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[You noticed something strange from the introduction.

[Take Aragon, the Demon Lord of the Bloodthirsty Demons, for example.

In the introduction, he had a primitive demon weapon in his hand.

When activated at full strength, he could fight against a peak-stage Sage.

[He had used it many times, but his Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes had never let him down.

Therefore, there must be something wrong with this Aragon, or there must be some conspiracy to keep his strength hidden.

[Naturally, you couldnt get involved in the battle between the Sages.

Suddenly, your eyes lit up, and you thought of a very good idea.

[You directly broke the seal on yourself, and your peak-stage Void Insight cultivation instantly erupted.

[You rushed directly into the battlefield and crazily began to slaughter the demons.

Because the third-step demons on the battlefield were engaged in battle with the third-step human experts, they couldnt stop you.

[Suddenly, an invincible human below the third step appeared, causing chaos on the demon side.

[A few peak-stage second-step demons attacked you, but you eliminated them all effortlessly.

[You single-handedly broke the morale of the demon army.

Many demons turned around and fled after seeing you.

[The overall situation was set.

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[The battle of the Sages above also ended quickly.

In the past 300 years, these Sage experts had fought hundreds of times, and they all knew everything.

After their own demon army was defeated, the two Demon Lords also stopped.

They returned to the demon camp, reorganized their troops, and quickly retreated.

[Because of your outstanding performance on the battlefield, you received applause from everyone.

[Li Yunlong and Chu Yufei also flew down from the sky.

When they saw your unfamiliar face, their faces were filled with surprise.

[You were brought into the central camp.

[Li Yunlong did not dawdle and directly asked you, “This young friend doesnt seem to be a cultivator from this world, right”

[You already had a plan.

Otherwise, you wouldnt have exposed your cultivation.

[This worlds Physical Dao was exceptionally powerful.

It was similar to the Divine Dao of the Divine World.

[After witnessing the great Daos and strength of the two worlds, you even thought that since Confucius and the others followed different cultivation systems, the experts of the same world should all follow the same cultivation system.

This way, they would create an incomparably powerful great Dao, and there would be a few more experts in the Sage realm.

[Because the great Dao aura in your body was mixed, it was very easy for others to guess that you were not from the Ancient World.

[You spoke very calmly.

“My Master noticed that there seemed to be some demon activity in this world, so he ordered me to enter this world to investigate.

If the Seniors have any needs, my Master and a few Martial Uncles can come to this world to fight against the demons together with the Seniors.”

[Obviously, you were planning to pull a big banner and create an alliance.

[When the Ancient World was in such a crisis, if there were humans from other worlds who wanted to come over and help, it would definitely be something they couldnt ask for.

[As expected, the moment you said it, Li Yunlong and Chu Yufei were overjoyed.

The sudden invasion of the demons had caused their Ancient World to be attacked from all directions.

They had no time to care about anything else.

After that, a great battle had broken out, and they had yet to decide the winner.

[The six Demon Lords were watching the five Sages, so the latter had no way to cross the universe and seek help from the human race outside.

[Other than the Sages, even the third-step experts were unable to fly to a life planet in the universe.

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[At that moment of stalemate, a human expert from the outer realms had arrived.

He said that he could ask his elders to come and save them.

This was undoubtedly the best news.

[You were left in the central army camp with all kinds of natural treasures.

The two Sages were very generous and sent many over.

They even specially gave you a cultivation technique called the Eight Transformations indestructible Technique.

[It was a cultivation technique practiced by the third-step experts in this world.

After the eight transformations, ones body would be indestructible, and ones cultivation would also reach the peak of the Sage rank.

[As for the two Sages, such a big incident was not something that the two of them could decide.

It was related to the safety of the entire world.

The two of them directly sent the news to the other Sages.

[As for you, you did not mind staying in the camp and directly began to summon the Physical Dao.

It was very simple.

The great Dao entered the body, and because you had the Mahayana Holy Body talent, the moment the great Dao entered, it was 5,000 meters wide.

[Such a scene shocked countless onlookers.

[In the past, the strongest person in this world with the most natural body refining talent had only had a 3,000-meter Dao manifestation upon reaching the third step.

Now, this expert was the strongest person below the Sage rank in this world.

[You ignored these people and flipped open the Eight Transformations indestructible Technique and began to cultivate seriously.]

[On the 28th day, after a few days of discussion, all the Sages in the Ancient World agreed to let the humans from the outside world help.

Although they knew that they would definitely not do it for free and that they would ask for great benefits when the time came, it would undoubtedly be a better result than being exterminated by the demons.

[Your Eight Transformations indestructible Technique was cultivated to the fifth transformation, and your strength was greatly strengthened.

[At that moment, Li Yunlong and Chu Yufei found you once again.

After determining the coordinates of your world, the two of them worked together to teleport you out.]

[On the 31st day, you were in the teleportation beam when you suddenly sensed a trace of danger.

Before you could do anything, someone blocked the teleportation beam.

You felt an incomparably terrifying demon aura, and before you could see who it was, you felt a sense of danger.

[Youre dead.]

[This Cultivation Simulation is over.

You can permanently retain a Cultivation Talent and extract it into the real world.]

[The simulation has ended.

Simulation Time: 31 days.

System Cooldown Time: 31 minutes.]

“F*ck! How did a demon stop me!”

Zhao Hao, who was looking at the simulation panel on the bed, was dumbfounded.

What was going on He was only a third-step cultivator, and he was still teleporting to his original world.

“Could it be that there are traitors among the higher-ups of the human race”

After thinking for a while, Zhao Hao came to the most likely conclusion.

Only a few Sages from the Ancient World knew of his existence.

However, since they were all Sages, why would they abandon their own world Would they side with the demons

Furthermore, the demons were already stronger than the Ancient World.

If there were traitors among the Sages of the human race, why would they be in a stalemate for 300 years

There was also that Bloodthirsty Demon Lord, Aragon.

He clearly had a primitive demon weapon that could unleash the strength of a peak Sage, but he had been hiding himself.

The information was complicated.

Even with Zhao Haos high intelligence, he couldnt find any clues from it.

“And this Red Talent… Should I extract it or not”

Zhao Hao shook his head, no longer thinking about the simulation.

Instead, he looked at the Endless Absorption talent.

In the simulation, there was no problem with Zhao Hao because of Confucius sealing character.

He had always sealed this talent.

However, in reality, Zhao Hao did not know the sealing character.

If he were to give up on a broken Red Talent, Zhao Hao could not bear it.

After thinking for a while, Zhao Hao decided to extract it.

If he could withstand it, he would keep it with him.

If he could not… he would just activate the simulation and randomly use a talent to replace it.

Such a talent extraction couldnt be done in a crowded place in the city.

Zhao Hao thought for a while and saw Kong Xinyues figure.

Zhao Haos eyes lit up.

In reality, the safest place with the most energy was undoubtedly Kong Xinyues home, the Confucian Temple.


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