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[Lightning, thunder, and a rain of blood continuously streaked across the sky.

In addition, there was a terrifying battle aura coming from not far away.

[You could tell that a great battle had broken out over there and that even a Sage had fallen.

[The entire Ancient World was raining blood.

The death of a Sage was a tragedy for heaven and earth.

[You originally wanted to wait for Confucius and the others to capture Ju Zi as he carried the inheritance of a Sageking.

[However, after the Ancient Worlds Sages appeared and died, you could clearly sense that your cultivation base was growing rapidly.

[You summoned your Physical Dao manifestation and realized that it had automatically grown by more than 1,000 meters.

[After some thought, you understood that the Sages occupied a large part of the Ancient Worlds Physical Dao.

Now that the Sages who pursued the Physical Dao had died, one could call upon more of the Physical Daos power.

[All the cultivators who cultivated the Physical Dao would receive a cultivation boost.

“As expected, if the Sages dont die, there will be more thieves…”

[You sighed, and your eyes instantly lit up.

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[The Physical Dao of this realm was destined to have many vacant positions.

Rather than letting others have it for free, it was better for you to monopolize it.

[Since you thought about it, you would do it.

You used your Physical Dao to connect heaven and earth, drawing out as much power as possible from the Ancient Worlds Physical Dao.

[Your figure flashed and entered the Physical Dao.

[In an instant, an endless amount of energy surged into your body.

Even with a third-step experts physical body, it would be very difficult for them to withstand it.

[However, you already had a plan.

You would unseal your Endless Absorption talent.

[Today, you would do something that no one has ever done before, and it might not necessarily happen again.

You would devour the entire Physical Dao.

[You were going to allow the endless energy to enter your body and start to absorb it crazily.

You were going to directly merge your Dao manifestation into the Physical Dao.

[Your Physical Dao manifestation started to grow at a terrifying speed.

[10,000 meters, 20,000 meters, 30,000 meters…

[You were sitting cross-legged and absorbing the power of the entire Physical Dao.]

[On the 32nd day, the battle on Blackstone Mountain finally ended.

Elder Blackstone relied on his raw strength to forcefully fight against Confucius.

He fought for ten days before finally dying of exhaustion.

[All the Sages in the Ancient World, apart from Ju Zi, had died in battle.

[When the three of them appeared beside you with Ju Zi, they were silent.

They had already sensed that you were devouring the Physical Dao, but they did not say anything.

[The three of them were masters of their respective Daos.

Even if they wanted to pursue the Physical Dao, it was impossible.

[Now that they saw you devouring the great Dao of the Ancient World, they also wanted to see how far you could go.

[Ju Zis cultivation and mind were sealed, and he just stood there obediently.

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[On the other side, you, who was in the Physical Dao, were currently gnawing at the most difficult power of the great Dao.

[In ten days, with your cultivation base at the peak of step three and the Endless Absorption talent, you had successfully devoured more than half of the Physical Dao.

Your original Dao manifestation had grown to over 4,000,000 meters.

It had merged with the Physical Dao, and it was impossible to tell which one was yours.

[At present, your cultivation had reached the 9th Layer of the Sage rank, and you were currently devouring the strongest portion of the great Dao that you couldnt devour.

[Elder Blackstone had been the one who could call upon most of the Physical Daos power.

At that time, Elder Blackstone hadnt died, and with your strength, you were unable to devour the part of the great Dao Elder Blackstone occupied.

[However, now that the Elder Blackstone was dead, it was naturally easier for you to devour the great Dao.

[When Confucius and the other two saw that you had become an existence at the9th Layer of the Sage rank in just ten days, they were all astonished.

[However, their eyes lit up when they saw that you could continue to improve.

If you continued to break through, wouldnt that mean that you could enter the Sageking realm

[For a time, the three of them no longer intended to interrogate Ju Zi about the Sagekings inheritance.

All of them stared at you intently.

[If a Sageking were to explain it to them personally, then their chances of breaking through would be much higher if they were to comprehend it by themselves.

[Just like that, the three powerful Sages silently stood guard by your side, quietly waiting for you to break through.]

[On the 102nd day, you devoured all the remaining Physical Dao.

It took longer than you imagined.

The first 4,000,000 meters had only taken ten days, but the last 6,000,000 meters took a total of 70 days.

[It was not that the further you devoured, the more difficult the great Dao would become.

It was that you were kicking out those who cultivated the great Dao of the Ancient World.

The manifestation of the Physical Dao of the Ancient World had reached 10,000,000 meters because of all the cultivators in the world.

They were cultivating this Dao together.

[After devouring this great Dao, you knew that you had to kick out all these people and obtain a pure Dao to become the Master of said Dao.

[Thus, you continued to rationalize the Physical Dao, breaking the connection between the cultivators and the great Dao one by one.

[In the Ancient World, countless body refiners exploded and died.

Those who were lucky, at most, had their cultivation crippled and became mortals.

After you cleaned up the great Dao, there wasnt a single cultivator in the entire Ancient World.

[Shakyamuni was originally still watching you.

However, when he realized that the entire Ancient World had become a mortal world and that a large number of demonic beasts and alien races began to hunt down the human race, he began to wander around the Ancient World, taking all the mortals into his Buddhist Kingdom and converting them into Buddhists.

[After converting all the people in the world, Shakyamunis cultivation also successfully broke through to the 9th Layer of the Sage rank…

[You successfully swallowed the Physical Dao with a 10,000,000-meter manifestation and became its master.

[In an instant, the feeling of an impending disaster spread to your heart, causing all the hair on your body to stand up.

It was an incomparably terrifying threat.

[You raised your head to look at the starry sky.

[Faintly, the tribulation of the great Dao began to appear.

[Your figure turned into a divine rainbow and soared into the sky.

[In the vast starry sky, your figure shuttled back and forth continuously.

The restrictions that limited Sages and forced them to cross the ancient road of the universe had no effect before you.

[You entered a desolate domain of the universe and didnt dare to go any deeper.

You were also afraid of losing your direction and exhausting your spiritual power in the vast sea of stars.

[Confucius and the other two were chasing after you, but they still lost you.

[The universes cold and dark desolate domain was as silent as death.

[You raised your eyes and looked at the path you had come from.

You found that the life star you were originally on was in a galaxy that looked like a bulls head.

[Tribulation clouds quickly condensed into a boundless sea of lightning and turned into a vast ocean that floated above your head.

[At that moment, you could sense the Physical Dao in your body merging with this piece of heaven, earth, and starry sky.

The desolate domain burst out with a supreme will that shook the universe.

[The boundless sea of lightning condensed and fell down like nine Milky Ways, instantly drowning your figure.

[You began to transcend the Sageking Heavenly Tribulation.]


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