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[The five sovereigns did not hesitate when they saw that you had suddenly erupted.

They immediately joined forces.

[Amongst the five sovereigns, the two strongest were the Time Sovereign and the Space Sovereign.

In your Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes, the two great sovereigns were at the 8th Layer of the Thearch rank.

Next was the War Sovereign.

He had the strength of the 7th Layer of the Thearch rank, the Lightning Sovereign was at the 5th Layer of the Thearch rank, and the Darkness Sovereign was at the 3rd Layer of the Thearch rank.

[Although there was a difference in strength, they were all Thearch experts, and their methods were terrifying.

Now that they were working together to attack, the entire battlefield became a peculiar region.

[In this region, there was no heaven and earth, no sun and moon, and there was no upper, lower, left, or right division.

[Everywhere you looked, there was eternal darkness.

The scenery could not be seen, and there was no end to it.

You could not find the actual boundary.

[You were in the middle of this region.

[In the darkness, one could feel that a peerless killing intent had erupted.

[Suddenly, a rain of light scattered.

When one sensed it, they realized that they were endless lightning bolts.

It was impossible to count all of them.

None of them looked light, and they exploded with a dazzling light.

[At the same time, there was a shocking power hidden next to the lightning bolts.

The distorted space and chaotic time seemed to pierce through the endless void, and all of them were attacking ones position.

[At that moment, you had long forgotten about life and death.

You didnt allow the Dao of Slaughter to enter your body this time.

If that was the case, you would only be able to erupt with 3rd Layer Thearch strength.

How could you fight against so many powerful enemies

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[A fierce light flashed in your eyes.

You instantly shattered the hundreds of thousands of meters long manifestation of the Dao of Slaughter, and it transformed into balls of Slaughter Qi that filled the entire space.

[The forbidden area that the five sovereigns had jointly set up was instantly broken through by your attack.

[The world also began to return to normal.

[There was nothing they could do.

The destruction of the manifestation of the Dao of Slaughter was probably much stronger than the self-detonation of an ordinary Thearch expert.

[Under the shocked expressions of the five sovereigns, you absorbed all of the Slaughter Qi into your body.

[You devoured all of the Slaughter Qi, stimulating all of your potential and transforming into a devil that only knew how to slaughter.

[Your aura soared into the heavens, and Slaughter Qi and Devil Qi surrounded you.

Your terrifying aura towered into the heavens, and each and every one of your actions contained the power to shake heaven and earth.

Your entire body glowed with a blood-colored light that was extremely dazzling.

You could be said to be a peerless great devil.

[Your body was sent flying, and a figure suddenly appeared.

This person was clad in golden armor, and his entire body was covered in resplendent lightning.

He was like a war of god descending on the mortal world, his aura engulfing the entire world.

Who else could it be but the Lightning Sovereign

[Before you could react, a cold light flashed, and a sword light instantly chopped off your right arm.

You cried out in pain as you hurriedly looked toward that person.

[This person held a longsword in his hand and was able to easily destroy the worlds natural laws.

A dark aura surrounded his entire body.

Clearly, he was the Darkness Sovereign.

[Just two of the weakest sovereigns were able to put you at a disadvantage.

[However, you had transformed into a peerless great devil, so you didnt show the slightest trace of fear.

Your severed arm instantly recovered, and you immediately clenched your fist and punched out toward space.

[Your bloody fist instantly blasted out a figure.

This persons eyes were like lightning, incomparably sharp.

He held a blood-red battle spear in his hand, emitting dense killing and battle intent.

[You had sensed the location of the third sovereign, the War Sovereign.

This was clearly an accident.

The blood-red battle spear in his hand was filled with too much killing intent.

This was simply too sensitive to someone like you, who had devoured the Dao of Slaughter.

“Hmph! Interesting.


[A terrifying battle intent shook the nine heavens.

Laws spread out, shaking the entire void.

The War Sovereign gathered his power, and the blood-red light in his hand seemed to be able to devour everything.

He then viciously hurled the spear.

[The long spear was like a dragon, emitting waves of hissing sounds.

It was like a streak of red light that pierced directly through your body.

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[In the end, the blood-red spear nailed your body to the temple door.

[In that instant, a surge of energy erupted from the tempestuous waves.

The red light rapidly expanded, devouring everything around it.

[The entire temple began to tremble and shake violently.

That sort of power was truly astonishing, but there was still no movement coming from within the temple.


[Just as the five sovereigns all thought that you would die from a single move, you let out a roar, and strands of blood light shot out.

[You didnt die.

The pain caused you to erupt with even more power.

[The great Dao within your body rumbled.

The great Daos that no one in the Divine World had ever cultivated before was drawn out by you.

[Confucianism, Buddhism, Daoism, the Human Dao…

[As you cultivated too many things, your talent was incomparably powerful.

In an instant, more than 30 great Daos appeared beside you.

The longest one was more than 100,000 meters long, and the shortest one was only a few thousand meters long.

[You pulled out the spear that had been inserted into your chest.

You turned around and looked at the temple behind you.

The last image of the Earth Goddess appeared in your mind.

[Then, you directly used all of your strength to break the spear in your hand.

You released all of the killing and battle intent within it.

You opened your mouth wide and absorbed those 30 great Daos and the killing intent and intent.

[You didnt know what the outcome would be, but you wanted to try.

Even if you were to die, you still wanted to fight until the very last moment.

[In the next moment, a terrifying power erupted from your body.

You were like a bomb, and you were in danger of exploding at any moment.

[However, after devouring so much energy, even the Space and Time Sovereigns couldnt help but frown when they saw you.

[Your figure soared into the sky, charging toward the five sovereigns once more.

[This time, the five sovereigns didnt hesitate in the slightest.

They unleashed their full power, and waves of terrifying auras suddenly exploded out.

The entire Earth Divine Kingdom seemed to be pierced through.


[The Lightning Sovereign took the initiative to attack.

Lightning coiled around his body, holding a lightning warhammer in your hand.

Yellow hammer light shot out, wanting to smash apart the entire world.

[Your figure had no way to dodge.

You punched out toward the warhammer, and countless blood-colored runes appeared as you swung out.

[Your punch was incomparably tyrannical.

The Lightning Sovereign, a 5th Layer Thearch, was actually sent flying out of the Earth Divine Kingdom by your full-force punch.

“Hmph! Outsider, this isnt a place for you to fool around…”

[The Darkness Sovereign and the War Sovereign instantly stopped their attacks upon seeing the Lightning Sovereign had been sent flying.

[At that moment, if you were to explode, even a sovereign expert wouldnt be able to escape death.

[A black-robed old man appeared in front of you.

His lifeblood was like a great flood, shaking the void.

Tens of thousands of space fluctuations circulated around his body, and countless law chains appeared around him.

Each and every move he made could distort space at will.

If he moved, one would live.

If he was quiet, one would die.]


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