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[Small Mercenary: Every new mercenary needs to complete a simple mission.

After completing the mission, they can officially join the Cosmic Human Mercenary Group.

Searching the nearby areas, please wait a moment.]

[After waiting for a few seconds, the page started to change.

Beginner Mission: Capture Ge Tianji (3 Stars): Ge Tianji was originally a human prodigy, but because he cultivated the Nona-Death Heavenly Demon Technique, he joined the demon race.

He has reincarnated eight times, and now it is his ninth life.

According to the investigation, he obtained a great opportunity in his eighth life, the Cultivation Simulator.

He is currently located on the Netherworld Sea Star, and his cultivation is at the 3rd Layer of the Sage rank.

Please note that this person is very dangerous to the human race.

You only have 10 days.

If you can not complete the mission within ten days, it will automatically be transferred to a high-level mercenary.

Note: If the mission ends up in failure, you will not be able to join the Cosmic Human Mercenary Group.

[As you looked at the mission on the interface, your eyes gradually narrowed.

[Ge Tianji, a name that you had been worried about countless times.

This old village head who had appeared not long after you started the simulation had entered the real world by scheming against you again and again.

[You had always been wondering why this Ge Tianji could ignore the simulation and move freely.

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[Now you finally understood that Ge Tianji was actually the master of the Cultivation Simulator in his previous life.

[You couldnt help but be shocked upon learning that he had obtained the Cultivation Simulator in his previous life.

[In an instant, you even wondered if Ge Tianji knew everything about you.

[Fortunately, Ge Tianji was only at the 3rd Layer of the Sage rank.

He was no threat to you, who had already reached the 1st Firmament of the Sageking realm.

[According to the information you received, the universe was vast, and there were many humans.

It was common for a few or even hundreds of chosen ones to appear occasionally.

[Some people obtained a Sage Emperors inheritance and were personally taught by Sage Emperor souls.

Some people obtained all sorts of strange golden fingers, such as pretentious slaps in the face, showing off in front of others, and all sorts of systems.

These were not rare, and they were collectively known as great opportunities.

[However, these great opportunities would at most allow these heavens favorites to reach the Sage Emperor realm.

No Supreme being had ever risen through these great opportunities.

[Not to mention the Heavenly Venerables.

[Therefore, even if the three top forces discovered these great opportunities, they would only record and ignore them.

[After successfully understanding everything, you werent in a hurry to go to the Netherworld Sea Star.

[After you became a Sageking, the 15 life stars around you were all divided into your subordinates and became your personal territory.

[Among them, there was the Ancient Void World, the Ancient World, the Divine World, and the Netherworld Sea Star.

[Your figure flashed as you returned to the Ancient World.

[The current Ancient World had become a life star without any humans.

[It couldnt be helped.

The monk with thick eyebrows and big eyes had converted all the mortals and sent him to his Buddhist Kingdom.

[Confucius, Lao Tzu, and Shakyamuni had already returned.

They were waiting for your news.

They immediately made their move when they saw the demonic beasts running rampant on the planet.

[As a result, the entire Ancient World had nothing but abundant Spiritual Qi.

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[Confucius looked at the Ancient World and said to the two fellows beside him, “This place looks really good now.

Why dont we bring all of our disciples here”

“I think its fine.

After all, no one lives here anymore.

It would be a pity to leave it here…”

[Sakyamuni also put his palms together in agreement.

“Good, this penniless monk thinks so too…”

[Although the three of them were 9th Layer Sages and masters of a great Dao, they still hadnt broken through to the Sageking realm.

It wasnt the time yet.

What they wanted to fight for now was still to recruit members, the incense stick, and so on.

[You silently appeared in front of them and startled them.

[Confucius said in disbelief, “You succeeded in breaking through”

[The other two also widened their eyes, obviously asking the same question.

[You calmly nodded, waved your hand, and brought them into a small world.

You could easily create a small world with the means of the Sageking realm.

[After sitting down, you took out the Dao Enlightenment Tea that the Virtual Supreme Alliance gifted to the new Sagekings and brewed it for the three seniors.

[The three of them were dumbfounded.

They didnt know why they were drinking tea at this time.

Shouldnt you tell them how to break through to the Sageking realm

[You took a sip of the tea and felt the Dao rhythm within before speaking.

“This tea is called the Dao Enlightenment Tea.

It has a certain probability of allowing a 9th Layer Sage to break through to the Sageking realm.”

[The teapot in front of you instantly disappeared as soon as you said this.

Confucius picked up the teapot and poured it into his mouth.

[The old man and Shakyamuni were a step slower.

Just as Confucius was about to drink the tea, the two of them instantly attacked.

[The three old seniors who had been together for thousands of years almost fought over your teapot.

[You hurriedly stopped them from acting irrationally, took out two more teapots, and brewed more Dao Enlightenment Tea before settling the matter.

[After the three seniors drank a full pot of tea, they sensed the rumbling of the great Dao, and a series of strange phenomena appeared.

Unfortunately, they had no way to take the most crucial step.

[You vaguely felt that there must be a big problem with them.

According to the investigation during the time you had just returned, there was no such thing as Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism in the entire human universe.

[And with the power of Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism, it was hard to tell if these three bigshots had some unknown secret.

[However, you did not pursue the matter.

At the very least, the three seniors in front of you were still normal.

They were all from Earth.

In this vast universe, the word “fellow countrymen” was enough to represent countless deep feelings.

[It was just like working outside for many years.

If you suddenly met an elder from the same village, you would naturally be extremely friendly, and treating them to a meal would be the very least one would do.

[You shared all the information you obtained after breaking through to the Sageking realm.

[Confucius, who had always been calm, also revealed a shocked expression.

Lao Tzu and Shakyamuni werent that strong either.

They were all shocked by the vastness of the universe and their narrow vision.

[Then, you stretched out your hand and grabbed Ju Zi.

You checked his body and threw him.

Ju Zi turned into ashes, leaving only a pair of eyes.

[You pointed at the pair of eyes floating in the air and said to the three seniors, “This Ju Zi has good luck.

This pair of eyes is the inheritance of a Sageking.

Only by inheriting this pair of eyes will one be able to quickly attain the great Dao and become a Sageking.

However, this pair of eyes will replace the original great Dao of the three seniors.”]


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