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“Its all thanks to your great strength that you were able to defeat the Moon Goddess Sect in such a short period.”

[You respectfully said from the side, “Everyone will praise you.

You still know how to say some nice things.”

[As expected, Willow was extremely satisfied with what you said.

This time, the increase in her followers had increased his chances of breaking through to the Thearch rank.

Thinking of this, she couldnt help but look at you.

[The coordinates of outer space planets werent that easy to obtain.

[Moreover, only those who had reached the Thearch rank would have the power to walk in the starry sky.

Even with Willows current strength, walking in the starry sky was extremely dangerous.

[Therefore, Willow needed to make a trip to the Life Divine Kingdom and discuss with the Life Sovereign how to proceed.

[Seeing Willow slowly take out a token, your eyes moved.

[Although you didnt say anything, you knew that your hard work had finally paid off.

“I will take you to see the Life Sovereign now.

You must be careful not to lose your manners and offend the Life Sovereign when the time comes,” Willow warned.

[You hurriedly promised, “This subordinate will.”

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[Afterward, Willow activated the token, and the two of you disappeared from the divine hall.]

[On the 233rd day, the location of the Life Divine Kingdom was very far away from Willows location.

It took two whole days of teleportation before you successfully arrived.

[When you opened your eyes again, you were also shocked by the scene in front of you.

[When you raised your head to look at the starry sky, there were all kinds of planets around you.

They looked different, but they were also very mysterious.

[There was a huge ancient tree that spanned across several planets.

The branches of the tree were twining, binding several small planets together.

[This was the Life Divine Kingdom.

[No one had expected that the Life Sovereign would be afraid of death to a certain extent.

In the universe, in the remote, desolate domain, she had connected several small planets and established her own divine kingdom.

[Those believers and divine servants lived on those small planets.

[And the Life Sovereigns divine hall was at the top of that enormous tree.

“Isnt it amazing It was the same for my first time here.

You have no idea how powerful the sovereigns are…” Willow couldnt help but tease when she saw how dazed you were.

[Then, she turned into a stream of light and brought you all the way to the Life Temple.]

[Within the Life Life Temple…

[Different from the cold and proud nature of the Earth Sovereign, the Life Sovereign was very kind, extremely beautiful, and fond of enjoyment.

[At this moment, a mournful and beautiful ballad was being played in the temple.

The Life Sovereigns face was pink, and she held a wine cup in her hand, slowly dancing.

[She was a peerless beauty, to begin with, even the serving maids by her side were all stunned on the spot as if they were intoxicated with her absolutely beautiful dance.


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[The door to the Life Temple opened, and the music came to an abrupt halt.

Willow and your figure walked straight into the Life Temple.

[The Life Sovereign was originally a little angry because her mood had been disturbed, but when she saw that the person who had come was Willow, she no longer felt angry.

[No one knew that she had been acquainted with Willow before even becoming a main god.

Moreover, during those years, Willow had protected her many times.

“You may leave.”

[The Life Sovereign flung her sleeves, and the maids and zither players who served her all left the Life Temple.

[The Life Sovereign spoke slowly as she looked at you.

“Willow, I have allowed you to enter my temple many times, but you refused.

Why did you suddenly come here today Is there something urgent”

[As she spoke, the Life Sovereign walked to the divine seat on the divine platform and sat down.

Her two legs were crossed, and she was wearing a dress that looked like a white cheongsam.

[The split part was all the way to the base of her thigh.

[A fair and slender leg was directly exposed in front of her eyes.

[Willow seemed to be used to all this and did not have any reaction.

On the contrary, her eyes had already begun to become dreamy, and she was unconsciously mesmerized by the aura that the Life Sovereign leaked out.

[Willow reported everything that you had said to the Life Sovereign and even proposed the idea of breaking through in the outer realms.

[After the Life Sovereign heard this, a trace of doubt flashed across her beautiful face.

She frowned slightly, and two rays of spiritual light instantly shot out of her eyes.

[Your original charming appearance was faked.

With your 3rd Layer Sage cultivation, you could naturally resist it.

However, you had to act like a mortal.

[When you saw the divine light the Life Sovereign shot out, you were shocked.

You almost made a move, thinking that you had been exposed.

[However, when the divine light entered your body, you realized that it was just a method to bewitch you.

[You had long separated your soul and fused the small piece with the two divine lights.

You also used that piece of soul to control your body.

“Which world are you from”

[At that moment, your piece of soul was completely confused.

Still, although that piece of soul controlled everything, your original soul controlled your mouth.

“Im from… the Great World1…”

“What is the strength of the strongest person in your world Who is chasing after you Where is the teleportation formation that crosses worlds”

The Life Sovereign asked one question after another, and you answered them all.

“In my world, Dou Di is the strongest realm.

However, it has been a million years since it appeared.

My clan is one of the eight ancient clans.

The eight strongest factions in that world have been forced to activate the teleportation formation left behind by their ancestors due to their failure in the fight for the throne.

Hence, they have come here.”

[You have long been prepared.

Confucious and the others must not be mentioned in front of the Life Sovereign.

Even the Earth Sovereign remembered those few people.

There was no reason that the Life Sovereign did not remember them.

[Since you had made sufficient preparations, you would be able to answer all of the Life Sovereigns questions.

[Finally, the Life Sovereign came to a conclusion.

[Your life planet was a world that could give birth to a Thearch expert but did not have one.

[This discovery caused even the Life Sovereign to reveal a greedy look.

[A life planet that didnt have a Thearch.

How many living beings would there be If she could annex the planet, her followers would undoubtedly increase by several times.

When that happened, her strength would naturally increase as well.

[Willow was even more excited.

She hurriedly asked the Life Sovereign to ask for the location of the life planet and to send her over.

[You directly told the Life Sovereign the location of the life star where Confucius and the others were.

[Under the urging of Willow, the Life Sovereign had no choice but to teleport Willow over first.

She also warned Willow not to act rashly.

After making some preparations, she would immediately head over.

[When you saw teleportation light sending away Willows figure, your eyes were filled with smiles.

‘I believe that those old fellows will definitely be very satisfied with the gift that I sent.

[The Life Sovereign happened to see that wretched smile on your face and couldnt help but exclaim, “What are you laughing at Youre not bewitched!”

“Haha, you have already sent the gift.

How about you follow me and report back to me”

[Your Dao of Slaughter soared into the sky, and a blood-red murderous aura enveloped the Life Temple.

[It blocked off all teleportation and voice transmission functions.

[You remembered your mission well, sneaking into the village and not shooting guns…]


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