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On the battlefield, the awe-inspiring Emperor Guan took a step forward and instantly rushed to the side of the willow tree.

The Green Dragon Crescent Blade flickered with a cold light and let out a deafening dragon roar.

This was the weapon spirit of the blade.

A green light instantly shot out of the willow trees trunk, followed by countless cracks.

After three consecutive slashes, Emperor Guan returned to the Maoshan experts side.

The power of inviting the gods was limited.

After the three slashes, all the power of the Maoshan experts had been exhausted.

Guan Yus statue once again became an ordinary statue.

A series of crisp sounds rang out.

The body of the willow tree began to shatter from the 3,000-meter-long slashes.

Wood chips flew in all directions, and huge tree chunks fell down.

The 100,000-meter-tall willow tree was instantly cut in half by the roots.

The entire willow tree began to fall down rapidly, and its main trunk began to collapse.

“F*ck! Im running!”

“Its crashing down on us! Doooodge!”

“This god statue of the Maoshan lineage is too awesome…”

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“Those who dont want to die from being smashed, quickly dodge…”

Shouts rang out one after another.

Everyone split up and fled at their fastest speed.

Under the pressure of such a large willow tree, no matter how strong ones cultivation was, there was still a possibility that one would be smashed to death by the head-on impact.

Zhao Haos figure was extremely fast.

He even used a divine ability.

After retreating to a safe distance, he once again turned his gaze toward the direction of the willow tree.

The willow tree had yet to fall to the ground.

According to Zhao Haos estimation, such a large object would cause at least a magnitude-10 earthquake if it fell to the ground.

However, Zhao Hao was not in the mood to care about that at this moment.

Under his perception, the aura of the willow tree still existed.

Although the Maoshan experts had invited Guan Yu to come down and heavily injured it with three strikes, cutting off the 100,000-meter-long trunk and the tangled roots, as well as withstand the powerful devouring ability of the willow tree, this wasnt a simple feat.

Everyone was trying their best to escape, afraid that they would be smashed into minced meat if they were a step too late.

Finally, the 100,000-meter-long willow tree shattered into dozens of pieces under everyones gaze and fell onto the ground.

For a moment, the entire Earth began to tremble.

Many volcanoes erupted from the tremors, causing the sky to collapse and the earth to crack.

It was as if the world was going to be destroyed.

Zhao Hao and the other experts flew into the sky one after another.

The land was truly filled with devastation.

A great battle had almost destroyed half of Russia.

Due to a large amount of dust, it was impossible to see the situation below clearly.

Zhao Haos Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes were activated all the time.

After finding the correct location, his figure instantly rushed out and entered the dust.

Before everyone could react, Zhao Hao had already punched the willow trees main body.

Just as Zhao Hao had expected, how could the willow tree die so easily It was just that its main trunk had been destroyed.

With its enormous devouring ability, it would be able to return to its original appearance in less than two days.

[Ding! the Red Cultivation Talent pool has been expanded.]

A system notification sounded, and a smile appeared on Zhao Haos face.

This was exactly what he wanted.

The willow trees cultivation speed was simply the fastest that Zhao Hao had ever seen.

It was even faster than him using a cheat, so its cultivation talent was naturally not that weak.

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During the battle, he had not had the chance to get close to the willow tree, so he had no way to extract the cultivation talent.

Since the willow tree was heavily injured, he would never manage to do so if he did not extract it now.

Vines shot out from the ground and shot toward Zhao Hao.

Zhao Hao wasnt afraid at all.

He activated the Sea-Pacifying Pearl and broke through the incoming vines like a hot knife through butter.

Zhao Hao then punched a few more times with all his strength.

Seeing that the effect wasnt great, he immediately retreated.

At this time, the dust had already been blown away by the strong wind.

Everyone looked in the direction of the willow tree.

The pillar that supported the sky had collapsed and was replaced by a willow tree that was only dozens of meters long.

It was the willow tree that had grown again during that period.

Everyone looked at each other.

“Its unkillable…”

“How can it be killed It grew several meters in a minute.

It wont be long before it becomes that big monster again…”

“Furthermore, this fellows strength hasnt decreased by much.

Im afraid that even if we get close, our lives will still be in danger…”

The level 9 experts fell into a dilemma.

They naturally couldnt ignore this world-ending crisis, but they had to find a way to deal with it if they wanted to.

This was an unkillable monster with astonishing regenerative abilities.

Even if they were exhausted to death, they still wouldnt stand a chance…

Zhao Hao also frowned.

There were only four days left until the transmigration.

Given this trees growth rate, it was difficult for Zhao Hao to judge if the Earth could last for four days.

‘We must get rid of this crisis.

Otherwise, there wont be a place to escape, Zhao Hao said silently in his heart.

Then, he began to scrutinize the tree, trying to find a way to get rid of it.

The gathered experts all knew the dangers of this willow tree, so they all attacked it together.

Even if they couldnt kill it completely, it was still good to slow down its growth.

A barrage of attacks continuously bombarded the willow tree.

Some were absorbed by the willow tree, while others smashed the willow trees branches again.

An hour later…

With everyones unremitting efforts, the willow tree grew to a size of 100 meters again.

Everyone lay limply on the ground, helplessly looking at the willow tree that was growing at a speed of a few meters per minute.

“I have no other choice…”

“So be it… I cant fight anymore…”

“I suggest that we go to the space station instead…”

“This thing cant be killed.

Theres no way to kill it!”

The experts were all exhausted.

Even the three cardinals who were in charge of buffing everyone, restoring their power reserves, and healing their injuries had no Spiritual Qi left and were lying on the ground.

At this time, if there was a sudden attack, most of the upper echelon of Earth would probably die here.

Just as everyone was in despair, a carriage rushed over from the horizon.

Nine Flood Dragons pulled the carriage.

One was at the middle cycle of the Soul Formation realm, and the other eight were at the peak cycle of the Nascent Soul realm.

Their auras swept across heaven and earth, and the aura of the Emperor Dao assaulted them.

Many people could not help but tremble and kneel down to worship this emperor.

Everyone looked at the carriage on the horizon.

This expert who dared to come was not a mere expert from China.

All the experts knew the existence of this ancient emperor.

It was impossible to hide something as big as the Qin Mausoleum from the world.

Emperor Shi, Ying Zheng, had arrived.


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