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“Thats right.

Recruit Zhao Hao has an unparalleled physical body.

He killed a 4th Firmament Three-Eyed Sageking.

He passed the first round of the test and can purchase a low-grade Sageking weapon in the Virtualverse.

The military will reimburse him.”

[You passed the test as well and received the reward from the military.

[You merged your three bodies into one and returned to the audience seats.

At that moment, the blood of the other people was boiling.

[You and Ke Shen had both won your battles, which greatly increased your sides morale.

Even if the secret technique of the Three-Eyed race was a bit abnormal, as Sagekings, everyone had a lot of trump cards.

[You greeted everyone and then didnt say anything, quietly waiting for the next battle.

[The next four battles were still very exciting.

After all, the Three-Eyed Sagekings cultivation levels were relatively high.

It was still very difficult for the recruits to win.

[Among the four people, only Hundred Flowers won.

The other three people were all defeated in the arena.

[Of course, Reid saved the three of them at the last moment.

However, they didnt pass.

No one knew where they would be sent.

[In the recruit selection, especially in a one-vs-one battle, it was very normal for a few recruits to die.

It was only because Reid was friendlier to the newcomers that he saved them.

“Next, you will be free to move around for three days.

You will have to accept the second round of assessment three days later,” Reid calmly said to you three and then disappeared.

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[You looked at Hundred Flowers and Ke Shen beside you.

You didnt talk much with the two of them.

You turned around and went back to your dorm.

[After coming into contact with the Three-Eyed experts, you realized that you had many shortcomings.

Not only did you not have any high-level battle techniques, but you didnt even have a decent weapon.

[The Morality Brush and the Sea-Pacifying Pearl, which you regarded as treasures, could no longer keep up with you.

[And the skills that you could use now were the most powerful moves of Confucius and the other two.

They could barely be used in a battle, but they could only be used as secret techniques and couldnt unleash their true power.

[Of course, after joining the Cosmic Human Army, you would slowly get these things, but obviously, you wanted to get them faster, get more, and strengthen yourself.

[You thought of the Virtual Supreme Alliance and its network covering the entire human universe.

All Sagekings could enter the Virtualverse anytime and anywhere.

[You directly entered the Virtualverse with your soul.

[You came to an ancient city.

The streets were paved with large blocks of cut rocks.

Although the people on the streets had strange looks and different heights, it was obvious that they were all humans.

[Most of them were dressed in simple black clothes, and a little elf was on one of their shoulders.

[Your figure suddenly appeared amongst the crowd, similarly dressed in simple black clothes.

A fist-sized little elf sat on your shoulder as well.

“This is the Virtualverse”

[You stood on the streets, looking at the crowd, stunned and in disbelief.

This seemed like the real world.

“Of course, we are now in the Virtualverses Ancient Blue Planet Island, one of the human races 108 Supreme Galaxies.

In the Virtualverse, there are 108 Star Islands.”

[Only now did you understand.

[The little elf on your shoulder explained to you, “In the Ancient Blue Planet system, anyone who enters the Virtualverse will appear directly on the Ancient Blue Planet Island.

“Even though its called an island, the Ancient Blue Planet system contains millions of life stars, and a large number of humans access the Virtualverse.

Hence, the area of this island is larger than any other planet in the real universe.”

[You were shocked beyond words and couldnt help but ask the little elf, “Are you my new guide”

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[The little elf replied, “Yes.

Next, Ill explain to you how to operate in the Virtualverse…”]

[After the little elfs explanation, you finally understood what the Virtualverse was.

Rather than calling it Virtualverse, it was more like it was the second universe that only belonged to humans.

[You could do all sorts of things here.

[Games, delicacies, beauties, finance, trading, competitions, learning… There was everything.

This was a market that was bigger than any other planet.

You could buy everything in the universe through orders.

[You were very excited when you heard it, but then you calmed down.

You discovered a very embarrassing thing.

[That was, you didnt have any money…

[You only had 100 Yuan, which was your salary for the next year as a recruit.

[If it were in the real world, the purchasing power of 100 Yuan was indeed shocking.

It could buy 100 low-level life stars.

If you were lucky, you could buy a low-grade Sageking weapon.

[However, in the Virtualverse, 100 Yuan was nothing.

Even a simple teleportation cost 1 Yuan.

[Furthermore, in some high-end hotels, a single dish cost a few hundred Yuan.

[You were melancholic, lamenting that a penny was hard to beat a hero.

Without money, it would be hard to take a single step in this world.

[Luckily, on your Virtualverse account, you had the authority to purchase a low-grade Sageking weapon.

[This was the reward for passing the first round of solo combat.

You could buy a low-grade Sageking weapon in the Virtualverse at will.

[The Cosmic Human Army was also very generous.

They let the new recruits choose at will and were not afraid of being cheated by others.

[Normal trading was fine, but if one dared to cheat the Cosmic Human Army, they definitely had not experienced the power of the human races biggest dark force.]

[According to the little elfs instructions, one could go to the Weapons Store by the roadside to buy and sell weapons and equipment.

This place was relatively close to the Ancient Blue Planet and could be obtained on the same day.

[If you wanted to have more choices, you would need to connect to the exchange interface.

You could search for anything there.

As long as you had money, you could buy anything.

[Therefore, you let the little elf connect to the exchange interface, and the interface in front of you became a search interface.

[In the search column, you slowly typed the word “Weapon”.

[After clicking on the search button, you were immediately shocked by the weapons that appeared in front of you.

[The top one was also the most expensive one.

Equipment: Automaton Heavenly Venerate A

Level: Heavenly Venerate equipment/Low

Price: 1 quattuorsexagintillion Yuan

Effect: Back then, the Virtual Heavenly Venerate killed the Automaton Heavenly Venerate and refined its body into this armor.

Anyone can wear it and obtain top-class Supreme strength.

(No cultivation restrictions.

Mortals are eligible to equip it as well.)

[You were really scared.

The current you were no longer a small fish who had just entered the universe.

You still had a lot of knowledge about realms and statuses.]


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