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In Emperor Shis eyes, a fist-sized nucleus was swimming inside the root of the willow tree, which was deep into the ground.

Even though Emperor Shi had used the Imperial Jade Seal to immobilize all living creatures within 100,000 kilometers, the nucleus was not affected at all and could still move freely.

“Hmph! Id like to see if youll die or not this time.”

The sword gleam in Emperor Shis hand grew brighter, and his body instantly transformed into a stream of light, rushing straight into the underground.

Deep underground…

The roots and stems of the willow tree were intertwined together.

Although they were immobile by the Imperial Jade Seal, their enormous size was still enough to bring great trouble to people.

How to deal with them was a problem.

Emperor Shi cut off countless roots and stems in an unstoppable manner and finally arrived where the core was located…

“Hmm What kind of treasure is this It keeps absorbing the Spiritual Qi in my body just by getting close.”

Emperor Shi instantly retreated.

The planets cores devouring ability was extremely exaggerated.

Even with Emperor Shis current Tribulation Transcending cultivation, he couldnt withstand it.

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Without any hesitation, Emperor Shi swung his sword with all his strength.

Sword rays shot out in all directions.

He attacked the core with his full-strength Tribulation Transcending attack.

What shocked Emperor Shi was that his full-powered strike, as well as the countless tree roots he had cut off, were all absorbed by the core.

“How is this possible”

Emperor Shis eyes were immediately filled with astonishment.

The inner core had actually absorbed his full-powered strike.

Not only did it not cause any damage, but it even injected life into the willow tree.

In an instant, everything was restored to its original state.

Emperor Shi did not believe it and slashed it a few more times.

Without a doubt, all of the power had been absorbed by the planets core.

The willow trees trunk once again grew dozens of meters tall.

The willow tree that suddenly grew again gave everyone who was waiting on land a fright.

They thought that Emperor Shi had failed and had become the willow trees nourishment.

However, they didnt have to wait for long before Emperor Shis figure emerged from the ground.

Emperor Shis expression was extremely unsightly.

It was obvious that even he hadnt succeeded in killing the willow tree.

Emperor Shi turned around and said to Zhao Hao, “Theres something strange about that core.

No matter what kind of attack We unleash, it will be absorbed and become the willow trees nourishment.”

Zhao Haos brows were tightly knitted after hearing this.

He had originally thought that he had found the key to dealing with the willow tree, but now it seemed that it was useless.

For a moment, everyone present fell into a state of dejection.

They could only watch helplessly as the willow tree continued to grow at a speed of a few meters per minute.

Emperor Shi also had a displeased expression on his face.

He had just been reborn, yet he encountered such a thing.

It was truly worrisome.

After about half an hour, Zhao Haos eyes suddenly lit up as he spoke.

“Emperor Shi, didnt you say that you could stop the willow tree from moving Then lets just do it together.

Well pull out all of this land and throw it into space.

It can go wherever it wants.

What do you think”

When he said this, the morale of everyone present was shaken.

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Most of the people present were Nascent Soul experts and above.

Although they could not travel too far in the universe, it was not a problem for them to fly up with something.

Although the willow tree was too big and difficult to get close to, they could pack up the entire land and take it away.

This method would undoubtedly cut off the willow trees ability to devour Earth.

Even Emperor Shi felt that this method was very good.

He had also explored quite a bit of the mysteries of the universe in his era.

In addition to the various pieces of information Wang Teng had provided, Emperor Shis current knowledge wasnt inferior to anyone elses.

He wasnt inferior to anyone else.

Zhang Dongxuan, who had the second-highest cultivation base, said, “This method is feasible, but we can not get far in space with our cultivation.

Theres no way we can throw the willow tree too far away.”

It was true.

Even with Zhang Dongxuans Soul Formation cultivation, he would probably die before he could fly out of the solar system.

Moreover, they had to carry such a huge willow tree.

Needless to say, with the roots and soil, the weight of the willow tree absolutely surpassed the megaton scale.

Fortunately, Emperor Shi said, “This is not a problem.

It should not be a problem to throw it out of the solar system with Our cultivation.”

With Emperor Shis assurance, everyone immediately regained their confidence and was full of energy.

Then, Emperor Shi made his move.

He passed through the Imperial Jade Seal and directly shook the willow tree, preventing its roots from moving.

All the Golden Core and Nascent Soul experts made their moves one after another, cutting the earth.

Soon, they cut a large piece of land with all the roots of the tree.

Finally, all the experts above the Nascent Soul realm made their moves together, combining their strength to separate the island-like land from the earth.

They urged their spiritual power, causing it to rise into the sky quickly.

Emperor Shi hadnt made his move all along.

He could rely on these people to care for the distance from the ground to the sky.

His task was even more arduous, and he needed to reserve enough strength.

Once the distance was not far enough, it would not be worth it if the willow tree returned.

Everyone worked together for three straight hours and finally transported the willow tree into space.

The willow tree floating in space and the soil below it looked like an empty island in One Pieces world.

However, it was many times bigger than that.

Seeing that everyones spiritual power was about to be depleted, Emperor Shi, who had been recuperating, also made a move.

Emperor Shi transformed into a 30,000-meter-long black dragon and flew to the island.

He carried the willow tree and flew into the distance at rapid speed.

Seeing the willow trees figure gradually disappear into the distance, everyone let out a long sigh of relief.

They had finally resolved this world-ending crisis.

Many people could not stand it anymore and fell unconscious.

Fortunately, Zhao Hao and the other experts still had sufficient spiritual power.

They brought the exhausted experts back to Earth.

Emperor Shi only used a few hours to fly out of the solar system with his Tribulation Transcending strength.

However, Emperor Shi had already exhausted himself greatly.

If he continued flying deeper, it was likely that he would not be able to return.

However, if he left the willow tree nearby, Emperor Shi wouldnt feel safe.

What if the willow tree swallowed a few planets and extended its claws toward Earth again

Just as Emperor Shi was in a dilemma, a huge meteorite was rapidly sliding toward the depths of the universe.

When Emperor Shi saw this, he was immediately overjoyed.

His figure instantly sped up, and he arrived beside the meteorite.

He flung the willow tree on his body heavily, causing it to fall onto the meteorite.

Just like that, the willow tree was brought into the depths of the universe by the meteorite.

Emperor Shi nodded in satisfaction and turned around to return to Earth.


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