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Emperor Shi had been recovering his cultivation in the underground palace of Mount Li.

Although he had not suffered any serious injuries from the nukes, he had consumed a lot of energy.

Just as he had recovered, he received a message from his subordinates.

The government officials of the current era had sent people to ask for help.

This was something that even Emperor Shi had not expected.

Even though there was a clause in the treaty that if they ran into trouble, Great Qin could lend a hand, how long had it been

Not even three days had passed, and they had already come knocking on his door to ask for help

However, after the envoy explained what Zhao Hao had said, Emperor Shi knew how serious this matter was.

He was different from the others.

He had seen it before in the era of abundant Spiritual Qi, and no one knew better than him how terrifying the threat of a tree that kept devouring was.

Immediately, Emperor Shi rode nine Flood Dragons and flew all the way here.

The nine Flood Dragons pulled the carriage and stopped in front of everyone.

Emperor Shi stood on the carriage, looked down at the exhausted crowd, and said with a disdainful smile, “A bunch of trash.”

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After saying that, he no longer paid any attention to the crowd.

He pulled out the longsword at his waist and instantly slashed at the 100-meter-tall willow tree.

Everyone below was enraged at first, and then they watched as the black sword light slashed at the 100-meter-long willow tree.

The sword light directly cut through the willow tree, and the trunk broke with a sound.

Everyone had been fighting for an hour, but they couldnt stop the willow tree.

Yet, Emperor Shis sword actually broke it into two.

Everyone was terrified of Emperor Shis strength and didnt dare to make a sound.

Only Zhao Hao knew that Emperor Shis body had fused with the Yin Dragon Vein, and he had already reached the early cycle of the Tribulation Transcending realm.

He was definitely the number one bigshot on Earth.

If Emperor Shi didnt pursue the Emperor Dao and pursued the Dao of Slaughter, he probably wouldnt have been able to wait for this willow tree.

This bigshot would have already wiped out the entire world.

“Eh Strange”

Emperor Shi frowned.

The attack looked casual, but he had already used eight layers of power, and there was even a trace of the aura of the Emperor Dao mixed in it.

No matter what, it should have killed the willow tree.

However, he sensed that he had only cut off that part of the trunk.

The main body of the willow tree did not suffer much damage and was still growing steadily.

Emperor Shi, who did not believe in evil, struck out several swords in a row.

Apart from cutting the willow trees trunk a little shorter, he did not achieve any effect.

“How can there be such tenacious vitality in this world”

After a few attempts, Emperor Shi found the reason.

His sword gleam was able to injure the willow tree, but the trees roots were underground, constantly absorbing the underground energy and transforming it into vitality.

“We would like to see how good you are at absorbing energy.

All of you, get lost!” roared Emperor Shi.

Everyone was stunned, but they did not get angry.

They all ran further away.

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It was obvious that this bigshot was going to use a big move.

If they did not run now, they would have no reason to argue even if they died.

Zhao Hao did not say anything.

He had not attacked the willow tree, and his battle prowess was still at its peak.

He brought everyone and retreated another 100 kilometers, then stopped and watched the battle in the distance.

Emperor Shi did not attack the willow tree immediately.

Although he had fused with the Yin Dragon Vein and could unleash the power of a Tribulation Transcending expert, it was not unlimited.

He was also preserving his energy.

As for why he did not attack the willow tree directly and let those people retreat, Emperor Shis idea was very simple.

His Emperor Dao required a sufficient number of human subordinates.

Naturally, he could not rely on those old Qin compatriots who had lived for over 2,000 years to absorb some talented people of the current generation.

Moreover, if so many experts were to die here accidentally, his underground palace of Mount Li would probably be buried together with them.

After enduring patiently for over 2,000 years, the grand plan was about to begin.

How could such an accident be allowed to happen

After confirming that everyone had retreated to a safe location, Emperor Shis expression turned even colder.

He waved his hand, and a jade seal appeared in his hand.

It was the Imperial Jade Seal.

Facing the direction of the willow tree, Emperor Shi threw out the jade seal and urged it with his power.

“Jade Seal, suppress this land within 100,000 kilometers.

Do not allow any living beings to move…”

A dazzling golden light burst out from the Imperial Jade Seal.

The golden light went straight into the ground, instantly stopping all the roots and stems under the willow tree, preventing them from moving or even swallowing.

The longsword in Emperor Shis hand was emitting a dazzling black glow.

The Dragon Qi was boiling all over his body, and even the sky had turned dark.

“Son of Heaven Sword… Human Emperor Slash…”

A 10,000-feet-long sword beam came straight down.

It cut open the entire land, reaching hundreds of kilometers underground.

The roots and stems of the willow tree were cut off one by one.

The willow tree let out painful cries, but there was no way for it to fight back.

Emperor Shi looked at the abyss created by the sword beam, but there was no smile on his face.

Based on his senses, this peak-level sword beam of his had only broken 1/4 of the roots and stems of the willow tree.

Although he had the Imperial Jade Seal, which stopped the willow tree from absorbing any more, the power required to use this method was undoubtedly massive.

Even with the Yin Dragon Vein, he wouldnt be able to last long.

Just as Emperor Shi was frowning and thinking about what to do, Zhao Hao suddenly thought of the willow trees introduction.

In the introduction, the willow tree was originally just an ordinary willow tree, but because it had obtained the planets core, it had an incomparably powerful devouring power.

Zhao Hao tried to sense it but couldnt find the location of the planets core.

Helpless, he could only send a voice transmission to Emperor Shi.

“Emperor Shi, that willow tree has a crystal core in its body.

As long as you break that crystal core or take it out, youll be able to successfully kill it.”

Emperor Shi, who was frowning in the sky, was stunned when he heard Zhao Haos voice transmission.

Then, he looked in his direction and felt your aura.

Emperor Shi could not help but be shocked again.

Emperor Shi had not forgotten you.

The Golden Core cultivator who had picked up the Imperial Jade Seal had become a mid-stage Nascent Soul cultivator in just a few days.

However, at this very moment, Emperor Shi did not say anything.

He just nodded at you in a friendly manner.

A golden light flashed in his eyes as he began to sweep across the land that the Imperial Jade Seal suppressed.

With Zhao Haos reminder, Emperor Shi was able to locate the location of the planets core in just a few minutes.

Just as Zhao Hao had said, it contained a terrifying power.

Even Emperor Shi felt intense pain when he saw it with his eyes.

After confirming that the crystal core was the lifeline of the willow tree, Emperor Shi revealed a rare smile.


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