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[Virtual Supreme Alliance, Cosmic Human Mercenary Group, Cosmic Human Army…

[Of the three major forces, the one you wanted to join the most was the Cosmic Human Mercenary Group.

Not only because of its freedom but also because you could obtain a lot of important information and benefits.

It was the highest among the three major forces.

[However, the entry mission of the Cosmic Human Mercenary Group was too difficult.

Not to mention how difficult Ge Tianji was to deal with, just the fact that he had plotted against you many times made you feel disgusted.

You decided not to face Ge Tianji before you had absolute strength.

You were determined not to face Ge Tianji.

[You were trying to choose between the Virtual Supreme Alliance and the Cosmic Human Army.

[In the end, you chose to join the Cosmic Human Army based on the principle that you could simulate a few more times.

“Ding! Respected new human Sageking Zhao Hao, welcome to join the Cosmic Human Army and fight for the human race in the universe.

You are randomly assigned to the Ancient Blue Star system.

Your current military rank issoldier.”

“Ding! Please note that you have three days to prepare.

At the end of the time, a Star-grade spaceship will arrive and transport you to the Ancient Blue Star.”

[You looked at the strings of words in front of you and felt a little excited.

[As expected, eating public rations was the best choice.

Not only did they not need to complete any missions, but they also had a salary of 20 Yuan per year.

“Only those at the Sageking realm are soldiers.

Just how powerful is this Cosmic Human Army”

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[You could not help but sigh.

[Then, you shared the news with the three seniors.

They felt their hearts palpitate, but they did not force it.

[With their great Daos, it was only a matter of time before they became Sagekings.

After understanding that Sagekings were only the first step to entering the universe, the three of them had a huge change in their state of mind.

They believed that it would not be long before breaking through to the Sageking realm.

[You should also seize the time to stabilize your cultivation and step into the universe with the others to go further.]

[The 87th day, the day to leave arrived in the blink of an eye.

On this day, an incomparably huge Star-grade spaceship appeared at the outer perimeter of the Ancient World, and it transmitted in human language, “Soldier Zhao Hao, return to your team.”

[Your figure instantly flew out of the Ancient World and entered the Star-grade spaceship.

[When you entered the spaceship, the spaceship was automatically piloted and did not have any staff.

There were only three new recruits on the spaceship who were heading to the Ancient Blue Star system just like you.

[You greeted them in a friendly manner and used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes to check their statuses.

Name: Ubato

Race: Human

Cultivation level: Sageking/1st Firmament

Introduction: Scarlet Flame star system, the Master of White Mars.

After cultivating for a million years, he finally became a Sageking.

Because he did not complete the mission of the new recruits of the Cosmic Human Mercenary Group, he chose to join the Cosmic Human Army.

Name: Ke Shen

Race: Human

Cultivation: Sageking/1st Firmament

Introduction: He is a new powerful Sageking from the Silver Bull galaxy.

His family has some connections in the Cosmic Human Army, so he chose to join the Cosmic Human Army.

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Name: Hundred Flowers

Race: Human

Cultivation: Sageking/1st Firmament

Introduction: She is a wandering human that doesnt belong to any galaxy.

She roamed around the major life stars in the universe and became a cosmic pirate before entering the Sageking realm.

She wanted to eliminate her identity as a wandering human, so she joined the Cosmic Human Army.

[Looking at the information of the three people in front of you, you gathered quite a bit of information.

[Ubatos experience was very similar to yours.

However, in this simulation, you didnt choose to join the Cosmic Human Mercenary Group, so theres no such thing as failure.

[Ke Shen was from the same galaxy as you, and his family was related to the Cosmic Human Army, so he had some connections and could receive special treatment.

[The last one was a woman, Hundred Flowers.

When you first saw thewandering human, you didnt understand what it meant.

Could it be that the human race was so strong, yet there were still wandering humans

[However, after you opened the virtual world and searched, you found out that wandering humans were actually just like Confucius and the others.

Because the Spiritual Qi of the life stars had withered, their worlds entered the Chaos Era, and they escaped.

[It was just that Confucius and the others were lucky.

They werent too far away, and there were a few human life stars.

[There were millions of stars around some planets, but none of them were life stars.

In that case, they could only be the wandering humans.

[The wandering humans led miserable lives.

They could not recover their Spiritual Qi or procure any natural treasures.

They could only pick up scraps in the universe.

[Therefore, it was obvious that this Hundred Flowers had some means to have been able to break through to the Sageking realm.

[Since they had just met and their cultivation levels were not low, they were all proud people.

After a simple greeting, they each went about their own business.

[You found a seat and sat down.

You raised your head and looked out of the window at the endless universe.

[The Star-grade spaceship was traveling at breakneck speed.

It had the ability to travel through space and make space jumps.

As you looked at the distant planets, your eyes gradually blurred.

You had finally stepped into the highest realm.]

[On the 97th day, the Star-grade spaceship shuttled through many galaxies.

It could enter a few galaxies in a day.

The number of recruits on the ship kept increasing, from the original four to more than 30 now.

[All the new recruits were at the 1st Firmament of the Sageking realm.

You carefully checked everyones information and had a rough understanding of everyones situation.]

[On the 101st day, the Star-grade spaceship arrived at the destination of this voyage, the Ancient Blue galaxy.

This was a galaxy located at the border of the human universe.

Sagekings from all over the universe were assigned here all year round.

[The Star-grade spaceship flew to the largest planet in the middle of the Ancient Blue galaxy, the Ancient Blue Planet.

As the spaceship was rapidly passing through the atmosphere, the atmosphere of this planet looked very strange.

The naked eye could clearly see all kinds of colorful gas flowing slowly—it made the entire planet look gorgeous from the outside.

[Above the Ancient Blue Planet, there was a docking gate.

[The Star-grade spaceship pierced through the atmosphere and what entered your eyes was an incomparably huge steel city.

Its entire body was made of fine iron.

[This was a gargantuan docking gate.

There were numerous spaceships in the docking gate.

Some of the spaceships were only 10,000 meters in size, while others were millions of meters in size.

[The Star-grade spaceship slowly descended and finally landed.

[The cabin door opened, and the 30 recruits walked out.

[With just a simple breath, you understood what the difference between heaven and earth was.

[The Spiritual Qi density on this Ancient Blue Planet was thousands of times stronger than any life star that you had ever seen.

[You saw a group of people waiting below the spaceship.

[The leader was dressed in a blue uniform.

He was about two meters tall and wore an eye patch.

He looked like a standard tough guy.]


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