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[The 9th Firmament Sageking courier sent the goods and asked you to sign before walking back into the black hole.

He completely ignored the black holes powerful destructive power.

[After that, the black hole disappeared.

You hurriedly looked around and found that the changes here didnt cause anything wrong in the army.

[It seemed that this kind of thing frequently happened in the army.

[However, after pondering, you found that the humans in this universe were more and more terrifying.

[How powerful was this Virtual Heavenly Venerate who controlled the entire virtual universe of the human race

[As long as one was in the territory of the human race, there would be a Virtualverse.

[Moreover, everyones location was known.

If a traitor appeared, they would be accurately located no matter where they escaped to, and someone would be teleported over to kill them.

[Unless one could escape from the human domain in an instant.

However, this possibility was slim.

[On the 106th day, you arrived at the gathering place early.

Ke Shen and Hundred Flowers also came one after another.

Today was the day for the three of you to participate in the second round of the assessment.

However, there were four more people besides you.

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[After being introduced, you learned that these four people were the new recruits who arrived a day later than you.

They were also assigned to Reids squad.

After passing the first round, they would prepare for todays second round of the assessment.

[Reids figure slowly walked over from afar, and all of them stood at attention.

[No matter how invincible and talented you were before, you were just a small recruit of the Cosmic Human Army.

“Very good.

You are all good seedlings that passed the first round.

The second round is next,” Reid said as he took out a teleportation roulette.

“Next, all of you will be randomly teleported to a secret place.

Your mission will appear on your virtual interface.

After you complete the mission, you will be teleported back and pass the test.

Of course, you will be eliminated if you dont complete the mission within seven days.”

[After listening to Reids instructions, everyone fell silent.

The people present were not rookies who had just debuted.

All of them were old monsters who had trained for at least tens of thousands of years.

[They were not afraid of this kind of rookie mission.

[If the first test was a test of strength, then what was the second test

[Seeing that no one spoke, Reid gave a gloomy smile.

Then, he activated the teleportation roulette in his hand.

The seven new recruits entered the roulette in the next moment.

[Then, more than ten figures quickly appeared beside Reid.

Seven light screens appeared as well.

The seven figures that entered the roulette appeared on the seven light screens.

“Record everything down in detail.

Focus on that Hundred Flowers and Zhao Hao,” Reid ordered and directly disappeared.

[Only a group of staff members was left, nervously recording all kinds of data.]

[After a spell of dizziness, you came to an unfamiliar space and landed in a rainforest.

[You didnt act rashly.

You looked around and found that there was no threat.

Only then did you open the virtual interface to check your mission.

Assessment Mission: There are three 10,000-man tribes.

Two of the tribes consist of humans, while the third tribe consists of aliens that pretend to be humans.

Think of a way to find the alien tribe and eliminate it.

[Your eyes gradually narrowed.

This mission was quite interesting.

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[If the first mission assessed ones battle prowess, then the second was very likely to be an assessment of an individuals detection ability and intelligence.

[You had no intention of wasting time.

After confirming the safety of this place, you immediately spread out your spiritual sense and scanned the entire rainforest.

[Soon, you found three tribes in the rainforest that were very close to each other.

[The people in the three tribes all looked like humans, and they interacted with each other as if they were all humans.

However, you knew that some of them werent humans.

[You flew to the vicinity of the three tribes and began to observe them carefully.

[The test was very difficult.

After your repeated confirmation, everyone, whether it was their spiritual sense, cultivation base, or physical body, met the ordinary human criteria.

There were no flaws.

[If the system hadnt notified you that a tribe was full of aliens, you would have probably believed they were all humans.

[This kind of problem was hard to deal with for others but not for you.

[Perhaps, this was a test of intelligence for others.

Through intelligence and design, the aliens would give themselves away, and in the end, all of them would be killed.

[However, you were different.

You had a bug—the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes.

[No information could be hidden from your Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes, so you quickly found the aliens.

Name: Ma Bojue

Cultivation: None

Race: Null

Introduction: Null is the race best at imitating the human race.

A Null can imitate a human, and once the imitation is successful, the imitator will encounter all kinds of misfortune and die in the end.

The Null will inherit all the cultivation and memories of the deceased human.

[You couldnt help but curse loudly, “Holy sh*t! Theres such a terrifying race in the universe!”

[The Null was simply the natural enemy of the human race.

How could the human race allow this race to survive in this world

[Just thinking about it made you feel terrified.

Imagine working hard all the way to the Sage Emperor realm, finding a partner, having children, and controlling a large territory.

[Suppose, one day, as you were having a barbeque and singing songs with your family and werent careful, a Null appeared and targeted you because you were too famous.

Once said Null started imitating you and the process was successful, you would have some kind of freak accident and die for no reason.

The Null would take your place and inherit everything!

[Even a fool knew that this race had to be eliminated!

[In an instant, you transformed into a Soul Formation daemon and rushed into the Null tribe.

You did not give those people any chance to fight back and massacred everyone.

Not a single Null was spared.

“Ding! Congratulations on passing the first step of the assessment.

The second mission begins.”

“Second Mission: One human tribe is sinful while the other tribe is full of good people.

Please pick out the sinful human tribe and eradicate it.”

[You gradually narrowed your eyes.

You seemed to understand the true purpose of this test.

It was not as simple as monitoring ones detection ability and intelligence.

There seemed to be some other deeper meaning.

[With the existence of the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes, you easily found the tribe that was filled with criminals and quickly killed them all.

[As expected, the systems voice sounded again.

“Ding! Congratulations.

You have passed the second step of the test.

The third step of the mission has begun.”

“Third Mission: Eradicate the human tribe that is full of good people.”


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