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[The great hall was deathly silent.

[Even the rabbits eyes were wide open as it stared at the reckless you.

[A pair of slender, beautiful legs once again kicked you in the chest.

[Your figure crashed through the temple and flew for several thousand li before stopping.

[The temple was so quiet that only the sound of breathing could be heard.

The Earth Sovereigns face was rosy, and there was a faint sense of shyness in her eyes.

[Then, the Earth Sovereigns figure disappeared from the temple.

[In the distance, you, who didnt know what to do next, were stunned when you heard the voice transmission.

[You were also very curious whether the Earth Sovereign could break through to a higher realm, a realm that was even more powerful than a Sage.

[If she succeeded in breaking through with your current relationship with the Earth Sovereign, wouldnt you be able to cling onto a huge thigh

[The kind that could last a lifetime

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[Thus, you flew all the way back to the temple.

Instead of entering the temple, you sat cross-legged outside.

[You were expressing yourself.

You wanted to protect the Earth Sovereign.]

[On the 253rd day, you sat cross-legged outside the temple, not moving at all.

A full ten days had passed.

During this period, there was no sound coming from inside the temple.

You also didnt have any intention of disturbing the Earth Sovereign.

You silently stood guard at the side.]

[On the 263rd day, another ten days had passed, but there was still no movement.

You thought about the kind of cultivation where cultivators would frequently enter seclusion for 100 years.

After reaching the Sage rank, it was probably possible to break through using only one century.

[Although this thigh was large enough, you couldnt waste your remaining talent in simulations just because of this.

You decided that after ten days, if she still hadnt finished your closed-door training, you would continue to roam the Divine World, crazily seeking death, and collect more useful information.]


[On the 273rd day, ten days had passed, but there was still no movement within the main hall.

During this period, you had met Selene and the Yaksha, both of whom you had nurtured.

They had now become the subordinate gods of the Earth Sovereign, and their cultivation levels had already reached the late cycle of the High God realm.

[Selene seemed to have many things to say to you, but seeing that you were guarding the main gate of the divine hall, she didnt dare to approach.

[You turned to look at the divine hall and decided to wait another ten days.]

[On the 283rd day…]

[On the 300th day, an extremely strong sense of danger suddenly welled up in your heart.

This was the power of a Sage-level expert.

You had an astonishing premonition of the dangers that would occur in the future.

[You looked at the divine hall behind you, but there was still no movement.

You thought that the Earth Sovereign would definitely not attack you.

Then in this world, the only ones who could threaten you would most likely be the five remaining sovereigns.

[Just as you were thinking about whether or not the matter of the Life Sovereign had been exposed and whether or not you should hide, the barrier outside the temple instantly shattered.

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[The five figures suppressed the counterforce of the divine kingdom and directly charged in, heading straight for the temple.

[It was precisely the remaining sovereigns of the Divine World.

You wouldnt have thought that the five sovereigns would join forces to attack.

[Actually, dozens of days ago, the Time Sovereign and Space Sovereign had followed the traces left behind in spacetime to lock onto you and then locked onto the Earth Sovereign.

[Ambushing and killing a sovereign of this world was such a great crime.

Naturally, the five sovereigns had gathered for a meeting.

[They agreed to join forces to kill the Earth Sovereign and split up the Earth Divine Kingdom.

[In the past few dozen days, the five sovereigns had worked together to investigate the Divine World and find the location of the Earth Sovereign Kingdom.

Only today had they been able to find it.

[Afterward, they acted together to break through the Earth Sovereign kingdoms barrier and kill their way in.

[When you saw the five sovereigns charging over, you didnt reveal a hint of fear.

Instead, the corners of your lips curled up slightly.

There was a hint of delight, a hint of hot blood, and a hint of disappointment.

[You turned your head to look at the temple behind you, then looked at the tall statue of the Earth Sovereign.

[The blood-colored Dao of Slaughter soared into the sky.

[Today, you would fight against the five sovereigns alone for her!]


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