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At the entrance of the temple…

When Kong Delin saw Zhao Hao once again, his eyes were filled with surprise.

Zhao Haos cultivation had been at the middle cycle of the Nascent Soul realm earlier, and with Kong Delins cultivation, he was able to see through it.

However, when Zhao Hao walked out, Kong Delin was unable to see through Zhao Haos cultivation, and he was instantly astonished.

Kong Delin couldnt help but sigh and say, “I didnt think that my little friend would have such a fortuitous encounter.

Im really envious.”

His heart was set on practicing Confucianism, and he was blessed with exceptional conditions.

Now that the Spiritual Qi had already recovered, he was a mid-stage Nascent Soul cultivator.

“Haha, Senior, you flatter me,” Zhao Hao replied very politely.

Just as he was about to bid farewell and leave, he saw a person running over hurriedly from the side.

It was Kong Xinyue.

“Master, Master! Wait for me~”

Zhao Hao didnt know where Kong Xinyue had run off to, but she had changed into a new set of clothes.

Her clothes were stuffed with bulges.

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Zhao Hao felt helpless.

He had originally planned to leave Kong Xinyue in the Kong family.

When he transmigrated, he would see if he could bring Kong Xinyue with him.

He couldnt solve the problem of the Lunar Goddess, but he didnt believe that Confucius couldnt solve it.

However, looking at Kong Xinyues excited face, Zhao Hao knew that he couldnt get rid of this little girl.

“Daddy, wheres my jade pendant”

Kong Xinyue jumped up and down in front of Kong Delin and directly stretched out her little hand.

The veins on Kong Delins face bulged, but he still forcefully suppressed the anger in his chest and turned around to bow to the temple.

A jade pendant flew out of the temple.

It was the quasi-Sage jade pendant that Meng Zi carried with him.

“Ill have to trouble Senior to protect my daughter for a few days,” Kong Delin respectfully said to the jade pendant.

The jade pendant didnt reply and directly fell into Kong Xinyues hands.

When Zhao Hao saw this, he was very surprised.

He didnt expect that Kong Delin could actually invite a quasi-Sage treasure and even let Kong Xinyue bring it out of the temple.

However, this was after all a private matter of the Kong family, so he didnt have the heart to ask.

He took a step out of the Confucian Temple.


Just as Zhao Hao stepped out of the Confucian Temple, a bolt of lightning suddenly struck down from the sky and struck right on top of Zhao Haos head.

Originally, with Zhao Haos cultivation base, he could easily sense such lightning and dodge it.

But this time, there were no signs at all.

Zhao Hao himself didnt even know why he was struck by lightning.

Kong Xinyue hurriedly ran to Zhao Haos side and asked with concern, “AH! Master! Are you okay!”

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Zhao Hao shook his head and began to use his divine sense to check his surroundings.

He suspected that someone was trying to trick him.

Following that, Zhao Hao flew out of Qufu with Kong Xinyue and returned to the Jinling villa area.

Zhao Hao did not plan to return to his original home.

After all, it was very simple and crude.

It was a small bungalow, and Kong Xinyue did not even have a place to stay.

The villa arranged by the army was especially good.

It had all the necessary facilities and enough rooms.

When he flew back to the villa, Zhao Hao was on the verge of collapse.

He had flown for a total of half an hour.

During this time, he had been struck by lightning 15 times, crashed into a plane once, and landed twice on high-voltage wires.

Anyway, no matter where he went, he was extremely unlucky.

Zhao Hao finally found the reason for this—the Endless Absorption talent.

Although it could quickly increase cultivation, the heavens detested it, and his luck value was directly reduced by 1,000 points.

Zhao Haos luck couldnt be said to be very low, but after deducting 1,000 points, it was definitely a negative number, a very negative one at that.

It was no wonder that the journey wasnt smooth.

He finally returned home safely and put Kong Xinyue down.

Zhao Hao planned to re-simulate, and it would be best if he used a red talent to replace this Endless Absorption.

However, at this time, Kong Xinyue mysteriously moved to Zhao Haos side and took a painting out of her clothes.

“Master, look What Ive stolen for you~”

Zhao Hao didnt think much about it when he first saw the painting.

When he opened it and looked at it, he was shocked.

The person in the painting was Confucius, the Venerable Sage.

His appearance was so lifelike that he looked like a real person.

“How is it, Master This painting is amazing.

Its worshiped at the center of our ancestral hall~”

Kong Xinyue looked as if she was waiting for him to praise her.

Zhao Hao was shocked.

She had stolen the portrait worshiped in her ancestral hall Was Kong Xinyue going crazy!

Zhao Hao used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes and looked at the portrait in his hand.

Item: Holy Painting of Confucius

Level: Sage Treasure

Description: The portrait of Confucius.

It has boundless power and contains the power of Confucianism.

It only needs to transcend tribulation to open a passage between the two worlds and teleport to Confucius side.

Looking at the introduction in front of him, Zhao Hao suddenly understood a lot.

When those people left, they definitely wouldnt have left so cleanly.

There must be some backup plan.

Now, he finally found one.

This painting seemed to be a backup plan Confucius left for future generations.

After a few years, when the Spiritual Qi recovered and someone cultivated to the Tribulation Transcending realm, they could activate this holy treasure and would be teleported to Confucius side.

However, Zhao Hao didnt need this thing at the moment.

He patted Kong Xinyues head helplessly, took out his phone, and gave Kong Delin a call.

The Kong family was in chaos.

The painting of their ancestor in the ancestral hall had been stolen.

This was undoubtedly a great humiliation to the entire Kong family.

As the head of the family, Kong Qingshan had rushed back and vowed to find the real culprit.

When Kong Delin found out that his precious daughter had stolen it, he almost fainted from anger.

Fortunately, his cultivation was profound, and he managed to hold on.

Then, Kong Delin rushed to the Jinling villa and took back the portrait.

As for Kong Xinyue, Kong Delin considered his fathers anger and thought about his own body.

It seemed that he could take a beating, so he decided to protect his daughter and take the responsibility himself.

Kong Xinyue was very disappointed.

Her Master returned the treasure that she had stolen with great difficulty just like that.

He didnt cherish the fruits of her disciples hard work at all!

Zhao Hao didnt bother with the angry Kong Xinyue anymore, seeing that everything was settled.

He turned on the simulator again and started the simulation.

“System, activate the Cultivation Simulator.”

[To enable the simulation, you may select only three of the following Cultivation Talents.]

Without any Red Talents, Zhao Hao randomly chose three talents and started the simulation.

[On the first day, you descended to the world as a Profound Void cultivator.

You carried a Confucian treasure, the Morality Brush, and the Sea-Pacifying Pearl.

Because you are the personal disciple of the Sage of Confucianism, a golden great Dao descended from the sky…]

[You came to Confucius side…]


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