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[The Life Sovereign leaped, dodging your blood-red palm.

Just as she was about to look in your direction, her expression suddenly changed.

[Your figure had already appeared in front of the Life Sovereign.

Your large hand directly pinched the Life Sovereigns jade neck, not giving her any time to resist.

The Dao of Slaughter poured into the Life Sovereigns body, sealing her divine power.

You slowly lifted her up in the air.

[There were no ripples in your heart while looking at the beautiful person in front of you.

You directly brought her up into the sky, broke through the temple, and flew all the way out of the Life Divine Kingdom.

[You originally planned to use the Earth Sovereigns teleportation token, but who knew that the teleportation token couldnt be activated in someone elses divine kingdom

[Helpless, you could only bring the Life Sovereign and rush out of the Life Divine Kingdom.

[This wasnt anything difficult for you.

[The entire Life Divine Kingdom had fallen into chaos due to the spreading of your killing aura.

Those mortal believers had turned into killing maniacs and started killing people everywhere.

[The Life Divine Kingdom was in chaos.

No one would notice you.

[Even if they did notice you, no one here would be a match for you.

[At that moment, the Life Sovereigns face was filled with terror.

Ever since she had become a main god, she had never encountered such a crisis before.

She couldnt help but shout, “What are you trying to do As long as you let me go, Ill do anything you want…”

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[This expert who had suddenly appeared in front of her didnt attack to kill her.

Instead, he had captured her alive and taken her away.

[The fear of unknown danger caused even sovereigns to panic.

“Haha, youll know when you arrive.”

[You had already arrived at the barrier of the Life Divine Kingdom.

You directly tore through it with a single hand, then took the Life Sovereign and left the Life Divine Kingdom.

[You also activated the token, and your figures instantly disappeared into the universe.

[On the 238th day, a figure instantly appeared in the Void Ancient World.

[Her face was old, and her body was full of fatigue due to the long teleportation.

[However, after landing, this old womans temperament changed greatly.

Sensing the surrounding Spiritual Qi, the old woman frowned slightly.

[Compared to the Divine World, the Spiritual Qi in the Void Ancient World was indeed a bit thinner.

“Hm, it really is a world with thin Spiritual Qi.

No wonder there hasnt been a Thearch expert in a million years.

With such thin Spiritual Qi, Im afraid that when I become a Thearch, the Spiritual Qi in this world will completely dry up.”

[The person who had come was Willow.

She was indulging in the thought of secretly becoming a Thearch in the outer realms and then returning to the Divine World.

Everyone would be stunned.

[However, just as Willow was preparing to break through that extremely fragile bottleneck and reach the Thearch rank, three figures suddenly appeared by her side.

[An old man riding an ox1, an old man dressed in a scholarly robe2, and a big bald man3…

[Willow: “!”]

[On the 243rd day, you finally teleported back to the Earth Divine Kingdom.

When you brought the Life Sovereign back to the Earth Divine Kingdom, the expression of the Life Sovereign became extremely ugly.

Even though she was naked, she hadnt felt this worried.

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[She had always known what she was capable of.

She originally thought that this foreign expert hadnt killed her because he wanted to bring her back to his world to teach her a lesson.

[Whether it was being a slave or being auctioned off, her life would be threatened.

After all, Thearch-level experts were definitely rare in that world.

[And with her methods, as long as she did not die and persevered until the end, she would definitely have a chance to turn things around.

[Unfortunately, she was wrong.

She did not expect that it was actually the Earth Sovereign.

She had schemed against the Earth Sovereign several times in her early years.

Because she had lost more than she won, she had moved her Life Divine Kingdom to that distant land.

[However, she did not expect that she would still be schemed against and captured alive.

[Without waiting for the Life Sovereign to speak, a ray of light shot out from the Earth Divine Kingdom, directly connecting the two of them to the Earth Divine Kingdom.]

[It was the middle of the night in the Earth Divine Kingdom.

The four seasons were like spring in the divine kingdoms, but there were also days and nights.

[At night, the Earth Divine Kingdom was like a fairyland.

[The Earth Sovereign was languid and relaxed.

She was not in the divine hall but in the garden at the back, beside the pond, watering a few bouquets of flowers.

[Her mood these few days had been very good.

The moment the token was activated, she knew that you had succeeded.

[Thus, she had been quietly waiting for your return.

[You carried the Life Sovereign with one hand and landed not far away from the Earth Sovereign.

You were just about to go forward when you stopped, and your gaze was absent-minded.

[After capturing the Life Sovereign, you recovered the root of your worries.

After all, no one wanted to be a eunuch forever.

[Looking at the Earth Sovereign in front of you, you tried to use the most beautiful words and sentences to describe her beauty, but it did not work.

[No matter which words or sentences you used, they were not even half as stunning as the Earth Sovereign.

[The night wind blew gently and embraced the moon.

At that moment, your eyes were filled with her figure.

Even the stars in the universe were not as beautiful as the purple robe in front of you.

“Your Highness, your subordinate has completed the mission.”

[The Earth Sovereign put down the kettle in her hand, slowly turned around, and looked at the Life Sovereign, who was trembling and had her divine power sealed.

She nodded her chin.

“Hmm, not bad.”

[You stepped forward and said respectfully while facing the gentle night wind, “It was all arranged well by the Earth Sovereign.

I only did my best…”

[The Earth Sovereign looked at you from the corner of her eyes.

Her expression did not change at all.

She said in a cold tone, “Get to the side first.

I want to deal with this little sl*t…”

[After saying that, she waved her sleeve, and she and the Life Sovereign disappeared from the garden and appeared in the temple.

[You said with great dissatisfaction, “Damn! Are you so unreasonable How will you deal with her Let me watch…”

[Suddenly, you saw the jade rabbit chewing on a 10,000-year-old spirit ginseng beside the temple.

[Thinking of how the Earth Sovereign often held it in her arms, you flashed and appeared in front of the jade rabbit.

You stretched out your big hand and instantly picked up the jade rabbit.

[“Let me see.

Are you a male or a female”]

[The Life Sovereign seemed to have calmed down a little.

She said to the Earth Sovereign with some fear, “Sis… Sis… If you wanted to find this little sister, you could just send a voice transmission.

Why go through so much trouble”

[Although she knew that she might not be able to save her life, the Life Sovereign still wanted to struggle a little.

[The Earth Sovereign looked at the Life Sovereign with a smile in her eyes.

She gently walked to the Life Sovereign.

“Do you know how many years I have been waiting for this day”

[With that, the Earth Sovereign pressed her palm on the top of the Life Sovereigns head.]


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