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On Earth…

Zhao Hao and the others brought back a large number of people who had consumed too much energy and had fallen unconscious.

Ma Zhuisheng had also rushed over.

The alliance was very satisfied with the outcome of this incident.

Everyone was a meritorious person.

Lets not talk about rewards for meritorious deeds for the time being.

However, those who were injured had definitely received the best treatment conditions.

Due to Ma Zhishengs arrival, Zhao Hao finally didnt have to go through so much trouble.

Otherwise, just returning to the headquarters to report this matter and all sorts of questions and answers would probably take a few days.

One had to know that Zhao Hao only had three more days left, and he had already extracted seven red talents.

The transmigration time was about to arrive, so Zhao Hao definitely had to maximize the benefits of the simulator.

At Ma Zhuishengs place, Zhao Hao directly said that he was seriously injured in this battle and needed to go into seclusion to recover.

This reason was very suitable.

The people who participated in this battle were all seriously injured, and they couldnt recover well without a few months and half a year.

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Ma Zhuisheng naturally had no objection.

After giving instructions, he would let Zhao Hao know if there was anything that he needed.

Then, he approved Zhao Haos request and told him that the reward would be sent as soon as possible.

“Please keep in touch.”

Just like that, Zhao Hao directly flew away from the main group and flew back to Jinling.

Originally, he wanted to find a cave abode and go into closed-door cultivation to simulate.

However, when he thought of Kong Xinyue, who the Lunar Goddess possessed, Zhao Hao decided to bring this disciple along.

Perhaps she would be useful in the future.

After returning to his hotel room, he saw Kong Xinyue playing a game.

When she saw that Zhao Hao had returned, the game wasnt interesting anymore, so she gave him a bear hug.

Given Kong Xinyues family background, she easily found out about Zhao Haos mission and the danger level.

However, Kong Xinyue was not worried at all.

In her heart, her Master was the strongest.

Zhao Hao also had no way to deal with this disciple of his.

He gently patted Kong Xinyue down before putting her down.

“Stay there obediently.

Ill go find a safe way for you to cultivate,” Zhao Hao warned Kong Xinyue.

When she heard that it was related to her cultivation, she didnt pester Zhao Hao anymore.

She watched as Zhao Hao returned to his bedroom.

His cultivation talent pane had long been reset because he had spent half a day fighting against the willow tree.

Zhao Hao could extract new talents, so he urgently needed to simulate a few times.

“System, activate the Cultivation Simulator.”

[To enable the simulation, you may select only three of the following Cultivation Talents.]

Unfortunately, the first simulation didnt have a Red Talent.

Since he didnt get a Red Talent, Zhao Hao randomly selected three talents and carried out this simulation.

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[On the first day, you descended to the world as a Nascent Soul cultivator.

You carried a Confucian treasure, the Morality Brush, and the Sea-Pacifying Pearl.

Because you are the personal disciple of the Sage of Confucianism, a golden great Dao descended from the sky.

Morality entered your body, and all the morality wandering in the world began to pour into your body.

Your realm rose all the way to the peak cycle of the Mahayana realm.

[Zhuge Qings clone appeared and sensed a certain aura from your body.

Surprisingly, he addressed you asJunior Brother and personally opened the gate to the Immortal World for you.

[He also injected all of this clone and the paintings remaining Scholar Qi into your body.

[You successfully broke to the Void Spirit realm, becoming an Exalted Scholar.

[You stepped out of the gate to the Immortal World and entered the world outside the painting.

[When you first appeared in the world outside the painting, a magnificent aura assaulted you.

Confucius, the Sage of Confucianism, discovered you.

He used his great power and directly teleported you before him.

[The original world was operating normally as usual.

However, after your arrival, all the Sage experts who saw you again would be able to discover what happened to you in the shadow of time.

[In an instant, Confucius recalled everything that you had told him during the simulation.

[You went up and asked directly, “Master, did you capture the Willow Goddess that was sent here last time Have you analyzed any information”

[Confucius was a Sage.

Even though such a huge change had occurred, he was still calm and composed.

After recalling for a moment, he said, “We have been to the Divine World before, but there were too many Sage-level experts there, especially the Goddess of Earth.

She was able to hold me back by herself.

After that, I had no choice but to fight my way out.

“That world is not bad.

The Spiritual Qi is at its peak.

It wont be a problem to maintain it for a few million years.”

[After hearing that, you asked, “Master, is it that you wont remember everything that happened with me if you dont see me”

“This is also a test for you.

In the previous simulation, you did a lot for the Goddess of Earth.

You even developed some other emotions and fought with the other five main gods, leaving behind a deep grudge.

“This is especially so for the Goddess of Life.

In this simulation, the Goddess of Life hasnt died yet.

“Hmm… Only when I see you in person will I realize that what happened with you is within the shadows of time.”

[Confucius did not have any thoughts of hiding anything.

He directly told you about the flaws of your simulator.

[After you understood, you finally heaved a sigh of relief.

[Then, you told Confucius about what happened in the Divine World.

[At first, Confucius expression was normal.

When he heard that the Goddess of Earth had swallowed the Goddess of Life and wanted to break past the Sage rank, he could not help but frown.

[Only then did you remember that you had never checked Confucius status.

Thus, you directly used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes.

Name: Kong Qiu

Race: Human

Cultivation: Sage/9th Layer

Introduction: Founder ofConfucianism.

He has 72 halls under him and has 3,000 extremely powerful disciples.

Because he created Confucianism, anyone who practices the teachings of Confucianism in the world will strengthen Confucianism, and their strength will also increase.

[After checking Confucius status, you sighed that he was indeed a bigshot.

He was actually on the same level as the Goddess of Earth.

However, if you really counted it, Confucius was definitely more abnormal.

[After all, the Goddess of Earth had been a Thearch for countless years, while Confucious had only become a Sage for a few thousand years.

[After that, you told Confucious in detail about the strength of the main gods of the Divine World.

[Confucious recorded all of them and then said, “Even if the main gods of the Divine World arent on good terms with each other, they will definitely unite as one when faced with an invasion from the outer realms.

“The seven main gods are far more powerful than us.

Why dont we temporarily give up and go to another world to take a look”

[Naturally, you didnt have any objections.

Although you really wanted to go see the Earth Sovereign, you also knew that you needed to take advantage of this simulation to gather more useful information.]


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