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[On the 17th day, during the Outrealm Heavenly Demons invasion, one Demon Lord died in battle, and five escaped.

The original balance of the entire Ancient World was instantly broken, and the human army began to counterattack.

Under the leadership of several Sages, they quickly massacred the demon army.]

[On the 22nd day, the Ancient World once again returned to the control of the human race, and all the demons that invaded this world had been eradicated.

[In order to thank the human experts for their assistance, all the Sages of the Ancient World gathered to celebrate.

[You followed Confucius and the other two to Mount Blackstone.”.

[Mount Blackstone is the residence of the strongest Sage of the Ancient World, Elder Blackstone.

[Based on the information youve collected over the past few days, you could easily judge that this Elder Blackstone was undoubtedly a 9th Layer Sage.

[Over the past 300 years, this Elder Blackstone had taken on two to three Demon Lords, allowing the Ancient World to persist.

[You didnt let down your guard.

In the previous simulation, your whereabouts had been exposed, causing you to feel that there should be traitors among the human Sages of the Ancient World.]

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[The feast for the Sages could be said to be of the highest level, especially since three peak-rank Sages from the other realms had helped the Ancient World fend off the demon invasion.

[During the feast, there were all kinds of heavenly and earthly treasures, immortal wine, and jade wine.

You stood beside Confucius and began to carefully observe the three human Sages you had not checked during the last simulation.

Name: Blackstone

Race: Human

Cultivation level: Sage/9th Layer

Introduction: The strongest person in the Ancient World.

He had attained the Dao for millions of years.

He is an invincible existence in this world and extremely powerful.

He pays special attention to the Ancient World and gives guidance to his juniors.

He wholeheartedly wants to lead the Ancient World to prosperity.

Name: Jin Meng

Race: Human

Cultivation: Sage/6th Layer

Introduction: One of the five Sages in the Ancient World.

He is a powerful body refiner with a sinister and cunning personality, and he is good at scheming.

When the demons invaded, he was instigated by the demons.

He wants to kill the other four Sages and take over this worlds Physical Dao to reach a higher realm.

Name: Ju Zi

Race: Human

Cultivation: Sage/1st Layer

Description: One of the five Sages in the Ancient World.

He is a powerful body refiner, and his strength is formidable.

He has been a Sage for less than 1,000 years and is the disciple of Blackstone.

He has a Sagekings inheritance but has yet to open it.

[You look at the three Sages statuses in front of you.

Every time you looked at one, your heart became more and more astonished.

After checking at all of them, you are filled with incomparable admiration for the Ancient World.

[The small Ancient World had five Sages, and only Li Yunlong and Chu Yufei were normal.

[Lets first talk about this Elder Blackstone.

He was dedicated to the Ancient World and definitely very powerful.

You guessed that even if Confucius made a move, he might not be able to take down this elder.

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[The traitor was Jin Meng.

As expected, there were traitors in the upper echelons of the human race in the Ancient World.

As for the traitors status, it made your eyes light up.

[The Ancient Worlds Physical Dao had nurtured five Sages, and there were also dozens of third-step experts, as well as all the living beings in this realm.

[It was far from what the great Dao with a million-meter manifestation could compare to.

[Although you didnt have an obvious measurement when you entered the third step and performed the summoning of the great Dao, you could faintly sense that the Physical Daos manifestation should be at least 10,000,000 meters long.

[If a person monopolized this great Dao, what realm could they reach

[Jin Mengs thought gave you a train of thought, giving you a trace of the aura that could allow you to break through to the Sage rank.

[However, at this time, you were at a grand banquet, so you didnt directly tell Confucius and the others.

[As for the last, Ju Zi, he was just a 1st Layer Sage.

Originally, you didnt even want to read the introduction when you saw his cultivation level.

You just casually glanced at it, and when you discovered the wordsSagekings inheritance, a flowing light flashed in your eyes.

[The seal that Aragon had summoned was the inheritance demon weapon of the Bloodthirsty Demon tribe.

It was also called a primitive demon weapon.

He had said that it was the weapon of a Demon King, which should be the equivalent of the Sageking level…

[And this Ju Zi had the inheritance of a Sageking, but it had never been opened.

For a moment, you suddenly had many thoughts.]

[Elder Blackstone, as the host of the banquet, was very polite to Confucius and the other two due to their help.

After a round of small talk, they got straight to the point.

“Master Kong, Old Master, Sage of the Shakyas, our Ancient World has been ravaged by the demons for more than 300 years and has already suffered heavy losses.

We cant repay you enough now that youve come to help us.

If theres anything you need, feel free to ask.

We wont let you down.”

[Elder Blackstone was very honest.

After all, they had come all the way here and helped them resolve the crisis.

Furthermore, they were very powerful.

[With Elder Blackstones eyesight, it seemed that he could only suppress that monk by a bit.

If they really fought, the result would be different.

[Lao Tzu and Confucius great Daos were very special.

Even a peak-rank body refiner Sage like him did not dare to say that he could take them down.

[Therefore, he might as well say openly, “Whatever you want, just say it.

We will definitely do our best to satisfy you.”.

[Elder Blackstone did not want to have a battle with these three Sages because of this matter.

They had just ended the war with the demons, and their Ancient World needed to recuperate.

[Confucius and the other two looked at each other and directly told them what they had discussed.

“Fellow Blackstone, the Spiritual Qi of the Ancient Void World we live in is declining.

Im afraid that it will begin to wither in another thousand years, which is not good for human cultivation.

If you dont mind us, we would like to move all of our disciples to this world,” Confucius said impolitely.

[The faces of the five Sages of the Ancient World changed upon hearing this.

They had thought that they would at most spend a lot of resources or some precious natural treasures, but they didnt expect that they wouldnt be interested in those things but their world.

[Elder Blackstones expression was also unsightly.

He had already given these people a lot of face, but this request was indeed a bit too much.

[Although the Ancient World had suffered heavy casualties due to the great war between humans and demons, with the human races ability to reproduce, it wouldnt take many years for them to recover.

[Once the disciples of Confucius and the others entered, they would undoubtedly agree to the three Sages entering the Ancient World.

[For a world where everyone cultivated the Physical Dao to suddenly have a few other Sages that pursued other great Daos, this was something that could not be accepted no matter what.

[Whether it was for the sake of future development or the distribution of resources, it was a huge problem.

[The Sages of the Ancient World hurriedly objected, and the banquet ended in discord.]

[Your figure appeared beside the three Sages.

This was the residence that Elder Blackstone had provided for you.

[You nodded at Confucius.

[Confucius set up a barrier around you to prevent anyone from prying.

[Only then did you speak.

“Master, theres a big problem with this Ancient World…”]


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