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Name: Goddess of Life

Race: Innate God

Cultivation: Thearch/2nd Layer

Introduction: One of the seven main gods of the god spirit world.

Originally, she was a Nine-Tailed Celestial Fox, an acquired goddess.

She was nurtured by the spirit spring of life and turned into an innate god until she eventually became a main god.

She specializes in bewitching arts.

The Earth Sovereign had once accidentally been bewitched.

The spirit spring of life is in her body, and it can provide her with endless vitality and energy to heal her injuries.

[You looked at the attributes of the Life Sovereign and sighed at the mission of the Earth Sovereign.

As expected, it was not so easy to complete it.

Although the Life Sovereign was only a 2nd Layer Thearch, with her many methods combined, perhaps even ordinary 5th or 6th Layer Thearchs would not be able to do anything to her.

[Fortunately, what you cultivated was not the Divine Dao.

Instead, it was the Dao of Slaughter.

You had slaughtered hundreds of billions of lives to reach your current level.

The incomparable slaughter and karmic ties made the Dao of Slaughter extremely powerful.

It could completely resist the Life Sovereigns innate bewitching abilities.

[You fully manifested the Dao of Slaughter.

A blood-colored stream directly broke through the Life Temple and reached the endless void.

[The boundless Slaughter Qi filled the entire Life Divine Kingdom, causing the originally peaceful divine kingdom to fall into panic instantly.

[The Life Sovereign looked at you incredulously due to your shocking aura.

[She wasnt afraid at all.

As long as it wasnt an attack from a peak Thearch expert, she was confident that she wouldnt be in any danger in her divine kingdom.

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[Moreover, the fellow in front of her, who was filled with killing intent, was clearly only a 3rd Layer Thearch.

She could tell that he was from the outer realms with a single glance.

[At that moment, the Life Sovereign thought a lot.

She even wondered if it was an invasion from the outer realms.

Was she the only one who was attacked, or were the other sovereigns also ambushed

“You think you can deal with me”

[The Life Sovereign slowly rose from her divine seat.

Her clothes swayed, and her long, slender legs gave off an alluring luster.

[You didnt reply.

In that instant, you sensed danger approaching and hurriedly used the Dao of Slaughter to wrap around your divine soul.

As expected, a bewitching technique descended upon you, but it was completely dispelled by the Dao of Slaughter.

‘This womans every move… is probably a bewitching attack…

[You couldnt help but sigh in your heart.

Facing such a woman was really too troublesome.

“Oh You do have some tricks.

Then look at this.”

[The Life Sovereign was very surprised.

She didnt expect that there would be a great Dao that specifically countered her innate bewitching arts.

At that moment, she didnt believe it.

She gently grabbed her dress and casually flung it back.

[The Life Sovereign instantly tore off her dress.

A flawless jade body appeared before your eyes.

[At that moment, the Life Sovereign only had a pink undergarment on her upper body.

A large amount of her snow-white skin was exposed.

Her two slender and straight legs were completely exposed in front of your eyes.

and on those two perfect long legs…

‘Holy sh*t! Brazilian undergarments are popular in other worlds too!

[Your dao heart suffered a heavy test.

Your divine soul was agitated.

Even though the Dao of Slaughter tightly wrapped it, it was as if it was under control, constantly wanting to rush out.

[Your body found it even more unbearable.

Two streams of blood had already flowed out of your nostrils.

Your body had an instinctive reaction and uncontrollably pounced toward the Life Sovereign.


“Hehe, thats more like it.”

[The Life Sovereign was like a peerless monster as she slowly lay on the divine throne.

Light rippled as she raised a finger and slowly put it into her mouth.

After sucking it for a while, she extended her finger only toward your direction and spoke softly.

“What are you waiting for Come on.”

[At the same time, red flower buds slowly bloomed in the entire divine hall.

The entire garden was filled with fragrance.

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[Especially beside the divine seat, the largest red flower had completely bloomed.

Each petal was emitting a faint red light.

Opening and closing, it was as if the Life Sovereign was hinting to you that as long as you went over, you would be trampled on.

[Your body uncontrollably pounced under the divine seat, but it was moved to the ground by the high steps.

[At that moment, it was as if you had forgotten that you were a great cultivator comparable to the 3rd Layer Sage.

It was as if you were a mortal, and your most primitive desires were stimulated.

[The moment you stepped on the divine platform, that huge red flower instantly opened all its petals and attacked you.

The moment it touched you, the petals instantly closed.

[You were eaten by this flower.]

[Your impulsive gaze instantly regained its calm in the bud.

If you had known earlier that the Life Sovereigns charm was astonishing, how could you not have made preparations earlier

[And the solution was also very simple.

[As the saying went, “Cut off the root of your troubles with a single slash and become a heartless person from then on.”

[In order to complete the mission, you had directly attacked your manhood… All that was left was to cultivate the Sunflower Manual1…

[Although it wasnt difficult for you to recover at your level, you would have to pay a huge price for your recovery.

[You could feel the corrosive power coming from the surroundings.

You didnt know the name of this flower.

[Unexpectedly, the Life Sovereign planned to use this flower to digest you.

This was enough to prove that this flower wasnt simple.

[A golden light flashed in your eyes as you used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes.

Item: Spiritual Life Flower

Level: Holy

Description: The spiritual life flower transformed from the spiritual spring of life.

When it is in its spiritual spring of life form, it possesses an incomparably enormous amount of vitality.

When it is transformed into a life flower, it can digest everything that is swallowed into the flower and convert it into vitality.

This is the foundation of the Goddess of Life.

[Looking at the life flowers introduction, you could already imagine that before the Life Sovereign had become the main god, this life flower had devoured countless living beings, transforming them into vitality, fulfilling the Life Sovereign.

[Dont look at this womans beautiful appearance, which could topple nations and cities.

In reality, she was definitely a venomous woman.

[Her innate bewitching abilities were a perfect match for the life flower.

The opponent would fall into a bewitching state and be devoured by the life flower through seduction before being slowly digested.

[However, all of this was because the opponent was in a bewitching state and could not resist.

[As for the current you, you did not have worldly desires and were not seduced at all.

‘A mere life flower…

[A bloody light flashed in your eyes.

The Dao of Slaughter seeped out of your body and surged into your arms.

You leaped with all your might and clenched your fists, striking directly at the center of the top of the petal.

[Your voice exploded as your figure dashed out of the life flower.

Under the shocked expression of the Life Sovereign, you instantly appeared in front of her.

[A monstrous sea of blood rolled out behind you, emitting a dense murderous aura.

[The strange blood light was like a blood demon, and then it gathered into a huge palm that smashed toward the Life Sovereign like a meteorite destroying the world.]


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