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At the Confucian Temple in Qufu…

Zhao Hao and Kong Xinyue arrived at the Confucian Temple in less than half an hour.

As time was approaching, even Zhao Hao had reached the time limit.

Although he had quite a few backers and had cultivated all the way to the third step, and even reaching the Sage rank wasnt a problem, according to Zhao Haos understanding, the Sage rank was only the starting point in the entire universe.

Therefore, he naturally had to seize the time to increase his strength as soon as possible and speed up the simulation to find more ways to increase his strength.

When he saw Kong Delin, the caretaker of the Confucian Temple, again, Zhao Hao immediately felt a little awkward.

After all, he had taken the girl away for a few days and had even seen her naked.

Now that he saw him again, Zhao Hao felt like he was meeting his girlfriends parents.

Fortunately, Kong Delin was not a pedantic person.

When he heard that Zhao Hao wanted to cultivate in the Confucian Temple by borrowing the Scholar Qi there, Kong Delin did not have any objections.

He just reminded Zhao Hao not to alert the quasi-Sage treasures.

After all, one of the quasi-Sage treasures was suppressing everyone in the temple.

Other than the strong Confucian practitioners, everyone elses cultivation would be completely sealed, just like mortals.

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Therefore, nothing bad would happen to the Confucian Temple in Kong Delins eyes.

Zhao Hao also knew how powerful the quasi-Sage treasure was.

That was why he chose to extract the Red Talent in the Confucian Temple and let it absorb endlessly.

“System, extract the Endless Absorption talent.”

“[Ding! The Cultivation Talent “Endless Absorption” has been extracted.]

The instant Zhao Hao extracted it, he felt a huge change happen to his body.

The Scholar Qi in heaven and earth crazily surged into Zhao Haos body.

Even with the suppression of the quasi-Sage treasure, Zhao Haos absorption speed was extremely fast.

Kong Xinyue hadnt followed Zhao Hao into the Confucian Temple.

After all, she wouldnt disturb Zhao Hao while he was cultivating.

At present, Kong Xinyue was acting coquettishly with Kong Delin.

Kong Xinyue tugged on Kong Delins scholarly robe and said coquettishly, “Daddy, give me that jade pendant.

I feel that the outside world has been very dangerous recently!”

Kong Delin was originally very doting on his daughters little head.

However, when he heard Kong Xinyues request, he couldnt help but say coldly, “Nonsense! That is a quasi-Sage treasure.

How can you take it out of the temple at will”

A quasi-Sage treasure was related to the inheritance of Confucianism.

How could it be taken out so easily

Only the direct descendants of the Kong family had the right to take it out of the temple.

Moreover, they had to get the approval of the quasi-Sage treasure spirit.

“Daddy~ Take it out and let me carry it with me for a few days~”

Kong Xinyue used the coquettish technique and successfully hit Kong Delin.

The skill was activated, and its effects were widespread!

Kong Delin entered a state of confusion!

“Okay, okay, okay, stop shaking.

Ill take it out and let you carry it for a few days, but youre not allowed to tell others.

Ill only give it to you for self-defense.”

Kong Delin loved his daughter the most.

Under the attack of the coquetry technique, he agreed without thinking.

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At that moment, waves of extremely powerful Scholar Qi began to flood into the temple.

Kong Delins expression instantly changed.

In the original Confucian Temple, due to the existence of the quasi-Sage treasure, the book Xun Zi, all the energy in the world was converted into Scholar Qi to support the cultivation of the Confucian practitioners.

Now, waves of great Scholar Qi were crazily pouring in.

Undoubtedly, something had happened to Zhao Hao, who was cultivating inside.

Kong Xinyue naturally didnt notice this.

When she saw her fathers expression change, she also said worriedly, “Daddy, whats wrong”

“Im not sure, but your Master seems to have caused quite a commotion while cultivating inside.”

Kong Delin originally wanted to rush in to take a look.

After all, there was definitely something wrong since such a large amount of energy was gathering.

However, considering that there was a quasi-Sage treasure suppressing them and the relationship between Zhao Hao and Kong Xinyue, he didnt choose to enter.

Zhao Hao had previously said that if he went into seclusion to cultivate for a while and disturbed the other partys secluded cultivation, he would become enemies.

Kong Xinyue looked inside the temple and then at her father.

Her eyes instantly lit up, and she reminded her father to take out the jade pendant for her.

Then, she immediately slipped away and ran toward the ancestral hall of the Kong family.

Inside the temple…

Zhao Haos forehead was covered in sweat.

The immense Scholar Qi in his body was ready for him to absorb.

Zhao Hao started having consecutive breakthroughs.

Late cycle of the Nascent Soul realm… Peak cycle of the Nascent Soul realm… Peak cycle of the Soul Formation realm… Early cycle of the Profound Void realm.

It wasnt until he broke through to the early cycle of the Profound Void realm that the feeling of being filled with an enormous amount of energy started to ease up a little.

It was not that the absorption speed had slowed down, but it was the quasi-Sage book.

A ray of light shot out from the book “Xun Zi” and blocked Zhao Haos frenzied absorption.

The quasi-Sage book had a treasure spirit, so it was naturally stronger.

An old mans figure flew out of the book “Xun Zi”.

He looked at Zhao Hao and then said, “You cannot easily absorb this places energy.

Previously, I did not stop you because you are the disciple of the Venerable Sage.

However, if you continue to absorb, the Scholar Qi here will not be able to support these Confucian treasures.”

The old man spoke respectfully to Zhao Hao.

After all, Zhao Hao had the Disciple of the Venerable Sage talent.

Even Zhuge Qing from the world in the painting had to address him as Junior Brother.

When Zhao Hao heard this, he understood that he wouldnt be able to pull the wool here.

However, it was good that he had the seal of the treasure spirit.

At the very least, the absorption speed in his body was within his control.

“Thank you.”

Zhao Hao cupped his hands toward the old man to express his gratitude.

The old man stared at Zhao Hao for a while before speaking slowly.

“You have a heaven-sent opportunity, and its currently the Spiritual Qis recovery period.

If you can ascend to a higher realm one day, perhaps you can go there and find traces of your predecessor.”

Zhao Hao couldnt help but ridicule in his heart upon hearing this.

It was because he hadnt transmigrated yet.

Otherwise, a mere quasi-Sage treasure would not dare to pretend to be profound in front of him.

However, he was a small Profound Void cultivator at the moment, so Zhao Hao still nodded modestly.

Then, he bade farewell and left.

Just as Zhao Hao was about to walk out of the temple, the old man spoke again.

“If theres any danger, you can rush over here.

Ill guarantee your safety…”

With that, the old man directly returned to the book “Xun Zi”.

Zhao Hao had a good impression of the old man and wondered if he should bring him along when he transmigrated.

However, in an instant, Zhao Hao thought of something.

It seemed that his sworn brother, Bai Qi, had killed the quasi-Sage Xun Zi during the human-shaman war 2,000 years ago.

If that was the case, then the quasi-Sage book was equivalent to an ownerless object.

For a time, a lot of ideas came to Zhao Haos mind.


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