of new recruits had entered.

Each of them was at the 1st Firmament of the Sageking realm, but none of them had made a breakthrough.

[And your cultivation technique was different from ordinary people.

You could increase your strength at the fastest speed by absorbing endlessly.

[However, even if you knew, you couldnt do that.

[If you wanted to increase your strength quickly, you needed to devour that boundless great Physical Dao.

[With your current Sageking cultivation, devouring a little bit was enough for you to break through.

That great Dao didnt have any reaction.

However, you knew that once the master of that great Dao discovered it, you would immediately feel cold.

[Not to mention how powerful the master of that great Physical Dao was, just the boundless great Physical Dao would be enough to crush you with just a little bit of power.

[You were not greedy.

In order to prevent exposure, you planned to take a few hours of the great Physical Dao every day.

It was not a small amount.

[You looked at the time.

It was still close to the assessment time that Reid had mentioned.


[Thus, you left the dormitory and went to the drill ground.

When you arrived, two figures were already standing there early.

[When you saw these two people, a trace of doubt flashed across your face.

[You knew Ke Shen, but the person next to Ke Shen was obviously not the recruit you had seen in the past few days.

[Ke Shen stepped forward and introduced him to you, “This is the person who will participate in the third assessment with us, Long Zhan.”

[You nodded at Long Zhan and used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes to obtain the basic information about Long Zhan.

Name: Long Zhan

Race: Human

Cultivation: Sageking/3rd Firmament

Introduction: He is a descendant of the Dragongrace clan from the Ancient Blue star system.

The Dragongrace clan was among the most powerful in the entire Ancient Blue galaxy, and the clan leader was a 9th Order Sage Emperor.

The clans main research field was the modification of Automaton parts.

Every Dragongrace descendant had integrated Automaton parts.

[Looking at the information, one would understand that the Ancient Blue galaxy and the Automaton were in conflict.

Large and small battles often broke out.

With battles, there would naturally be spoils of war.

Not all the items obtained from killing Automatons could be used directly.

[As for the Dragongrace clan, its main purpose was to buy and recycle the loot of the Automatons.

[It wasnt difficult to judge how powerful a clan that almost monopolized business could be.

[Not to mention, the clan leader of the Dragongrace clan was a 9th Order Sage Emperor who was only one step away from becoming a Supreme being.

[It was likely that the entire Dragongrace clan was ranked among the top clans of the entire human race.

[No wonder Ke Shen, who had always been arrogant due to his connections, would take the initiative to introduce them.

[Without waiting for you to go up and chat with Long Zhan and see if you could get more useful information, Reid appeared directly in front of the three of you.

“Since everyone is here, let me talk about the third test.

I believe that all of you have already made your speculations.

The third test is actual combat.”

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[After Reid finished speaking, Ke Shen and Long Zhan didnt have any surprised expressions.

It was obvious that they had already prepared for this.

[As for you, it didnt matter.

Actually, not even what the test was about mattered to you.

[At the Casco galaxy, on planet Lambo…

[This was the planet where the third test was going to be carried out.

[The Casco galaxy was under the Automaton races control.

As it was close to the Ancient Blue galaxy, it was also the place where wars broke out between the two races.

[Lambo was an intermediate life-form planet.

It was 100 times bigger than a low-level life-form planet and controlled by Viscount Lambo, a 9th Firmament Sageking.

[Reid dropped the three of you on this planet.

The mission was very simple.

[For the following seven days, there was no need to consider whether you would be exposed or not.

You only needed to kill as many Automatons as possible.

After seven days, the person with the best result would pass the assessment.

The other two would be eliminated.

[You raised your head and looked at the panel in front of you

Recruit: Zhao Hao

Score: 0

Rank: 3

Location: Casco galaxy/Lambo planet

[Your random landing location was in a canyon.

You didnt have much confidence in passing the test.

There was too much space for you to control on an enemy planet.

[Take Long Zhan and Ke Shen, for example.

With their deep backgrounds, they could easily kill a large number of Automatons with taboo items to gain points.

[However, you didnt give up.

Instead, you wanted to take this opportunity to get more spoils of war.

[You were very poor now.

You didnt have so much time to make money during the recruit period.

[You concealed your aura and cultivation and started to wander around Lambo.

[After flying for a while, you found an Automaton city.

To avoid exposing your target, you didnt directly massacre the city.

Instead, you used your aura to sense the strongest existence in the city.

There were three Sage Automatons.

[You sneaked in and successfully killed the three Sage Automatons in one hit, respectively.

Your points went from zero to three.

“Damn! A Sage Automaton only gives you 1 point.

How long will it take for me to kill them all”

[You put the three Sage-level Automatons you killed into your storage space and left quickly.]

[On the 111th day, three days passed quietly.

You were still ranked third.

In three days, you killed more than 20 Sage Automatons and a 3rd Firmament Sageking Automaton.

You had gained a total of 140 points.

[Long Zhan, who was ranked first, had a total of 849 points.

Even Ke Shen, who was ranked second, had more than 500 points.

[Of course, because of the crazy killing spree of these two people, they were already on Viscount Lambos radar and avoiding his pursuit.

[You hadnt been exposed yet, so you had always been in a safe state.

[On this day, you came to a majestic city.

The entire city wall was made of pure steel.

Lighthouses kept shining in all directions.

Airships, flying cars, and warships constantly patrolled around the city.

The whole atmosphere gave a sci-fi vibe.

It was more advanced than any Automaton city you had ever seen.

[You captured an Automaton and learned that this was the home base of this planets lord, Viscount Lambo.]


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