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“What Jin Meng, are you crazy”

“You demon! Did you make a move to frame Jin Meng”

“How could you betray the human race”

[The other Sages of the Ancient World spoke in disbelief.

They even suspected that Confucius had used some method to make Jin Meng confess he had betrayed the human race.

“Hmph, I have always been reasonable and virtuous.

I have never done anything to frame others.”

[Confucius Scholar Qi erupted from his body.

Just by looking at this aura, one knew that this person would never do such a thing.

[For a moment, everyones gaze toward Jin Meng changed.

Even Elder Blackstone frowned.

[On the other hand, Jin Meng was sweating profusely after breaking free.

Still, he was a vicious person.

At that moment, he couldnt admit that he was colluding with the demons, so he immediately denied it.

“I am focused on cultivation, so why would I collude with the demons In the past 300 years, I have been on the frontlines and fought many Demon Lords.

How dare you frame me!”

[After saying that, Jin Meng did not wait for Confucius and the others to speak again.

His Blood Qi exploded as he charged in the direction of Confucius.

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[Confucius calmly spoke.

“A gentleman becomes a man of beauty, not a villain.”

[The words formed by the Scholar Qi took shape in front of Confucius.

These words instantly turned into a prison, trapping Jin Meng, who was charging over.

[No matter how hard Jin Meng hammered, he was unable to break the prison.

“As outsiders, we will not tell you how to deal with your affairs.

As for how you will judge him, we will not participate,” Confucius said to Elder Blackstone.

[For a moment, the great hall descended into a short silence.

[At first, the Ancient World Sages did not believe that Jin Meng had betrayed the human race.

However, given Jin Mengs reaction and recalling the great battle over the past 300 years, they noticed that Jin Mengs actions were suspicious.

[It must be known that even with Elder Blackstones strength, he would still be heavily injured when fighting against Demon Lords.

However, Jin Meng had not been seriously injured during the past 300 years.

[Not only that, but the battles over the past 300 years did seem to be under the demons control.

If it were not for Elder Blackstones strength, the demon race would have long exterminated them.

[Elder Blackstone looked at Jin Meng, who was trapped in the cage of words and said to Confucius, “There is no way that any of the cultivators of this world would seek refuge with the demons.

“Could it be that you want us to repay your kindness by killing our fellow Sage”

[Elder Blackstones eyes lit up.

In fact, he had long suspected Jin Meng.

However, this was not a problem.

As long as he did not truly betray them, Jin Meng would remain as a Sage of the Ancient World.

[Moreover, the most important thing now was not to eliminate the traitor but to deal with the aggressive alien Sages.

[If he killed Jin Meng Now, it would undoubtedly damage their worlds combat force.

At that time, even if Elder Blackstone had confidence in his own strength, he would not dare to guarantee the safety of the Ancient World.

[When Confucius and the others saw that their first plan did not succeed, they were not angry either.

In the first place, they wanted to reduce the difficulty.

Trapping Jin Meng was already a good effect.

[Next, they focused their attention on Ju Zi.

“Fellow Ju Zi, I heard that you have a Sagekings inheritance.

I wonder if you can lend it to me for a look…”

[When they heard this, the Sages of the Ancient World looked at Ju Zi.

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[A Sagekings inheritance were simple words, but it could stir the hearts of all Sages.

[That was especially for Elder Blackstone, who had been stuck at the 9th Layer of the Sage rank for millions of years.

Now that he heard that his disciple had a Sagekings inheritance, he didnt know what to think.

[There was surprise, anger, and relief…

[All sorts of emotions interweaved together, causing Elder Blackstones expression to be extremely strange.

“Nonsense! How could I have a Sagekings inheritance I just entered the Sage rank.

If I had a Sagekings inheritance, how could I be at the 1st Layer of the Sage rank at this moment” Ju Zi roared.

[He definitely couldnt admit such a thing.

Whoever admitted it would die.

He knew that these Sages would do anything to raise their power.

[Everyone knew the temptation of a Sagekings inheritance.

[Since Ju Zi denied it, Lao Tzu directly attacked.

“Since you arent willing to hand it over, then this penniless monk will take it myself…”

[In an instant, Lao Tzus figure instantly appeared beside Ju Zi.

He opened his sleeve and was about to put Ju Zi back into it.


[At that moment, an angry roar sounded.

Elder Blackstone instantly appeared in front of Ju Zi and punched out toward Lao Tzus face.

[Lao Tzu did not panic at all.

He retracted his open sleeves and threw a punch.

[Elder Blackstone did not move, while Lao Tzu was instantly blasted out of the hall.

[Li Yunlong and Chu Yufei also attacked in an instant.

The two of them did not attack Confucius.

Instead, they joined forces to attack the relatively weaker Shakyamuni.

[Shakyamunis body shone with Buddhist light and turned into glass as golden lotuses bloomed in space.

[Li Yunlong and Chu Yufei had been friends for many years, and their combined attacks were powerful.

In an instant, the three of them were evenly matched.

[Confucius narrowed his eyes as he watched Elder Blackstone shatter his character prison with a punch and save Jin Meng.

Then, Elder Blackstone, Jin Meng, and Ju Zi stood in front of him.

[Just as Confucius was about to make his move, a wisp of green smoke flew in.

[The green smoke split into three in front of Confucius.

The three wisps of green smoke turned into human forms at the same time, and three old men appeared at the same time.

[That was the forbidden Daoist technique,One Breath to form the Three Purities.

[The three 9th Layer Sages bowed to Elder Blackstone.

“Fellow Blackstone, I happen to have some tricks.

Please give me some pointers, Fellow Blackstone.”

[After saying that, the three old men didnt wait for Blackstone to speak and attacked simultaneously.

With a horsetail whisk in one hand, 3,000 white threads danced in the air, tearing through thousands of spaces and shattering thousands of laws.

[With a magic sword in one hand, the sword attacked, emitting peerless killing intent.

With a Dao banner in the other hand, the banner swayed, and countless great Daos descended.

[Although the three old men had the same origin, their methods were different, and they were incomparably powerful.

[For a moment, even Elder Blackstone did not care about the others and focused on fighting with Lao Tzus clones.

He used his indestructible body to block many of their attacks.

[Confucius looked at the battle between the two of them and shook his head, ignoring them.

[Confucius was the one who knew the most about Lao Tzus strength.

The two of them were from the same era.

Confucius had created Confucianism alone, and it was the same for Lao Tzu.

The path he had created was called Daoism.

[In terms of length, although it was slightly shorter than Confucius manifestation of Confucianism, it was about the same.]


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