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[Confucius already had a certain answer in his heart as to whether he could defeat Elder Blackstone or not.

[Back when they roamed the universe, Confucius and the others had seen many life stars along the way.

There were also Sages on those life stars.

[At that time, Confucius and the others were only at the 1st and 2nd Layers of the Sage rank.

They would be completely no match for Elder Blackstone back then.

However, they had relied on the power of their unique great Daos to avoid being hunted down many times successfully.

[In the end, Confucius came to a conclusion.

In todays world, everyone cultivated a great Dao together on most of the ancient life stars of the human race.

There was no master of said great Dao.

[The battle power that they could unleash was ultimately limited.

[However, it was different for Confucius, Lao Tzu, Shakyamuni, and the others.

The three of them had self-created great Daos.

One was a Confucian, one was a Daoist, and one was a Buddhist.

All of them were the creators of the great Daos and were also known as the Masters of these great Daos.

[In comparison, it was not difficult to discover their differences.

[Take Lao Tzu and Elder Blackstone, who were currently fighting, for example.

[Both of them were 9th Layer Sages.

Elder Blackstone was a body refiner, and his body was indestructible.

However, when he faced Lao Tzu, who was the Master of a great Dao, he was still in a sorry state.

In fact, after Lao Tzu used theOne Breath to form the Three Purities technique, Elder Blackstone could only block and couldnt counterattack at all.

[While he was thinking, Confucius seemed to understand something.

‘The realm above the Sage rank… Could it be—

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“Go to hell!”

[Just as Confucius was about to organize his thoughts and prepare to break through, a loud shout echoed.

Then, a long spear pierced through Confucius throat.

[Even Jin Meng, who was holding the long spear, didnt expect that his attack would actually Pierce through the throat of a 9th Layer Sage.

[Only the 9th Layer Sage Confucius had not made a move, while the only free Ancient World Sages were Jin Meng and the weak Ju Zi.

[After being imprisoned by Confucius in one move and unable to come out, Jin Meng knew how terrifying this old man was.

When he noticed that Confucius was a bit absent-minded, he immediately launched a sneak attack, but he didnt expect to hit him in one strike.

[Confucius expression was extremely ugly.

In that instant, he seemed to have found a way to break past the Sage rank.

[Yet, at the critical moment, he was interrupted by Jin Mengs sudden attack.

[In order to seize the opportunity, Confucius did not even try to dodge Jin Mengs attack.

Instead, he tried his best to comprehend how to reach the Sageking realm.

[However, in the end, the long spear penetrated his body and finally snapped him out of his state of enlightenment.

[Without successfully figuring out how to break through to the Sageking Realm, one could imagine how furious Confucius was.

“I… want your life…”

[The usually gentle Confucius finally exploded.

His body instantly straightened up, and his muscles bulged.

Soon, a two-meter-tall, muscular Confucius appeared in front of Jin Meng.

[Jin Meng felt a terrifying burst of Blood Qi in front of him.

[Jin Meng was stunned for a moment.

‘Is it my Physical Dao or yours.

[Confucius slowly raised his arm, grabbed the long spear that had gone through his throat, and pulled it out with force.

[Jin Meng knew that it was time to risk his life.

Otherwise, he might really be killed.

[Jin Meng clenched his fists, and his bones crackled.

His body moved, and he pounced directly on Confucius.

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“Go to hell!”

[Jin Mengs Physical Dao manifestation entered his body, and his punch had the power to destroy heaven and earth.

[Looking at Jin Meng charging at him, Confucius moved at the same time.

He clenched his right hand into a fist, and a terrifying aura was emitted from it as he punched out.

[The two fists met.

They werent as evenly matched as expected, and there werent any spectacular explosions either.

[A muffled groan rang out, and the fist waves shook.

All the bones in Jin Mengs body were shattered into powder, starting from the arm that had collided with Confucius fist.

[Wisps of flesh and sand fell down.

[Confucius punch turned Jin Meng into specks of dust.

“Do you want to die It wont be that easy…”

[Confucius snorted coldly and stepped out, sending out a shockwave.

[The falling flesh and sand once again flew up and condensed into Jin Mengs appearance in the air.

[Jin Mengs face was filled with incomparable fear as if he was facing an incomparably terrifying devil.

However, his entire body did not have the slightest bit of resistance, and he could only stare with wide eyes in terror.

[Following that, Confucius threw out another punch.

[Just like that, Confucius continuously performed a set of movements.

[Step, punch, step, punch…

[After killing Jin Meng more than 100 times, he finally calmed down.

There was no other way.

The Qi dynamic of a person who was about to break through to the Sageking realm had been disturbed.

Only a person like Confucius, who had both virtue and courtesy, could withstand it.

[If it were any other 9th Layer of the Sage, they would probably have gone mad and massacred the entire world.

[Ju Zi had witnessed the whole process.

If a barrier had not been set up around him, he would not have been able to save his life at all with his cultivation.

Otherwise, he would have run away long ago.

[Now that Jin Meng was dead, he was the only one left to face Confucius.

To be honest, Ju Zi was really confused.

[He was an existence at the 1st Layer of the Sage rank.

Not to mention fighting with Confucius, the aura that Confucius emitted was so strong that he felt suffocated.

[He turned his head and looked at the other two battlefields.

[The three old men had already beaten Elder Blackstone until his body was covered in wounds.

However, Elder Blackstone was also tenacious.

His powerful physical body made his defense shocking.

Although he had suffered some injuries, they were still minor injuries.

One look and one could tell he could still fight for a long time.

[On the other side, it was Shakyamuni versus Li Yunlong and Chu Yufei.

[Shakyamuni originally wanted to end the battle as soon as possible.

With his 8th Layer Sage cultivation, taking down two experts at the 4th and 5th Layer of the Sage rank would not be a problem.

[However, these two Sages had special methods.

They worked together closely and were indeed very difficult to deal with.

[He could easily suppress them, but taking them down was still a little difficult.

[Still, when Shakyamuni saw that Confucius had finished off Jin Meng and only Ju Zi was left, he became anxious.

[Although the three of them were on the same side and had cultivated a lot of feelings over the years, it would not be so easy for anyone who obtained the Sagekings inheritance to share it with others and study it together.

[At that moment, Shakyamuni instantly unleashed all of his power.

The Dharma Buddha Idol rose up from the ground, and a 10,000-meter-tall golden Buddha entrenched itself behind Shakyamuni.

Rolling Buddhist light was emitted, and the 1,000,0000-meter-long manifestation of Buddhism merged into the golden Dharma Buddha Idol.

“Benefactors, this penniless monk will send the two of you to the Naraka realm today,” Shakyamuni said in a clear voice before he struck out with his palm.

[The 10,000-meter-tall golden Buddha also raised his palm.

The 1,000,000-meter-long manifestation of Buddhism gathered on the Buddhas palm and smashed down with a loud bang.

It was as if the sky was falling.

“Not good!”


[Li Yunlong and Chu Yufei saw that the power of this move was too great, and it far exceeded their ability to resist.

They hurriedly split up and fled in both directions.

[Unfortunately, the palm was very fast.

Just as the two of them split up and had yet to escape, it struck down directly.]


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