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All the East F-35 missiles that had been specially designed to target huge supernatural beings were all in place.

They were only waiting for Bai Bings order to destroy the two passenger planes in the sky at the same time.

Physical destruction was the most lethal.

“Wait first and fire only when theres no sign of life on it.” Bai Bing said to the soldier next to her.

Currently, there were still a few living people on the plane.

As a soldier, Bai Bing would not attack the civilians just to kill the evil spirits.


“Roger.” The soldier carried out the orders of his superior strictly and started staring at the life detector on the radar.

On the LH750 plane…

At this time, Zhao Hao had not noticed the fatal danger beneath him.

He was just calmly watching everything in front of him.

All the strange-looking evil ghosts had entered the cabin one after another.

Judging by their clothes and accessories, Zhao Hao could see that they had used to be the passengers on the ghost plane, but for some unknown reason, they had turned into evil ghosts with strange appearances.

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For example, the neck of the evil ghost who had first entered the cabin was more than two meters long.

Now it was licking the face of a dead man with his barbed tongue.

Every time he licked, it scraped off a large piece of bloody flesh.

Plus, some of them had the heads of various animals although they retained their human bodies.

None of the evil ghosts that had jumped over from the ghost plane have the appearance of a normal human being.

“Im not sure if I can take it…” Zhao Hao whispered.

He held his breath and slowly walked toward the economy-class cabin.

With the Cultivation Talents “Mahayana Holy Body” and “Born Arhat”, Zhao Hao was not weak at the moment.

It could be seen from how he crushed the female water ghost with his bare hands.

However, Zhao Hao did not have much battle experience, and he could not compare the strength of these ghosts to any of the beings he had fought in the simulation, so he was not sure if he could make it.


However, things had already come to this.

Whether he could beat them or not, he had to fight.

He could never let these evil ghosts rush into the cockpit.

If the pilot died, he would die for real, too.

He did not know how to fly a plane, and he would rather die from swallowing his ID card than fall from this height of more than 10,000 meters.


“Ah!!!” A piercing scream came from behind Zhao Hao.

The stewardess who was so scared that she was sitting on the ground looked in the direction of the economy class and let out an extremely terrified voice.


She could see those evil ghosts, and she even saw the scene of the long-necked ghost sticking out its tongue to scrape off human flesh.

Zhao Hao did not turn around to look at the stewardess as her scream had alarmed all the evil ghosts.

When those evil ghosts saw Zhao Hao, they seemed to have discovered a rare delicacy and they crazily rushed toward Zhao Hao.

Even the long-necked ghost acted the same way.

It stopped eating its food and rushed toward Zhao Hao.

Although Zhao Hao was terrified, he did not take a step back at all.

Instead, he took a few quick steps toward the evil ghosts.

“Growl…” A tigers roar came out from the evil ghost at the front.

It was a ghost with a tiger head and a human body.

Both of its hands had completely turned into claws.

It opened its mouth and its two tiger claws pounced forward like a hungry tiger pouncing on its food.

Zhao Hao clenched his fists tightly.

The power of his Mahayana Holy Body was fully unleashed.

Under the effect of the talent “Born Arhat”, there were faint Buddhist golden lights revolving around his fists.

He threw out a punch at an extremely fast speed.

[Ding! The Blue Cultivation Talent selection pool has expanded.]

“Boom!” Zhao Haos punch hit the ferocious tiger ghost that was charging at the front in the chest.

It sent the ghost flying more than ten meters away and crashing into a bunch of sprinting ghosts.

Then, the ferocious tiger ghost exploded and turned into green smoke.

A battle broke out in an instant.

Zhao Haos eyes lit up.

Sure enough, supernatural beings could also provide Cultivation Talents.

Thus, like a god of war, he directly charged into the crowd of evil ghosts.

Golden light flashed all over his body.

With every punch that Zhao Hao threw, he instantly sent the evil ghosts that were hit flying and they exploded into smoke.

However, the attacks of those evil ghosts could only tear Zhao Haos clothes.

When those claws that could pierce through anything stabbed Zhao Haos body, it was as if they were stabbing a steel plate that could not be shaken.

Seeing this, Zhao Hao knew that there was nothing holding him back anymore.

Since he did not know any fist skills, he could only swing his fists like crazy.

When he killed all the evil ghosts, Zhao Haos clothes had been torn into pieces.

There were only a few rags left for him to hide his private parts.

At this moment, the green gas that filled the cabin also started moving toward the ghost plane next to this plane.

The ghost plane seemed to have realized that Zhao Hao was not someone to be trifled with.

It did not choose to continue fighting him head-on but to retreat instead.

“Phew… Im done fighting…” Zhao Hao took a deep breath.

He had really been scared out of his wits just now.

He really did not expect that these two talents alone would make him so powerful.

On the ground…

“Senior Colonel Bai, the strange creatures on the LH750 have all disappeared.

The five survivors are still alive.

I dont know what happened.

The JK521 ghost plane has deviated from its course line.

I think its trying to leave…” The soldier who was staring at the sensor reported to Bai Bing in shock.

“What” Bai Bing blurted out as she was stunned.

Not only Bai Bing, but all the members on the command vehicle were incredibly shocked.

Based on their years of experience dealing with strange creatures, no such creatures had ever let a human go.

Earlier, the sensor showed that there were dozens of strange creatures on the LH750.

Some were strong and some were weak.

The strongest had already reached level three.

How could all of them disappear

“Are you sure” As the leader, Bai Bing quickly calmed down and asked the soldier.

“Y-Yes… Senior Colonel Bai, the ghost plane is moving fast.

Its almost out of the shooting range.” The soldier said anxiously.

“Forget it.

Lets shoot the godd*mn ghost plane first.

Aim at it.” Bai Bing instantly came to realize that although she had some doubts now, the mission was still more important.

She could not let the ghost plane get away again.

It would kill at least dozens of people every time it appeared.

The moment Bai Bing gave the order, the missile launchers that had been waiting for a long time adjusted their positions and locked onto the ghost plane that was flying at a fast speed.

“Locked on.

Please instruct.” On the command vehicle, an officer dressed in military uniform saluted and said to Bai Bing.

“Fire.” Bai Bing looked at the screen in front of her and gave the order immediately.

“Boom… Boom… Boom…”

The East F-35 special missiles were fired at once.

They did not fire all fifty missiles as a mere ghost plane was only a level-four supernatural being and three East F-35 strategic missiles were enough.

“Whoosh… Whoosh…”

The three missiles headed straight for the ghost plane in the air while spewing out white and yellow smoke.

Their speed was incomparably fast.

In less than half a minute, they had arrived near the ghost plane and were about to hit it.


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