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[Originally, when they heard that they would be able to fuse with the great Dao, they were pleasantly surprised.

However, when they heard that they must replace their own Dao, the three Sages shook their heads in unison.

‘What a joke! A mere Ocular Dao… How could it be compared to the Dao that I created It will be fine even if I dont break through the Sageking realm with this.

[Looking at their expressions, you once again confirmed that these three seniors from the same hometown definitely had a great secret, or rather, a great opportunity…

[You didnt think about how to help them become Sagekings.

Now, you had 15 life planets under your command.

Theoretically speaking, all the humans on these planets belonged to you.

[You didnt have any objection to the three Sages moving the humans from the Ancient Void World to the Ancient World.

[After all, you didnt care much about such a small matter anymore.

[After informing them about your mission to capture Ge Tianji, they asked you to take them with you three days later.

[As for you, you stabilized your cultivation in the world you created.]

[On the 114th day, two days passed in the blink of an eye.

You stabilized your cultivation at the 1st Firmament of the Sageking realm.

At the same time, you tried to check your Red Talents.

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[Each talent accurately corresponded to a great Dao.

Under your evolution, they turned into great Daos with million-meter-long manifestations and fused into your body.

[Confucianism, Buddhism, the Dao of Slaughter, the Emperor Dao, the Ocular Dao, the Devouring Dao…

[As for the Physical Dao corresponding to the Mahayana Holy Body talent, it was your most powerful great Dao, with a tens of millions of meters long manifestation.

[Right now, even you couldnt judge your own strength.

You only felt that a mere Ancient World couldnt withstand the might of a single punch from you.

[There was only one day left, and it was time for you to prepare to capture Ge Tianji.

In order to increase your chances, you specially left the Ancient World and headed to the Divine World not far away.

[TheDivine World was originally as peaceful as before, but suddenly, an incomparably terrifying pressure descended upon the world.

[The seven main gods of the Divine World were all shocked and incomparably terrified.

[Just from the aura alone, it could be deduced that an expert above the Thearch rank was about to descend upon the Divine World.

[The Earth Sovereign, the Time Sovereign, the Space Sovereign, the War Sovereign…

[One after another, all the gods appeared in the Divine World and gathered together.

[Without knowing whether the newcomer was friend or foe, all the gods of this world naturally gathered together.

[Although there were constant internal battles for the power of faith, everyone would make the same choice when faced with this world-ending crisis.

[Your figure appeared in front of the seven sovereigns.

[Sagekings could already seal the timestreams of their past, not allowing anyone to pry into it.

[However, you didnt seal it.

For a moment, all the sovereigns who had met and fought with you recalled that time image.


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[The Life Sovereign was so frightened that she sat down on the ground.

In that time image, she had been refined by the Earth Sovereign.

[The other sovereigns had ugly expressions on their faces because everyone knew that this expert above the Thearch realm had used some unknown method to have some unpleasant experiences with them.

[On the other hand, after the Earth Sovereign finished looking at those time images, her face gradually turned red.

Memories of that period surfaced, and she was somewhat panicked and didnt know what to do.

[You ignored those sovereigns and went directly to the Earth Sovereigns side.

[You reached out with your hand and gently pinched the Earth Sovereigns chin.

You lifted her beautiful face and slowly asked, “Did you successfully break through that time”

[This was what you wanted to know the most.

After all, in that simulation, you hadnt even glanced at the Earth Sovereign before you died.

Thus, you were extremely curious as to whether or not she had succeeded in breaking through.

[The Earth Sovereign had a shy expression, but in order to maintain her dignity, she endured the humiliation and said to you, “I didnt succeed.

I fell one step short.

After I came out, you had already…”

[When she said this, tears flashed faintly in the eyes of the Earth Sovereign.

[You stretched out your finger and covered the mouth of the Earth Sovereign as you said softly, “Its alright, Ill help you break through.”

[After saying this, you took your finger down and kissed the side of the Earth Sovereigns lips…

[In an instant, the Earth Sovereign seemed to have lost her mind…

[After that, you didnt bother with the Earth Sovereign anymore.

Instead, as the master of the life planet, you ordered all the sovereigns to leave with you and exterminate the traitor.

[Only then did all the sovereigns know that you were the master of this planet.

[The Time Sovereign and Space Sovereign were scared to death.

In their memories, they were the ones who had forced you to die in the end.

[Now, facing the Sageking you, everyone naturally didnt dare to go against you and followed you out of the Divine World.

[You went to the 10 life planets nearby and gathered a total of more than 100 Sages.

Among them, there were a total of 10 9th Layer Sages.

[In the end, you returned to the Ancient World and brought Confucius, Lao Tzu, and Shakyamuni with you.

You were at the 1st Firmament of the Sageking realm, 13 were at the 9th Layer of the Sage rank, and there were 100 Sages left.

[This was all the power you gathered.

You brought the strongest team and made the most preparations for this battle.

You must take Ge Tianji and hand him over to the Cosmic Human Mercenary Group.

[You led everyone to the Netherworld Sea Star.

[As soon as you entered the Netherworld Sea Star, you found something strange.

There was no living creature in the entire Netherworld Sea Star.

It was as quiet as death.

[You used your gaze to scan all the regions of the Netherworld Sea Star.

[At the highest peak of the Netherworld Sea Star, Ge Tianji was smiling as he watched you lead everyone in.

[You immediately felt that something was wrong, but since things had come to this point, you could only go forward.

[You led the many Sages and landed directly in front of Ge Tianji.

[Ge Tianji didnt have a trace of fear.

It was as if he had been waiting for you for a long time.

“Little friend, do you know a lot of things”

You nodded lightly and used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes to check Ge Tianjis status.





You were completely shocked by the information in front of you.

Ever since you had the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes, there had never been such a situation.

“Haha, little friend, you dont have to look at me with the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes.

I was the owner of the simulator in my previous life, so I know it better than you do.

However, I still have to remind you that in my previous life, even if I succeeded in the simulator, I still failed in the simulator,” Ge Tianji said to you meaningfully.

[You were not attracted by the clever words of the person in front of you.

Instead, you were constantly calculating whether you could instantly suppress Ge Tianji if you attacked now.

“It seems that my little friend doesnt want to have a deep conversation with me.

Well, you have just become a Sageking, so lets wait for the next simulation.

You and I can sit down and talk in detail.”

[Ge Tianji bowed to you and then disappeared.

[In an instant, the entire Netherworld Sea Star began to shake.



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