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[You directly asked Confucius, “Master, do you know of the Outrealm Heavenly Demons”

[Upon hearing this, Confucius frowned and slowly said, “I have some understanding of the Outrealm Heavenly Demons.

In this vast universe, the power of the demon race is not weaker than that of the human race.

There are many conflicts between them.

However, we are in the middle of the ancient road and rarely have the experience of fighting with the demon race.”

[While searching for the life star, Confucius and the others had walked on the ancient road of the universe and encountered a few demons, but they were not very strong.

[You spoke to Confucius very seriously.

“Master, the world that disciple entered the last time was the Ancient World, and its facing the demons invasion.

That world…”

[You told Confucius everything you had seen and heard in the Ancient World.

[When he heard that a 5th Layer Demon Lord had a primitive demon weapon and was able to unleash peak-rank Sage power, Confucius expression turned solemn.

[When he heard that someone forcefully stopped your teleportation, Confucius fell into deep thought.

[The situation in the Ancient World was far more complicated than they could imagine.

Why would someone in the upper echelon of the human race betray them What level of treasure was that primitive demon weapon It could actually allow a 5th Layer Demon Lord to unleash peak-rank Sage power.

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[After pondering for a while, Confucius said, “At this moment, its very difficult for me to support the Ancient World alone.

Forget it, forget it, Ill let those two fellows off easily…”

[After saying that, Confucius directly transmitted his voice across the air.

[Soon, two figures arrived beside Confucius.

One was a Daoist priest, and the other was a bald monk.

[When they saw you again, many memories appeared.

They immediately scolded Confucius for being shameless and hiding without telling them the situation.

[Confucius did not compete with me.

He shared the information you obtained about the Ancient World with the two Sages.

[You took the opportunity to check the two Sages statuses.

Name: Li Er (Lao Tzu)

Race: Human

Cultivation: Sage/9th Layer

Introduction: Founder of Daoism.

He is powerful and good at alchemy.

His Daoist skills are mysterious and profound.

There is a forbidden secret technique calledOne Breath to form the Three Purities, which can produce three 9th Layer Sage clones.

Name: Shakyamuni (Gautama Buddha)

Race: Human

Cultivation: Sage/8th Layer

Introduction: The founder of Buddhism.

The stronger Buddhism is, the stronger his cultivation will be.

There is a forbidden secret technique called theBuddhist Kingdom in the Palm.

It can trap cultivators whose cultivation is lower than his into the palm and force them to convert.

‘Buddhist Kingdom in the Palm

[After reading Shakyamunis introduction, Zhao Hao suddenly remembered that he also seemed to know this technique.

However, because he knew too much, the requirement to use this technique was at least the third step, so he never used it.

[He didnt expect that the Buddhist Kingdom in the Palm would have such power.

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[You were secretly checking the three Sages statuses while they were discussing how to support the Ancient World.

[The war with the demon race was simply the perfect reason for them to visit that life star.

They did not need to wear the clothes of an intruder.

Instead, they would appear as reinforcement.

[When the time came to defeat the demon race, they would naturally be able to obtain enough benefits.

[Soon, the three of them finished their discussion and went together to support the Ancient World and fight the demon race.]

[On the fourth day, the three Sages brought you to the ancient path of stars and headed straight for the Ancient World.

In just three days, you arrived at the periphery of the Ancient World.

“As expected, monstrous Demonic Qi has filled this world.

The body refiner experts here mustnt be simple since they could fight against the invasion of the demons for 300 years,” Confucius said with admiration.

[Although he was powerful, he had always maintained a humble attitude.

After all, this world was really too big.

[Lao Tzu, who was riding on his green ox, said with a carefree expression, “There are only six Demon Lords and a human expert who is probably a traitor.

Its not very difficult for us…”

[At this moment, they were no longer as embarrassed as they were when they had just left Earth.

[At that time, they had only reached the 1st or 2nd Layer of the Sage rank.

It could be said that they had suffered a lot.

[If they had visited the Ancient World, they would have been beaten up and then obediently left that world.

[Now, any one of the three of them would be the top experts in any world.

This was their talent.

“Its not up to us to decide.

Well take the lead and kill the two Demon Lords of Jialuo Pass.

Then, well join forces with the experts of the Ancient World and exterminate the demon race together,” said Confucius.

“How do we deal with the Demon Lord with the primitive demon weapon This penniless monk might not be his match,” Shakyamuni said awkwardly.

“I will deal with him personally.”

“I guarantee that the four of us will enter the Ancient World just like that.”

“On the 11th day, the four of you did not reveal your tracks and concealed your auras.

You only waited for the demon army to attack the city.

At the same time, you also contacted the two Sages in the pass.

[After learning that three human Sages had come to support them, Li Yunlong and Chu Yufei were overjoyed.

They had been fighting against the demon army for more than 300 years and had lost more than half of their land.

Now that they were about to get their revenge, how could they not be excited

[However, the two Sages did not spread the news that three human Sages had come to help due to your reminder.

[You trusted these two because they had passed the test of the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes.]

[On the 16th day, the demon army that had been waiting for a long time finally arrived.

It was densely packed.

Tens of thousands of demons drove tens of millions of demon beasts.

Under the leadership of the two Demon Lords, they launched a frenzied attack on Jialuo Pass.


[You and the three Sages were hiding in the distant sky.

Looking at the powerful demon army below, the three Sages also frowned.

[It was not how strong the demon army was, but the average strength of the demon army was much stronger than that of their world.

“If the demon army attacked us, Im afraid it would be very difficult to last for 300 years like this Ancient World,” Confucius said helplessly.

[There was no other way.

Their Ancient Void World had only been unified for 2,000 years.

It was already very difficult for them to develop to their current strength.

Shakyamuni thought for a while and said, “The Outrealm Heavenly Demons cant cross the ancient road to attack the distant ancient human planets.

The only explanation is…

“Theres an intersection between the ancient human road and the ancient demon road nearby.

Theres a life star of the demon race nearby…”

[Lao Tzus eyes lit up.

[Discovering a life star of the demon race was a huge treasure trove for Confucius and the others.

Not to mention directly occupying it.

Even if they just attacked and plundered it, they would still receive a huge harvest.]


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