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[You didnt make any sound.

At that moment, you had lost all reason.

[You only knew that you wanted to kill the people in front of you or die in their hands.

[What responded to the Space Sovereign was your incomparably fierce fist.

[The light of your fist suddenly appeared, and a bloody aura overflowed into the heavens.

[A fist force that soared into the heavens swept out in all directions, and a violent wind blew out, piercing through layers of void and smashing down directly toward the Space Sovereign like a falling sun.

[The Space Sovereign had a smile on his face.

[Slowly, the cane in his hand was lifted upward in your direction.

The entire cane suddenly shook, letting out a series of hissing sounds.

A terrifying power suddenly rose up, and an endless spatial barrier blocked him.

[Your fist fiercely smashed against the spatial barrier, instantly piercing through it.

[The first layer, second layer, third layer… 95th layer…

[You smashed through 95 layers of spatial barriers in a row, but you took a step forward without any strength.

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[Looking at the Space Sovereign so close to you, you let out a frantic cry, but to no avail…

“Hmph! Do you want to die Its not easy.

Time, freeze this Brats past.

In the future, I will seal him and banish him into the Primal Chaotic Void, forever sinking into oblivion…”

[The Space Sovereign was crafty.

In the traces you had left behind, he seemed to have sensed a hint of strangeness from you…

[Your soul, which had originally sunk into silence, was startled awake by the Space Sovereigns words.

Not killing you was undoubtedly the most troublesome method to deal with you.

[How could you let him have his way

[Finally, you turned your head to look at the temple.

[You instantly activated all of the berserk power within your body and self-detonated next to the Space Sovereign and Time Sovereign.

[A terrifying explosion swept through the entire world.

[The entire Divine World was affected by the explosion.

Volcanoes erupted everywhere, and natural disasters continued to occur.

[All of the living beings within the temple instantly died.

[The four sovereigns within the Earth God Kingdom were all blown away by the explosion.

It was unknown whether they were alive or dead.

[Just as the explosion was about to reach the Earth Sovereigns location, a terrifying divine might surged out.

[The terrifying divine might was unstoppable, and it actually suppressed the explosion.


[A graceful purple-robed figure appeared.

Her legs were straight, and as she flew, a bit of light accompanied her.

It was the Earth Sovereign who had been in closed-door cultivation, preparing to break through.

[At that moment, the Earth Sovereigns face was covered in tears as she looked around in despair.

However, all that was left was a desolate area.]

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[Youre dead.]

[This Cultivation Simulation is over.

You can permanently retain a Cultivation Talent and extract it into the real world.]

[The simulation has ended.

Simulation Time: 300 days.

System Cooldown Time: 300 minutes.]

Zhao Hao looked at all the simulation information on the interface, and his heart was filled with mixed feelings.

He really wanted to ask what was going on, but he didnt know how to open his mouth.

Who should he ask Him

He originally thought that the Sage rank was the highest cultivation level, but now he realized that the Sage rank was just the starting point.

And that Earth Sovereign… how suicidal was he! She was a 9th Layer Thearch, a peak existence, yet he dared to flirt with her.

In the end, he even died for her.

Most importantly, when Sage-level experts sensed him, they would notice the relevant information he had left behind in the countless spaces.

Then what about the next time they met

Moreover, his simulator avatar was the one that had teased her, not the one in the real world.

This scapegoat… He really didnt want to take the blame.

“I wonder if the Earth Sovereign has broken through.

What is the realm above the Sage rank”

Zhao Hao had collected too much information, so he wasnt in the mood to cultivate.

He lay on his bed and looked out the window at the vast universe through the stars.

After a long time, he sighed.

“You should be somewhere in the starry sky right now… I wonder what the next simulation will be like…”

Meteors fell one after another in the night sky.

Zhao Hao didnt sleep or cultivate.

He just stood there and quietly looked at the sky.

Kong Xinyue knocked on Zhao Haos door early in the morning.

Zhao Hao got up and opened the door.

The little loli didnt wear any special attire today.

She had simply put on her junior high school uniform and hopped into the room, lying on Zhao Haos big bed.

“Master, your bed is still the most comfortable.

When did you come back last night I didnt sleep well the whole night…”

His disciple directly lay on his bed.

She even picked up the blanket and clamped it between her legs.

Zhao Haos head was about to explode.

What was going on

‘Last nights bath didnt work.

So, did she change her method today School uniform

However, considering Kong Xinyues age, there was nothing wrong with wearing a junior high school uniform.

“You dont remember what happened yesterday” Zhao Hao asked suspiciously.

The Lunar Goddess had possessed a little loli the previous night, and he almost succumbed.

When he thought of the consequences of doing the deed with the Lunar Goddess, Zhao Hao felt his body go numb.

The Lunar Divine Kingdom that was suppressed underground by the Earth Divine Kingdom had gathered a huge amount of the Lunar Goddess power of faith.

Even if it was far away, once the Lunar Goddess seal was broken, no one on the entire planet would be a match for the Lunar Goddess as long as she absorbed a little bit.

“Oh Last night I fell asleep waiting for you while I was bathing.

When I woke up, I realized that you hadnt returned yet, so I went back to my room to sleep.

“Oh right, Master, that Big Sister came to look for me again last night.

She told me that she wanted to merge with me.

From then on, she would be me, and I would be her.

“However, I felt that she was definitely lying to me, so I didnt agree.

After that, she wanted to forcefully merge with me, but I beat her up, and she behaved herself,” the little loli said excitedly.

Perhaps it was because she felt a little uncomfortable lying on the bed with her socks on.

She took off her white socks and threw them on the floor as she said this.

“Oh You beat her up”

Zhao Haos eyes couldnt help but widen.

That was the Lunar Goddess, a Thearch existence.

Even if she was sealed, she wouldnt be beaten up by a little loli.

“Yeah, that Big Sister always gave people the impression that she was very powerful in the past, so I could only listen to her.

But yesterday, she didnt seem to be very strong.

“You know that Ive never been able to cultivate, so my family found many ways to help me increase my strength.

Although I look very weak, I can still fight dozens of ordinary people without any problems.”

With that, the little loli directly jumped up from the bed and took a standard Bajiquan stance.

Zhao Hao carefully checked Kong Xiyues situation and lamented that the Kong family was worthy of being called the Kong family.

To be able to forcefully polish the body of a little loli who couldnt cultivate to be comparable to a Golden Core1 expert was simply awesome.


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