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[Although humans and demons were not mortal enemies, there would still be frequent wars in the universe.

[Confucius, Lao Tzu, and Shakyamuni had plundered worlds like this more than 2,000 years ago, and more than once.

[The reason their levels had risen so quickly was also related to when they searched for planets to live on and plundered a large amount of resources.

[You didnt pay any attention to the three Sages discussion.

Instead, you carefully observed the battle below because Sages were hiding the heavenly secrets at the side.

[When you came, you had already summoned the Physical Dao.

At this time, your cultivation had reached the third step, with a 5.000-meter Physical Dao manifestation.

[You were also rapidly practicing the Eight Transformations indestructible Technique.

Your battle prowess could be said to be unrivaled below the Sage rank.

[In the sky, four Sages were fighting.

[Just like last time, they were evenly matched.

There was no difference at all.

[The battle below had also sunk into a state of anxiety.

[The Sages spiritual senses were incomparably powerful.

The three Sages had been using their spiritual senses to observe the battle.

Seeing that the time was right, they instantly attacked simultaneously.

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[Confucius pulled out the Virtuous Sword from his waist and slowly appeared beside Demon Lord Bangula.

His turbid eyes instantly erupted with a bright light.

[Dressed in a green scholarly robe, he looked like a celestial being.

He fluttered in the breeze and sprinkled out bits of holy light.

[The vast pressure of a Sage instantly erupted from the center of Confucius body.

It quickly swept in all directions and gave off a magnificent aura.

“Isnt it fun to have friends come from afar”

[A mighty heavenly sound shook the entire world.

The holy pressure that erupted from Confucius instantly suppressed all the Demonic Qi in Bangulas body.

[You were in the distant horizon and leisurely interpreted for the people below, “My Master said he is happy to have a demon friend come to his door to die.”

[Bangula counterattacked in an instant.

He erupted with demonic power, and a demonic miasma dispelled Confucius pressure.

Bangula forced back Li Yunlong with a single strike and coldly questioned Confucius, “Who are you to attack us demons”

[His voice was like thunder, resounding throughout the entire world.

[This was a message to the other Demon Lords, calling for reinforcement.

[The sound wave swept over, lifting the white hair on Confucius temples.

However, Confucius wasnt affected in the slightest.

After hearing this, he stood proudly, as if he had taken root in the void and couldnt be shaken at all.

“Since you have come, then you should take things as they are,” Confucius replied indifferently.

[As soon as his voice fell, Confucius immediately made his move.

He swung out the Virtuous Sword in his hand, condensing the manifestation of Confucianism as he slashed across the sky.

[This sword cut through the sky, causing the void to tremble and distort.

A dazzling light shot out from within the Sword Light, lighting up the entire space.

In the end, it sliced through Banglas body.

[You continued to translate for the people below.

“My Master said that since hes already here, he should be buried here.”

[After you finished explaining, a terrifying power instantly exploded, causing the entire land to tremble.

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[In the sky, the light was extremely bright, and the scholar aura swept through the heavens and earth.


[A blood-curdling scream resounded throughout the entire world.

Many spatial cracks were slashed out by the sword, spreading out like a huge spider web and covering the entire starry sky.

[Blood splattered all over the sky.

Every drop of the blood was crystal clear, flickering with a demonic purple light.

Demonic Qi coiled around it, shocking everyone.

“Thats a Demon Lords blood!”

[Countless people below cried out in shock.

They hadnt expected that the expert who had suddenly appeared would actually attack.

[Many people attacked one after another, snatching the Demon Lords blood that had fallen.

That was the blood of a Sage.

Although it belonged to the demon race, it was still a supreme Sages blood.

Its value was immeasurable.

[Soon, everything returned to peace.

The cracks in the sky also gradually recovered.

[Even you would not have thought that Confucius was so powerful.

He killed Bangula, a 4th Layer Demon Lord, with one strike.

[Aragon, who was fighting with Chu Yufei, instantly sensed the danger.

He did not care about the demon army below and wanted to retreat.

[However, two figures appeared beside him.

They were Lao Tzu and Shakyamuni.

[The three Sages surrounded Aragon and didnt allow him to leave.

“Benefactor of the demon race, please wait…”

[Shakyamuni didnt say anything and struck out with his palm.

He did this until the Demon Lord took out the primitive demon weapon, and his strength completely erupted.

He was comparable to a 9th Layer Sage.

[Aragon had long been on guard, but he was only a 5th Layer Demon Lord.

He didnt notice Shakyamunis palm at all, and was directly struck into the ground, creating a 10,000 feet deep pit.

[Everyone turned their gazes toward the deep pit, wanting to see how this Demon Lord was doing.

[At that moment, Aragons figure soared into the sky, directly arriving at the opposite side of the Sages.

A large jade seal was above his head, and a supreme demonic might faintly erupted from it.

“This is”

“A primitive demonic weapon”

Confucius and Shakyamuni were both shocked because the power emitted from the seal was actually a terrifying aura above the Sage rank.

“This is actually a treasure above the Sage rank…”

[At that moment, the Ancient Worlds Sages also understood why Aragon was a part of the invasion.

Although Aragon was a 5th Layer Demon Lord, he could erupt with the power of a 9th Layer Sage.


This is the weapon of a Demon King and the inheritance of the Bloodthirsty Demon tribe.

I originally didnt want to expose it, but you actually wanted to surround and kill me.

Today, I will use the few of you as sacrificial offerings.”

[After saying this, Aragons Demonic Qi overflowed into the sky.

The jade seal instantly erupted with endless blood light as it smashed toward the three of them.

“You cant fight with strength.


[When the three of them saw that the demonic weapon had a destructive advantage, they would sustain injuries even if they were to take this attack head-on.

[Following that, their figures flashed and disappeared from where they were.

The moment they reappeared, they appeared beside Confucius.

[Shakyamuni and Chu Yufei did the same and escaped as fast as they could.

[Chu Yufei was sweating profusely.

One had to know that over the past 300 years, he had fought against Aragon countless times.

Initially, he thought that their strength was evenly matched.

[Who knew that the other party had been hiding him all this time If this killing move were released, none of them would be able to live.

[The blood-red seal missed.

Aragon did not order it to attack again.

He kept the primitive demon weapon and turned around to fly out of the region.

[He did not even care about the demon army below.

[Chu Yufei and Li Yunlong wanted to chase after him, but Confucius stopped them.

Confucius looked at the figure in the sky and said, “Theres something strange about this Demon Lord.

He has exposed hisl demon weapon.

I reckon that he wont be able to live for long without us taking action.”

[Confucius eyes were focused on Aragons figure in the distance.

Four other demon shadows were chasing after him.

They were the other four Demon Lords that had come to invade the Ancient World.]


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