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[The Earth Sovereign instantly sensed the movement of the Lunar Divine Kingdom in her divine hall.

Her figure disappeared in an instant.

The moment she reappeared, she was above the Lunar Divine Kingdom.

Her calm face revealed a rare sense of excitement.

[However, when she saw the scene in the Lunar Divine Kingdom, the Earth Sovereigns face instantly turned cold.

[To ensure the believers safety inside, she had not touched the Lunar Divine Kingdom for so many years.

Even if she sent her subordinates in to try, those gods would not kill the believers.

[And now, there was not a single living creature in the Lunar Divine Kingdom.

“You are really extraordinary…”

[The Earth Sovereign was still wearing the same purple dress with tassels on it.

She had an outstanding appearance and gently waved her jade-like fingers.

Her tone was filled with killing intent.

[You raised your head and looked at the Earth Sovereign in the sky.

The Dao of Slaughter directly merged into your body.

Feeling that incomparable surge of power, you raised your hand and punched toward the Earth Sovereign.

[The boundless killing intent transformed into a crimson-red ferocious tiger and pounced toward the Earth Sovereign.

“Oh It looks pretty good…”

[The Earth Sovereigns eyes flashed with surprise.

She had long predicted that your cultivation base would rise to such a level, but she was still surprised.

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[Nonetheless, such an attack couldnt threaten her at all.

The Earth Sovereign slowly stretched out her jade-like hand.

Just as the blood-colored tiger was about to collide with her body, rays of light flashed in her hand.

In the next moment, her jade-like hand grabbed the head of the blood-colored tiger.

[You had used all of your killing intent to unleash your most powerful attack, but the Earth Sovereign crushed it just like that.

[You instantly fell to your knees and said respectfully to the Earth Sovereign, “You… Your subordinate greets the Earth Sovereign…”

[Your reaction caused the Earth Sovereign to have a look of astonishment on her face.

Just a moment ago, you had wanted to go all out against her, but you became her subordinate in the blink of an eye.

[Still, the Earth Sovereign was a sovereign, so she didnt show any surprise on her face and said directly, “Well, not bad.

You look like youve reached the third layer of the Thearch rank.”

After saying that, the Earth Sovereign no longer cared about you.

The purple light on her body instantly exploded, and the accumulated power of faith in the Lunar Divine Kingdom was completely absorbed in an instant.

‘I didnt expect that there would be so much power of faith.

Unfortunately, those believers are all gone…

[Thinking of this, the Earth Sovereign looked at you with resentment.

Then, she directly brought you back to her divine kingdom.

[You were very curious.

You didnt expect that after killing so many believers, the Earth Sovereign would actually let you off so easily.]

[In the temple of the Earth Sovereign…

[The Earth Sovereign was lazily leaning against the brocade couch.

There were only the two of you in the temple.

[You werent afraid at all.

From the fact that the Earth Sovereign didnt kill you directly, you could already tell that you were still very useful.

[The Earth Sovereign looked at you for a moment and said calmly, “I have a task for you.”

‘As expected… I still need to do something…

[You immediately calmed down.

The purpose of coming here was to gather enough information and pursue a higher realm.

This simulation was undoubtedly very successful.

At present, according to the Earth Sovereign, you had already reached the third layer of the Thearch rank, which was equivalent to humanitys Sage rank, so you still hoped to continue the simulation.

Even if it was a waste of time, it didnt matter.

[Thus, you responded solemnly, “Your Majesty, please instruct me…”

The Earth Sovereign said softly, “I want you to head to the Life Divine Kingdom and capture the Life Sovereign for me…”

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[As soon as she finished speaking, your mouth was already wide open, filled with astonishment.

[The Life Sovereign was also one of the seven main gods of the Divine World.

Not to mention her high cultivation base, just the Life Divine Kingdom alone was unknown to you.

[In addition, to capture a Sovereign expert alive, which was to say, a Sage, was undoubtedly a challenging task.

“What Is there a problem”

[The Earth Sovereigns voice gradually turned cold.

[You hurriedly said resolutely and decisively, “No.

Forget about this trifling mission.

Even if I had to die for the goddess sake, I wouldnt even bat an eye!”

[You perfectly portrayed the image of a lackey.

[The Earth Sovereign looked at you in surprise and said directly with a faint smile, “Alright, then you can die now…”

[You lost all your ability to perform, and your facial expressions were… rich.

[The atmosphere instantly became awkward.


[The rabbit couldnt hold it in any longer and laughed out loud.

It covered its mouth with one of its small paws as if it was holding it in.

[The Earth Sovereign raised her eyebrows and reminded you, “The Life Sovereign is only at the first layer of the Thearch rank.

Its not difficult for you.

You just need to think of a way to enter the Life Divine Kingdom.

The others are monitoring my whereabouts.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have to spend so much effort.”

[Given your Intelligence and wisdom, you quickly figured it out.

Combined with the Earth Sovereigns introduction, this woman had been looking for a way to break past the Thearch rank.

And in this Divine World, annexing other gods was undoubtedly the best way.

[However, the other main gods also knew this, which was why they monitored the Earth Sovereign closely.

If there were any unusual movements, she would be faced with the joint attack of several main gods.

[That was why she asked you to capture the Life Sovereign.

You were an outsider, so the main gods didnt pay attention to you.

[Seeing that you had understood, the Earth Sovereign smiled.

A hundred flowers bloomed, like a spring breeze blowing on ones face in an instant.

You actually had a moment of intoxication.

“That Life Sovereign is a Nine-Tailed Celestial Fox.

She received some luck and turned into an innate god.

Although she isnt strong, her charm is astonishing.

Therefore, you have to be careful…”

[You immediately replied, “Mission failed.

This subordinate is willing to bring my head to meet you.”

[However, after saying that, you considered your own self-control, then looked at the beautiful Earth Sovereign above and said hesitantly, “Your Highness, you also know that being lustful is a mans nature.

Since that Nine-Tailed Celestial Fox specializes in bewitching, Im afraid that I wont be able to control myself.

I may fall—”

The Earth Sovereigns face was cold as she shouted with some dissatisfaction, “Trash!”

However, after she finished speaking, she considered that the Life Sovereigns innate bewitching ability was still very powerful, so she said, “This palace will grant you a divine ability—”


[You raised your head and faced the Earth Sovereign directly, blocking her subsequent words.

“Earth Sovereign, you can test this subordinate first…”

[The Earth Sovereign looked at you and asked in puzzlement, “Test how”

[You slowly walked forward, lowered your head, and tried your best not to look at the Earth Sovereigns beautiful eyes as you said leisurely, “That Life Sovereign, no matter how strong her charm is, Im afraid it wont be as good as the Earth Sovereign.

Can your subordinate touch the Earth Sovereign”]



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