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[A sky-covering formation instantly enveloped the entire Netherworld Sea Star.

[Ge Tianjis unhurried voice came from outside the space.

“My little friend, this is the home planet of a disciple of mine from my previous life.

In order to protect this place, I set up a great formation.

My disciple is only at the 8th Firmament of the Sageking realm.

I used this formation to send my little friend into reincarnation.”

[After saying this, Death Qi spread in the Netherworld Sea Star, turning into terrifying and ferocious monsters that pounced on the experts.

[The Death Qi was terrifying.

Many Sages were entangled by the Death Qi and instantly turned into pus and blood.

[Only the 9th Layer Sages who possessed special divine abilities could barely deal with it.

However, they were in a precarious situation and obviously couldnt resist it for long.

[You were burning with anger.

You did not expect Ge Tianji to plot against you once again.

Just as you were about to break through the formation with your powerful Sageking cultivation, a giant formed from Death Qi instantly condensed in the formation.

[You were greatly shocked.

The strength of that giant was actually at the 7th Firmament of the Sageking realm.

[The giant held a heavy hammer in its hand and smashed down in your direction.

Under the terrifying pressure, you had nowhere to hide.

You could only use all of your strength to raise a wave.

[Your figure soared into the sky, and all of your strength gathered in your fist.

The 10,000,000-meter-long Physical Dao merged into it.

This punch was enough to destroy more than ten life stars.

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[You two collided, and the terrifying explosion turned all the living beings in this world into ashes.

[Your vision instantly turned black.

[Youre dead.]

[This Cultivation Simulation is over.

You can permanently retain a Cultivation Talent and extract it into the real world.]

[The simulation has ended.

Simulation Time: 114 days.

System Cooldown Time: 114 minutes.]

Zhao Hao looked at the interface in front of him and suddenly felt a sense of powerlessness welling up in his heart.

Zhao Hao couldnt help but curse angrily, “How many times has this been This damned Ge Tianji…”

Ever since Zhao Hao got the simulator, he had been schemed by this old man.

Up until now, he didnt know why this Ge Tianji could get rid of the simulators reset ability.

This time, he finally got the answer.

It turned out that Ge Tianji was the owner of the simulator in his previous life.

Furthermore, after reaching the Sageking realm, Zhao Hao obtained a lot of useful information.

Even this kind of golden finger wasnt rare among the universes human race.

It wasnt even worth the large factions sending people to investigate it.

After countless years of proof, a golden finger would at most allow that person to become a Sage Emperor.

There had never been a Supreme being.

A Sage Emperor might be a top-tier expert in other races, but in a top-tier race like the human race, a Sage Emperor would only have mid-tier battle power.

Zhao Hao turned his head to look out the window.

Night had already fallen, and the simulator had a two-hour cooldown.

He didnt have any thoughts of sleeping.

At this time, if he could really fall asleep, he would be a ruthless person.

He didnt even have the mood to cultivate.

He would already reach the third step after transmigrating through his numerous simulations.

After a day, he would become a Sage or even a Sageking within a few dozen days.

Therefore, increasing his real-world cultivation was no longer of much use.

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However, in order to obtain more useful information in the next simulation, Zhao Hao took out a notebook and noted down the various races and information in his mind.

He couldnt help but need these things.

Now that Earths Spiritual Qi had recovered, he didnt know when it would recover to its peak.

After he transmigrated, he also didnt know if he would have time to come back.

Therefore, he still had to leave something for Earth.

There was a lot of information.

He wrote down three thick diaries and used a whole two hours.

When the simulator was reset, Zhao Hao gave the order, “System, activate the Cultivation Simulator.”

[To enable the simulation, you may select only three of the following Cultivation Talents.]

There was still no Red Talent, but Zhao Hao was no longer in pursuit of a Red Talent.

After all, he had already extracted the Red Talent for today.

If another good Red Talent appeared, he wouldnt even know which one to replace.

After carefully selecting three talents, Zhao Hao directly opened the simulator.

[Ghost Immortal (Gold Talent): All your attributes will be reduced by 200.

After you die, there is a 50% chance that you will preserve all your memories and enter the Netherworld through the soul method.]

[Ghostfire (Gold Talent): All attributes will be reduced by 300.

After you die, there is a 50% chance that you will ignite the ghostfire and retain half of your cultivation to enter the Netherworld.]

[Innate Ghost Spirit (Gold Talent): Your spirit increases by 500.

After you die, you can turn into a ghost spirit and become the king of ghosts.

You can enter the Netherworld.]

This time, Zhao Hao specifically chose three talents that would send him to the Netherworld.

The Ghost Immortal talent had been chosen once, but it seemed that his luck hadnt been good that time, and he hadnt triggered the 50% chance.

Ghosts existed in any world, but Zhao Hao knew that there were ghosts among the 10,000 races in the universe.

[On the first day, you descended to the world as a Profound Void cultivator.

You carried a Confucian treasure, the Morality Brush, and the Sea-Pacifying Pearl.

Because you are the personal disciple of the Sage of Confucianism, a golden great Dao descended from the sky…]

[You came to Confucius side.

[This time, with sufficient preparations, you directly brought Confucius, Lao Tzu, and Shakyamuni to the Ancient World.

[The three Sages werent against such actions.

In their eyes, it wasnt impossible for you to become a Sageking first.]

[On the fourth day, the three Sages brought you along the ancient path of the starry sky and headed straight for the Ancient World.

In just three days, you arrived at the periphery of the Ancient World.

[The three Sages rushed into the Ancient World without any warning since they were aware of the other partys full strength.

[After finding the position of the Demon Lords, they directly attacked.

[Out of the six Demon Lords, two escaped out of the Ancient World.

[Just as the five Sages of the Ancient World came over to thank them, Confucius and the others attacked and fought with them.

[As for you, you secretly landed in a corner of the Ancient World and entered the Physical Dao of the Ancient World.

You absorbed the Physical Dao and crazily devoured it.]

[On the 14th day, with the death of Elder Blackstone, the Ancient World was completely destroyed.

You severed the cultivators connection with the Physical Dao, and Shakyamuni converted all the mortals once again.

[The Three Sages silently stood guard by your side, waiting for you to completely devour the Physical Dao.]

[On the 84th day, you completely devoured the Physical Dao.

The Sageking Heavenly Tribulation gathered, and you easily passed your tribulation.

[You received four emails…]


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