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[The burly man spoke to all of you coldly.

“From now on, you will be incorporated into the 3rd Battalion of our Ancient Blue Planet.

I am your commanding officer.

You can just call me Reid…”

[You did not speak.

You had just entered an unfamiliar environment.

You knew very well that surviving was the only way to survive.

[You secretly used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes on Reid.

Name: Reid

Race: Human

Cultivation: Sage Monarch/5th Chasm

Introduction: He is the Commander of the 3rd Battalion in the Ancient Blue galaxy.

He is powerful, upright, and extremely friendly to new recruits.

Although he looks cold, his heart is warm.

During the battle with the Three-Eyed race, he was affected by a forbidden spell and lost an eye.

He is unable to recover it.

[You repeatedly confirmed the status of this officer and decided to follow this officer properly.

There was absolutely no problem.

[A military flying car would take you all the way to your location.

[The flying car was very fast, and you soon saw a huge city in the distance.

The entire city walls seemed to be made of glass, emitting a faint blue light.

It stretched to the end of your field of vision, and you could not see the end of it!

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[At the city gate of the city wall, there were hundreds of soldiers guarding it.

[Your flying car flew straight into the city and stopped in front of a military camp with thousands of people.

[This was where you would live for the next period, the base of the 3rd Battalion on the Ancient Blue Planet.]

[On the 103rd day, after a simple rest, you began the battalions high-intensity training.

[All the Sagekings who had just entered the Cosmic Human Army had to break through one firmament within a year and five firmaments within three years.

[If anyone couldnt complete these two basic requirements, they would be forcefully kicked out of the army.

[Of course, during this period, the benefits of the army were quite good.

One could receive training pills or medicine every month.

[They also had the privilege of being soldiers.

They could buy a large number of training resources on the Virtual Supreme Network, aka Virtualverse.

[There were only two types of training for the army.

One was individual training, and the other was to work together as a team.

[In order to survive the war with other races, most of the rookies chose to work together as a team.

After all, the more people there were, the more powerful they were.

Naturally, this meant that it was easier to survive.

[However, you didnt choose to work together as a team.

Instead, you chose to fight alone.

[Firstly, you didnt trust these rookies from all the major galaxies in the universe.

Secondly, you discovered that under the observation of your Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes, the strongest few chose to fight alone.

[Although you didnt know what the benefits were, you also felt that you would definitely gain more.

[As expected, while the group of people was still listening to their instructors talk about tactical cooperation in class, the few of you who chose to fight alone were called out.

[Your instructor was the Commander of the 3rd Battle Group, Reid.

“Fighting alone is a difficult choice.

Since you chose this, I believe you all have a lot of information about your own strength,” Reid said loudly in front of you.

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[Out of a total of over 30 new recruits, only 6 had chosen to fight alone, of which the few people you had discovered at the beginning were all among them.

“The moment you became new recruits and joined the Cosmic Human Army, you have to be ready to die for the human race at any time.

“Next, its your first test, a battle of life and death,” said Reid.

[He led you to a gladiator arena with a wave of his hand.

[There were six iron cages in the arena, and each one confined an anthropomorphic creature with three eyes.

“This is the Three-Eyed race that is closest to our Blue Star galaxy.

They are also the old rivals that we have fought for many years.

In the future, they will be your enemies as well.

“Every one of the Three-Eyed race here has a large amount of human experts blood on their hands.

They are all at the 3rd Firmament Sagekings.

Your first test is to choose an opponent of your own.

The warrior will either kill them or die in their hands.”

[Reids tone was very calm, but it made the six people present feel a chill in their hearts.

[Everyone was at the 1st Firmament of the Sageking realm, so they naturally knew that the combat power of a Sageking would have a terrifying boost if they did not cross one level.

And now, he actually asked them to cross two levels to kill their opponents.

This was undoubtedly a very excessive request.

“I protest! Didnt you say that you only need to kill aliens of the same level in a one-on-one battle Even in the harshest Andromeda galaxy, you only need to kill aliens of one level higher.

Youre not following the rules…”

[Among the six people who had chosen to fight alone, everyones expressions were extremely unsightly.

One of them even spoke directly.

It was that Ke Shen with a military background.


[When Reid heard the questioning voice, his only eye instantly fixed on Ke Shens body.

In an instant, Ke Shens body stiffened as if an incomparably terrifying existence was watching him.

As long as the other party had a thought, he would directly turn into dust.

“Oh, I remember now.

Youre that kids younger brother, right I remember that not long ago, Ke Man came to me to ask for you, but I didnt agree…”

[Reid remembered that the Garrison Commander, Ke Man, had come to ask for Ke Shen.

However, not only did he not give Ke Man face, but he even beat him up.

“Alright, you dont have to think about your brother coming over to help you.

Hes still recovering from his injuries.

Youll be the first.

Go up and pick an opponent,” Reid said casually, completely ignoring Ke Shens pale face.

[At this point, Ke Shen had no other choice.

One had to know that once one entered the Cosmic Human Army, they wouldnt be expelled from the army, and they wouldnt be able to escape for the rest of their life.

If they became deserters, the entire human race would have no place for them.

[Helplessly, Ke Shen could only look at the six cages, trying to find one that was relatively weaker.

[You were standing at the side, but there was no emotion in your heart.

You had completely understood the true inside story of this assessment.

[Under your Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes, although the six Three-Eyed clansmen were all at the 3rd Firmament of the Sageking realm, they were all more or less heavily injured.

[Only two of them were not seriously injured.

They were at the 2nd Firmament of the Sageking realm.

The other four could only display the battle strength of a 1st Firmament Sageking.

[Fighting at the same level wasnt a problem for a heavens favorite like you.

[You didnt have the slightest fear even when facing the two 2nd Firmament Three-Eyed Sagekings.

[Therefore, this first test assessed everyones courage.]


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