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[Ke Shen chose a man from the Three-Eyed race who looked relatively thin and weak under everyones watchful eyes.

[You couldnt help but sigh.

This kids luck was really bad.

Only two experts from the Three-Eyed race were at the 2nd Firmament of the Sageking realm.

Ke Shen was the first to choose, so there was a 2/3 chance that he would choose an opponent at the 1st Firmament of the Sageking realm.

[However, he didnt choose…

[Your instructor, Reid, also had a smile on his face as he raised his hand and waved it.

[The other five of you flew to the stands of the arena

[The other five cages that imprisoned the Three-Eyed members also disappeared in an instant.

Only Ke Shen, who had a serious expression, and the cage that imprisoned the Three-Eyed man were left on the field.

“The test will end when one side dies in battle.”

[Following Reids loud shout, the cage slowly opened.

[A Three-Eyed Sageking covered in wounds slowly walked out.

[At that moment, the Three-Eyed Sagekings body was filled with killing intent.

As a captive, he naturally knew that there was no way for him to survive.

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[What he could do now was to kill as many human recruits as possible before he died.

[This could also be considered the last bit of risk for his mother race.

[Ke Shen also knew the seriousness of this battle.

There was no sparring in a fight between different races, only life and death.

[A person who could become a Sageking was someone who could control the wind and rain in his own world.

Since this was an irreversible situation, Ke Shen did not think about it and prepared to deal with the Three-Eyed Sageking.

[A longsword instantly appeared in Ke Shens hand and vibrated with Sword Qi.

The moment it was taken out, it exploded with boundless battle intent.

“Eh This kid still has a top-tier Sageking weapon”

[Reids originally calm face revealed a trace of surprise.

[One had to know that even if the human race was a top-tier race in the universe, not every Sageking expert could have a weapon that corresponded to their own level.

[For example, new recruits like them who had just joined would only receive an intermediate Sageking weapon after reaching the 5th Firmament of the Sageking realm and completing a team mission.

[Those who chose to fight alone would be given a low-grade Sageking weapon after the end of the assessment.

[One should not underestimate low-grade Sageking weapons.

A low-grade Sageking weapon was worth at least 100 Yuan.

In other words, it was equivalent to 100 low-grade life stars.

[The top-grade Sageking weapon in Ke Shens hands should belong to a Sage Monarch.

“Go to hell!”

[Despair flashed through the eyes of the Three-Eyed expert when he saw the weapon in Ke Shens hands.

[However, after the despair, an extremely powerful battle intent appeared.

He knew that he was going to die, so he had to use all his strength to kill the human in front of him before his death.

[The Three-Eyed Sageking disappeared in an instant.

In the next moment, he appeared behind Ke Shen.

His arm turned into a long blade and slashed at Ke Shens head.

A light flashed in his third eye before shooting out a ray.

[Ke Shen was already prepared.

The moment the hand blade slashed at him, he raised his longsword and blocked the extremely fast hand blade.

He even left a bone-deep wound on his hand.

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[Then, Ke Shen turned into a shadow and left his original position at breakneck speed, dodging the attack of the Three-Eyed expert.

[The Three-Eyed expert felt the pain from his hand.

The Sword Qi had already seeped into his body from the wound, destroying his body crazily.

[This Three-Eyed expert knew that he didnt have much time left, so he used a secret technique.

His life force was rapidly declining, and his lifespan was completely exhausted.

[In an instant, this Three-Eyed man recovered all his injuries and even broke through a small realm.


“How is this possible ”

[The surrounding people all exclaimed.

This Three-Eyed man actually had such a secret technique.

[Only Reid didnt have any reaction.

Even if the Three-Eyed man inside was comparable to a 4th Firmament Sageking expert, he didnt plan to save Ke Shen.

[Every Three-Eyed member had two innate divine abilities.

One was the Three-Eyed Divine Light that had just been released.

It could cause great damage to experts of the same level.

[The other was to sacrifice ones life force and lifespan in exchange for the last attack.

[This attack was extremely powerful.

Many human rookies had died at the last moment of victory under the Three-Eyed races counterattack.

[Therefore, when the rookies were at their weakest, they had to face this opponent.

[Reid didnt think that a single attack could be as powerful as Ke Shens.

[Ke Shen clearly knew how terrifying the person in front of him was.

He narrowed his eyes.

[In the next moment, the Three-Eyed expert attacked him once again.

He turned into tens of thousands of figures and attacked from all directions.

[Ke Shen had nowhere to hide.

It was as if there was no safe place in the entire arena.

“I can only take it head-on…”

[A cold light erupted from Ke Shens eyes.

He looked at the tens of thousands of figures charging at him and slashed out with his sword.

[A sword light tore through space and instantly swept through thousands of figures.

However, it did not land on the fast-moving main body.

“Hahaha, lets die together…”

[At that moment, all the figures disappeared, and the Three-Eyed expert had already arrived three meters away from Ke Shen.

[Just as the Three-Eyed expert was about to launch a fatal attack, a longsword shot out from the ground, entered the Three-Eyed experts chest, and came out from his forehead.

[A pitch-black Ke Shen, who looked exactly like Ke Shen, appeared from his shadow in front of everyone.

“How can this be”

“Why are there two of them”

“Is it a doppelganger technique”

[For a moment, everyone outside the arena was discussing, but they didnt know why this had happened.

[The silent Reid gave everyone a standard answer, “Its the Dao of Shadows.”

[Ke Shen cultivated the Dao of Shadows and was proficient in assassination techniques.

[When the Three-Eyed experts gathered their strength, they would decisively attack and kill their opponent in one strike.

[Still, Ke Shen used the top Sageking weapon in his hand and mercilessly killed the Three-Eyed expert.

“Thats right.

Ke Shen has both wisdom and courage.

He killed an expert from the Three-Eyed race at the 4th Firmament of the Sageking realm.

He passed the first round of the assessment and can purchase a low-grade Sageking weapon in the Virtualverse.

The military will reimburse him.”

[As Reid spoke, it signified that Ke Shen had successfully passed the assessment and obtained the militarys reward.

[The eyes of the other five people lit up simultaneously.

They didnt expect that after defeating their opponent, they would also obtain the right to choose a low-grade Sageking weapon.

[At that moment, everyones fighting intent boiled.

[Reid waved his hand once again, and five cages appeared in the arena.

“Recruit Zhao Hao, step out.

Next, its up to you to choose your opponent.”


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