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[Currently available Cultivation Talents: “Heaven Spiritual Roots”, “Astrologist”, “Heir of Asura”, “Battle Master” …]

[Mahayana Holy Body (Red Talent): All your basic attributes increase by 300.

This is a unique physique that is rarely seen in a million years.

It is the strongest sacred body in the martial arts world.

Your aptitude to practice all kinds of Cultivation Methods is the worlds highest.

Your attack power is twice the original attack power.]

[Born Arhat (Red Talent): All your basic attributes increase by 300.

You were born an Arhat, a candidate for a Buddha.

You can comprehend Buddhist divine skills on your own and cultivate all kinds of Buddhist Cultivation Methods.]

[Heaven Spiritual Roots (Gold Talent): Your comprehension ability increases by 150.

Your speed of absorbing spiritual energy is extremely fast.

Your speed of cultivating spells/magic doubles.]

[Astrologist (Purple Talent): Your intelligence increases by 30.

You can determine certain things by looking at the stars in the sky.]


[Heir of Asura (Gold Talent): Your killing intent increases by 130.

You have the inherent skill of the Asura Clan.

The impact of the damage you cause to ghosts increases by 300%.]


Apparently, Zhao Haos luck was not poor this time.

He had gotten two Gold Talents, both of which were extremely useful Cultivation Talents.

Even the Purple Talent “Astrologist” seemed to be quite good.

[The simulation starts now.]

[On the first day, you snuck into the dwelling of Widow Zhang and found an untitled sword-fighting manual.

After that, you snuck into the residence of the village head and found a manual on the “Vajra Body Defending Divine Skill”.

Then, you took out the manual on the inherent skill of the Asura Clan, the “Bloody River Scripture”.

You started practicing the skills in all the three secret manuals at the same time.]

[On the second day, you picked up all the skills in the three secret manuals at an extremely rapid speed, thanks to your extraordinary physique and the Heaven Spiritual Roots that only one in a million people would have.]

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[On the third day, you continued practicing the three skills.]

[On the fourth day, a bandit attacked the village.

You turned him and the Iron-Slashing Sword into blood with a single palm strike.]


[On the tenth day, your sword skills achieved sublimity.

With your Cultivation Talent “Born Arhat”, the sword-fighting technique you had learned automatically evolved into the “Arhat Demon Subjugation Sword-Fighting Technique”.

Your Vajra Body Defending Divine Skill reached perfection.

With your Cultivation Talent “Born Arhat”, it automatically evolved into the “Skills of the God Acala”.]

[On the 11th day, you achieved a minor success in practicing the Bloody River Sutra.

You became a cultivator who reached the early stage of Foundation Establishment.]

[On the 15th day, you continued to cultivate the Bloody River Scripture.

You steadily made advanced progress, and you reached the peak of the Foundation Establishment stage.]

[On the 16th day, you learned your lesson from before, so you were not in a hurry to leave.

Instead, you kept cultivating and trying to enter a more advanced stage.]

[On the 21st day, a dark cloud suddenly appeared in the sky.

You finally broke through the bottleneck at the peak of the Foundation Establishment stage.

After going through the Thunder Tribulation, you reached the Core Formation stage.]


[On the 22nd day, you began to stabilize your Cultivation Base in a closed-door cultivation in the village.]

[On the 30th day, the sky was covered with dark clouds.

You already sensed that there would be heavenly thunder if you still did not leave the village.

You charged all the way into the mountain.

Within a day, you killed all the evil ghosts and the dismembered body parts of the male corpse and destroyed all the Evil God temples.

You finally went up to the top of the mountain, killed the Oink God, and obtained the Breath Concealing Technique.]

[On the 31st day, you practiced the Breath Concealing Technique at the top of the mountain.

With your exceptional talents, you soon mastered it with great success.

With your Cultivation Talent “Born Arhat”, it evolved into the Heaven Shrouding Technique.

Just as you were getting ready to leave the mountain to explore the Cultivation World, a golden eagle flew over from a distant horizon.

A cultivator was standing on it.

Only then did you realize that the cultivator was at the peak of the Core Formation stage.

You fought with him, and he summoned three Evil Gods who were all at the Core Formation Stage.

Under their siege, you died.]


[This Cultivation Simulation is over.

You can permanently retain a Cultivation Talent and extract it into the real world.]

[The Cultivation Simulation has ended.

Simulation Time: 31 days.

System Cooldown Time: 31 minutes.]

“F*ck, the cultivator turns out to be at the peak of the Core Formation stage.

Whats more, he has quite some pets that are at the Core Formation stage.”

After reading everything, Zhao Hao let out a long sigh.

He had thought that he had had a good beginning this time, especially considering that he had even cultivated to the Core Formation stage.

However, he had not expected the cultivator he had met to be so powerful.

Even with the Mahayana Holy Body and many other talents, it seemed that he would not be able to defeat him without the Cultivation Base of the high-level Core Formation stage.

“If thats the case, I really dont have any good solution at the moment.

Forget it, Ill just extract a useful Cultivation Talent first.”

However, Zhao Hao felt a bit troubled when he started thinking about the extraction.

Both the Gold Talents were quite useful.

Whether it was the “Heaven Spiritual Roots” or the “Heir of Asura”, both of them were extremely beneficial to cultivation.

After struggling for a while, Zhao Hao still selected the “Heir of Asura”.

The “Heir of Asura” came with its own cultivation skill, after all.

It was relatively rare to come by a talent like this.


“System, extract the Cultivation TalentHeir of Asura.”

[Ding! The Cultivation Talent “Heir of Asura” has been extracted.]

After that, a scripture instantly appeared in Zhao Haos mind, and his body began to emit an invisible aura.

Anyone who had been on the battlefield would be able to tell at a glance that it was his killing intent.


“I can actually cultivate the Bloody River Scripture” Zhao Hao was instantly overjoyed as he had not gotten any cultivation skills in the real world.

However, when Zhao Hao excitedly opened the Bloody River Scripture in his mind, he realized that without the Heaven Spiritual Roots and other powerful cultivation talents, he could not understand the Bloody River Scripture in his mind at all.


Although the talent “Born Arhat” had greatly boosted his strength, it mostly enhanced his abilities in learning Buddhist cultivation methods and had no effect on the Bloody River Scripture.

“Squeak.” At this moment, Bai Bing opened the door and walked in again.

She casually sat down opposite Zhao Hao and passed two documents to him.

“Then, let me show you this.”

Zhao Hao looked at the woman in front of him who had changed into casual clothes and smacked his lips subconsciously.

He gave her 95%.

Too bad, if only her scores were a bit higher, he would then take some action.


Picking up the documents on the table, Zhao Hao started to read them.

There were two documents.

One was a confidentiality agreement, and the other was an induction report.

After reading through the two documents, Zhao Haos mind could not help but turn active.

Everything was as he had expected.

The government was very generous towards those who had their special abilities awakened automatically.

Those who wanted to live a peaceful life could go home and live a normal life as long as they signed a confidentiality agreement, registered with the government, and guaranteed that they would not commit any crimes with their special abilities in the future and that they would report their whereabouts regularly.


Those who wanted to become stronger and obtain more benefits would, of course, have to join the Supernatural Special Forces Squad.

Professional training and systematic information would be provided.

Moreover, they would directly become an official government officer and could enjoy all sorts of benefits and welfare.

In Zhao Haos case, it was not necessary for him to join the Supernatural Special Forces Squad to become stronger.

He had an easier way to do that.

Furthermore, he had seven days left before he had to transmigrate into another world.

It was still unknown whether he would be able to return to this world.

So, there was no reason for him to join at all.

Hence, Zhao Hao soon picked up a pen and signed his name on the confidentiality agreement.


“Eh” Bai Bings eyes instantly widened.

Clearly, Zhao Haos actions had once again shocked her.


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