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[Inside the temple…

[You followed the divine servant into the temple.

You had changed your appearance and looked like a 100-year-old man.

Your vitality was bleak, and you slowly walked with a walking stick toward Willow.

[Willow looked at you and shot a beam of vitality into your body.

Your face instantly turned red, but after a while, it dimmed again.

“Huh Strange”

[Willow was surprised.

The stream of life force she just shot out was enough for a mortal to live for thousands of years, but after entering your body, it actually disappeared in a few seconds.

[Willow walked in front of you, reached out, grabbed your hand, and began to examine it carefully.

[Your cultivation was much stronger than Willows.

Moreover, you didnt follow this worlds cultivation system.

If you hid your cultivation, you would really be like a mortal, which made Willow not the least bit suspicious.

[Willow once again injected life force into your body, but you dissolved it.

[Willow frowned and asked you, “Who are you What is your purpose in coming here”

[You were already prepared and spoke frankly.

“Respected goddess, I am not a person from this world.

Because the enemy pursued me, I used the interstellar teleportation array and escaped here.

Unfortunately, I was cursed, and I cant break it.

I originally wanted to muddle along and spend 100 years, but I didnt expect to learn that the Life Sovereign has a spring of life that can break my curse.

Thats why I came to meet you.”

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[You had used many tricks to make your story believable.

[Firstly, you revealed you were an outsider.

After obtaining the information from the Earth Sovereign, you realized that the Divine World paid special attention to those who entered from the outside world.

Even if they were mortals, they would be personally received by the sovereigns to check their memories and understand the strength of the outsiders home planet, as well as the coordinates.

[Secondly, you confessed that you had a request.

You needed the Life Sovereigns spring of life to extend your life.

In addition to Willows own verification, it could greatly dispel Willows worries.

“Oh From outside the Divine World”

[Willows eyes instantly lit up.

With her strength, she could have entered the Thearch rank long ago.

However, although the Divine World was currently in harmony, there was a delicate equilibrium,

[If she suddenly broke through to the Thearch rank, she would definitely attract a lot of trouble.

It was very likely that she would die, and her Dao would disappear.

[Therefore, she had been suppressing her cultivation and waiting for an opportunity.

Now that she had heard about the outside world, Willow immediately had an idea.

[Since she couldnt do it in the Divine World, she could completely hide and go to the outer realm to break through.

[You naturally didnt know what Willow was thinking, so you directly said, “Respected goddess, your current believers are being rapidly plundered by the Moon Goddess Sect.

I see that you havent resisted, so I think you dont have any good ideas.”

[After saying that, you calmly looked at Willow.

Youve calculated all the possibilities in your heart, so youre not afraid that Willow wont fall for it.

“Thats right.

The Moon Goddess Sect has the Earth Sovereign behind it.

Theres no way to resist them head-on…”

[Willow also perked up and looked at you with some anticipation.

[You lightly coughed and said, “Respected goddess, this lowly one has a plan that can resolve this situation.

Moreover, it can also greatly increase your believers.

I dont know…”

[You didnt finish speaking, but the meaning was already very obvious.

[Willow frowned slightly, but she quickly understood.

It was normal to ask for something.

If you didnt want anything and wanted to report it directly, she would suspect that you had other motives.

“If its really possible, I will make you a high priest and bring you into the Life Divine Kingdom.

When you meet the goddess, I will definitely be able to remove your curse.

You can even give me the location of your planet.

I will personally bring you to find your enemy and avenge you.”

[Willows words were very straightforward.

However, the moment she opened her mouth, Willow wanted to search your soul directly.

Naturally, she would be able to obtain all of your memories.

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[Unfortunately, you had also thought of this.

You had already placed a seal on your divine soul in advance.

Without Thearch cultivation, it was impossible to search your soul.

[Seeing that Willow had agreed so readily, you did not dawdle and spoke directly.

“Respected goddess, I believe you know the teachings of the Moon Goddess Sect.

By arousing the desire of the believers for cultivation, the believers will automatically increase their numbers.

In just a few months, they have reached such a large scale.

It is undoubtedly very difficult to destroy them.”

[Willow nodded.

What you said was very reasonable.

If they could be destroyed, the Moon Goddess Sect would have been destroyed long ago.

“In my hometown, there is an old saying,If you cant beat them, join them.”

[Willow frowned as if she didnt understand what you said.

[You explained helplessly, “Since the Moon Goddess Sect can do it, there is no reason why you cant.

Besides, isnt it just giving the believers some cultivation Given your strength, you can give them twice the benefits of the Moon Goddess Sect.

“Human nature is greedy.

The members who went to the Moon Goddess Sect will naturally come back, and your believers will also increase.

“Take the Moon Goddess Sect and replace it…”

[Some things didnt need to be said too thoroughly.

After you said this, Willow had already understood.

[Moreover, she was constantly making deductions in her heart.

She realized that if she did this, she would undoubtedly reap huge benefits.

[For a moment, a rare smile appeared on Willows withered and old face.

[Willow stretched out her palm and patted your shoulder twice in satisfaction as she asked, “Hahaha, not bad, not bad! If you cant beat them, then join them… Good plan, good plan… Whats your name”

“I am the Flood Dragon, Long Aotian…”

“Alright, Long Aotian.

From today onward, you are the high priest of Willow Temple…”

[On the 231st day, Willow accepted your suggestion, and the Willow Sect was officially established.

Through the bounty that was even higher than the Moon Goddess Sect, a large number of believers were gathered.

Many of theMoon Goddess Sects believers had just joined not long ago.

When they saw that the benefits were better than there, they immediately betrayed the Moon Goddess Sect and joined the Willow Sect.

[On the other hand, those who had joined the Moon Goddess Sect in the early days were not tempted by the Willow Sects high reward due to their large number of subordinates and high cultivation levels.

However, the Moon Goddess Sect had no way to retaliate against the Willow Sects rich and overbearing behavior.

[The current Moon Goddess Sect was developing on its own.

Selene had not come out after entering the Earth Divine Kingdom.

Normally, they only needed to provide the power of faith.

However, now that they encountered trouble, there was no way to report it.

They could only gather their people and withdraw from Willows territory.

“Hahaha, as expected of the high priest.

With just a simple move, he was able to repel this arrogant and despotic Moon Goddess Sect completely…”

[Willow noticed that the number of her believers was increasing at a rapid rate.

She could not help but laugh out loud.

[No god would reject the increase in the number of believers.

If there was, then they were definitely not gods.]


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