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[You didnt expect to be the second person to be called, but you didnt panic.

You didnt put a mere 2nd Firmament Three-Eyed Sageking in your eyes.

[You slowly walked into the arena, and five cages appeared before you.

They were the five Three-Eyed Sagekings.

[Five gazes locked on you simultaneously, and the eyes of each of the Three-Eyed Sagekings felt like they were going to explode.

They wanted nothing more than to kill you.

[You didnt choose the strongest one left.

At that moment, you were still focused on the Physical Dao.

It seemed like you were casually pointing, but the one you were pointing at happened to be the one with the heaviest injuries and could barely exert the strength of a 2nd Firmament Sageking.

[With your choice, the other four cages disappeared.

[The Three-Eyed expert you chose slowly walked out of the cage.

He was about two meters tall and had a strong build.

He wore a set of tattered heavy armor with a broken horn helmet on his head.

His eyes were focused on his side.

There was some yellow fluff at the edges of his face.

[This Three-Eyed expert looked very young.

He raised his hand and released four throwing knives.

They were his natal weapons.

The four throwing knives were all low-grade Sageking weapons.

[After seeing the four throwing knives, you also knew that this battle wouldnt be as easy as you imagined.

[This Three-Eyed expert clearly had a high status.

Since he had four low-grade Sageking weapons, his status and strength couldnt be underestimated.

[You instantly summoned your 10,000,000-meter-long Dao manifestation and directly fused it into your body.

In an instant, the majestic power of flesh and blood filled the entire arena.

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[All the spectators were astounded.

Those who became Sagekings were all masters of a great Dao.

But among the many great Daos, the Physical Dao was famous for being tyrannical.

“Youre not bad, very strong.”

[The deep voice was like the roar of a cow.

[The Three-Eyed Sageking looked at you indifferently and said solemnly, “Out of respect for experts, I will use all my strength to kill you and make you die with me.”

[As the sound of his voice faded, golden energy erupted from this Three-Eyed Sageking.

He activated the four flying knives floating in the air, and they turned into four streaks of golden light.

Under the entanglement of the golden energy, the four flying knives seemed to turn into four ferocious golden dragons that roared and charged toward you.

[The golden flying knives hit your body, but you didnt move at all.

You completely ignored the Three-Eyed Sagekings attack.

“How is this possible Your body”

[The Three-Eyed Sagekings expression instantly changed drastically.

[He had already used all of his strength in this attack.

Not to mention a human recruit at the 1st Firmament of the Sageking realm, even a 3rd Firmament Sageking would find it difficult to block this attack of his.

[Yet, you did not put up any defense but relied on your physical body to receive this fatal attack.

[The spectators outside the arena were also discussing animatedly.

[You didnt pay any attention to them.

At that moment, you were enduring the pain.

Although those four flying knives didnt break through your defense, they still made you feel incomparably intense pain.

[If it werent for your many talents and complete Physical Dao, you might really have been in danger of being struck to death.

[However, since you withstood it, it was naturally the time for you to counterattack.

[You began to take large strides toward the Three-Eyed expert.

[Every step you took while running caused the arena to shake.

It made people feel as if a huge mountain was pressing down on them.

After which, your body blurred, and you flew in front of the Three-Eyed expert and threw an incomparably fierce punch.

[It did not succeed in hitting the target.

Instead, it created a deep pit on the ground.

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[The Three-Eyed expert had used some unknown method to teleport into the air.

“Human brat, take this strongest move of mine…”

[The Three-Eyed expert in the air let out an angry roar.

At this moment, this Three-Eyed expert also chose to use the secret technique of the Three-Eyed race.

He recovered all of his cultivation and broke through a small realm, unleashing his strongest attack before his death.

[The Three-Eyed expert gritted his teeth and said.

“Heaven-Cleaving Blade!”

[The four golden flying blades instantly stopped in the air.

At the same time, they quickly overlapped and fused into an illusory golden blade.

Many densely packed golden threads interweaved together and condensed into a long golden blade.

[The long golden blade was about a foot long.

The four golden flying knives completely formed it.

It was tightly sewn together.

At the same time, countless golden threads weaved through it, making this newly formed long blade extremely real and perfect.

[No matter how carefully one looked at it, they could not find any traces of assembly.

It was as if it was a complete golden blade more than a foot long.

The mysterious patterns on its surface gave the entire golden blade an ancient and simple aura.

[The golden blade that was wrapped in golden air currents was like a comet, leaving behind long golden afterimages as it directly stabbed toward you.

[At this moment, even if ones Physical Dao entered ones body, one would still feel a trace of life-threatening danger.

[How could a full-strength attack from a 3rd Firmament Sageking be so easily blocked.

[Reid, who was watching from the sidelines, had already furrowed his brows tightly and looked like he was ready to attack at any moment.

[Although the rule said that one must die in battle, it was clear that Reid had acknowledged the strength.

Moreover, the strength of this Three-Eyed expert had also slightly exceeded the level that a recruit could deal with.

[In the next moment, Reids tightly furrowed brows instantly disappeared.

In its place was a gaze filled with admiration.

[This was because the moment that the long blade was about to stab you, you instantly turned into a wisp of green smoke and allowed the long blade to slash past.

The green smoke split into two and then turned into three.

[The three wisps of green smoke slowly landed on the ground.

In an instant, they turned into three of you at the same time.

[You used the forbidden Daoist technique, One Breath to form the Three Purities.

[After becoming a Sageking, you had a lot of tricks up your sleeve.

Basically, you had taken away all the trump cards of the three bigshots of Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism.

[Therefore, your hesitation just now was not because of how powerful this technique was, but because you were thinking about which forbidden technique was better.

[One had to know that currently, there were no inheritances of Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism among the human race.

[In the end, you chose the One Breath to form the Three Purities.

You could not reveal all your great Daos, but you could reasonably resolve the battle.

If others asked, you could just say that it was a secret technique.

[Three of you appeared at the same time.

None of them were clones.

All of them were in their original forms and were at the 1st Firmament of the Sageking realm.

Such a secret technique shocked everyone.

[The three figures instantly charged toward the Three-Eyed expert in the air.

After that attack, the Three-Eyed expert had already become an arrow at the end of its flight.

It was difficult for him to put up any resistance.

[Just like that, under the bombardment of your three incantations, this Three-Eyed expert was blasted apart by a single punch.]


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