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[In an instant, the entire temple was enveloped by an icy cold aura.

“The Earth Sovereign is the most beautiful goddess in the world.

If I can maintain my true heart when I touch the Earth Sovereign, then the Life Sovereign, the vixen, will not be able to cause any ripples in my heart.”

[Your mind was extremely tense.

You could even feel your heart trembling.

The Earth Sovereign was undoubtedly the most powerful existence you had ever seen.

It wasnt easy for you to find an opportunity.

Even if it meant risking your life, you had to take it.


[The Earth Sovereign slightly narrowed her beautiful eyes and said in a calm and cold voice, “Do you want to defile me”

[The jade rabbit was astounded.

It was the first time in so many years that she had seen such a fearless person.

She stared at him with her big eyes and was curious to see what he would do next.

“No, of course not!”

[You swallowed hard and said with a trembling voice, “Its just a simple touch.

Earth Sovereign, you can also check if there are any fluctuations in your subordinates heart.”

[The Earth Sovereigns beautiful eyes seemed to contain some unknown meaning.

After a long time, she finally nodded and spoke.


[When the icy cold words entered your ears, it was as if the sounds of nature were incessantly ringing in your ears.

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[You didnt dare to raise your head and look directly into those beautiful eyes because once you did, you wouldnt be able to control yourself.

If evil thoughts arose in your heart, it would be hard to explain yourself.

[You walked down the brocade couch step by step, and the Earth Sovereigns jade feet were placed together.

[You had never seen such beautiful feet.

They were sparkling and translucent, like white jade.

They had perfect curves, and each toe was just right.

It was just like the words in Luoshens poem, “Gentle steps on the waves, dust on the stockings.”

[When you walked up to her, a refreshing fragrance wafted over.

You instantly felt dazzled, as if you were intoxicated.

[You slowly stretched out your palm and touched forward with your finger.

‘One Foot.



[You touched it.

[You were terrified.

You finally touched the delicate and smooth instep.

The scene seemed to have stopped for a moment.

[You reached your finger between the toes and gently scratched it.

[The entire hall was instantly frozen by ice.

Your vision turned snow white as a jade foot kicked your face.

You were sent flying and crashed into the wall of the hall.

[The Earth Sovereign suddenly stood up.

Her beautiful eyes were filled with frost.

Waves of killing intent were released without reservation.

[You completely forgot the pain all over your body.

This was just a small injury to someone of your level.

The most important point was that you were very useless.

[Your little brother actually gave a salute…

[You were unsure whether the Earth Sovereign sensed your little brothers reaction…]

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“Eh… I have yet to stabilize my cultivation, and I couldnt control my power… Its understandable, its understandable…”

[You pretended to be ashamed, and the temple was silent.

“Dont bother me anymore.

You can get lost…”

[After a while, you finally gathered up the courage to ask, “Earth Sovereign, the mission is completed.

Is there any reward”


[The Earth Sovereign angrily waved her sleeves.

A majestic power directly sent you out of the Earth Divine Kingdom.

A token suddenly appeared in your hand.

With this token, you could be teleported back to the Earth Divine Kingdom at any time.

[Your figure disappeared from the temple, leaving the Earth Sovereign alone.

Her face was crimson red.]

[On the 217th day, after leaving the Earth Divine Kingdom, you once more regained your freedom.

Thinking about the mission the goddess had given you and the beautiful and peerless aura of the goddess, you decided to properly complete the mission and strive to take a step further with the goddess.

‘Where exactly could the Life Divine Kingdom be located

[You had already explored the territories of more than ten High Gods, but you hadnt found any existence that was related to the Life Sovereign.

It wasnt easy to find the Divine Kingdom of a main god in this vast Divine World.]

[On the 223rd day,.

You searched for a few more days and finally found a subordinate goddess of the Life Sovereign.

Her location wasnt far from the former Moon Goddess Sect.

You even saw members of the Moon Goddess Sect moving about in this High Gods territory.

[Since both Selene and Yaksha have become subordinate gods of the Earth Sovereign, the 20 levels of faith of the Moon Goddess Sect had to be handed over.

Thus, the current Moon Goddess Sect could be considered a power under the Earth Sovereign.

This High God didnt dare to offend them.

Name: Willow Goddess

Race: Innate God

Level: High God/Peak (third step, 100,000-meter Divine Dao manifestation)

Description: The number one subordinate god under the Life Sovereign.

She has always been hidden in the Life Divine Kingdom and has never revealed that she is an innate god.

Her strength has already reached the peak cycle of the High God realm, and she is currently waiting for an opportunity to enter the Thearch rank.

‘Good lord! I even found a hidden little boss…

[After looking through Willows attributes, you couldnt help but admire her in your heart.

[And once again, you overturned the thoughts in your heart.

Originally, you thought there were only those seven main gods among the innate gods, but who would have thought that there would also be another innate god among the thousands of gods

[For a moment, your thoughts instantly increased.

The potential of an acquired god was limited, and they could not break past the High God realm.

But if you found an innate god and used your own teachings to expand your followers, then nurturing a Thearch expert… It would not be an easy task.

[Unfortunately, this method could not be implemented at the moment.

You would record it down and use it for the next time.

[You started to research how you could approach Willows subordinates and enter the Life Divine Kingdom.]

[On the 225th day, in Willow City, an old woman with white hair and an old face was pacing back and forth in the Willow God Temple.

Over the past few days, Willows followers had been decreasing at speed visible to the naked eye.

‘The goddess vying for faith has the Earth Sovereign as her backer.

If I were to attack, I might expose my own situation.

No matter how I look at it, it would not be worth it.

‘If I dont intervene, all my followers will run away.

Without followers, I wont be a goddess.

[Just when Willow was depressed and had no solution, a divine servant came to report.

“Goddess, a mortal came to the divine hall and wanted to be the high priest.

He said that he could solve your current problem.”

[Willow frowned after listening to the report.

She had not thought of a way to solve it.

How could a mere mortal want to solve it

[However, out of caution, Willow decided to call someone over to listen to the mortals opinion.

[This mortal was naturally you.

You had already thought of a brilliant plan to help Willow break out of the situation and successfully repel the Moon Goddess Sect.

When you became the high priest, you could naturally follow Willow and enter the Life Divine Kingdom.]


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