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[On the 176th day, because you had just broken through, the Earth Sovereign gave you a day to stabilize your cultivation.

After that, she directly threw you into the Lunar Divine Kingdom.

[The Earth Sovereign gave you a way to conceal your aura.

Your infiltration did not attract the attention of any living beings in the Lunar Divine Kingdom.

The Lunar Divine Kingdom was vast.

Although it was suppressed, the Earth Sovereign had always wanted to annex it.

Hence, after the death of the Lunar Goddess, there were no changes here.

Its area covered tens of millions of kilometers, and hundreds of billions of believers were gathered there.

[It was as if you had come to a new world.

[There was no conflict here.

There were still believers of the Lunar Goddess in the cities, and you could feel the power of faith flying toward the center from one city after another.

[After a long period of accumulation, the faith power in this world had skyrocketed.

[You didnt need to think to know that it wouldnt be a problem for the Lunar Goddess to recover more than half of her cultivation if she returned here.

[You followed the power of faith and flew all the way to the center of the Lunar Divine Kingdom.]

[On the 178th day, you finally arrived at the center of the Lunar Divine Kingdom, Lunar City.

When you saw the grand and huge statue of the Lunar Goddess, you were momentarily stunned and couldnt help but curse at the Earth Sovereign in your heart.

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[Four gods were guarding the Lunar Goddess statue, not moving at all.

They were divided into east, south, west, and north, protecting the statue behind them.

Any movement from either side couldnt escape the detection of the four gods.

[You directly used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes to check the information of the four gods.

Name: Lunar Divine General

Race: Acquired God

Cultivation: High God/Late (third step, 10,000-meter Divine Dao manifestation)

Introduction: Loyal supporter and one of the four high priests of the Lunar Goddess.

After the Lunar Goddess death, they refined themselves into gods and absorbed a large amount of faith power to reach the late-stage High God realm.

The introduction of the four moon divine generals was exactly the same.

Your eyes narrowed slightly.

You discovered a key point.

The deity races in this world were divided into innate and acquired.

The acquired part was very easy to understand.

It was a god that had transformed through various methods.

They were collectively known as acquired gods.

Previously, you thought that acquired gods could also become main gods as long as they had enough believers.

To this end, you had even gone out of your way to test the creation of gods.

[However, it was only here that you discovered that although the power of faith here was incomparably abundant, no one was able to absorb it.

It could be said that as long as acquired gods came here, they would only be able to reach the late cycle of the High God realm.

[This was the peak.

Because of the innate foundation, an acquired god would never be able to become a main god.

[As for innate gods, you had only met two.

One was the Lunar Goddess, who was sealed in Kong Xinyues body, and the other was the Earth Sovereign, who was incomparably beautiful.

‘What should I do I thought that although the Divine Dao is a bit weak, its easy to become a Sage.

But now, it seems like its completely useless…

[If it was an ordinary cultivator, being able to become a third-step expert with a 10,000-meter Dao manifestation was already the limit of existence.

They would probably be able to wake up from his dream with a smile.

[One had to know that there were only a handful of such experts even among Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism.

[However, you were not an ordinary cultivator—your goal had always been to become the strongest.]


[You got rid of all the random thoughts in your mind and began to observe the four divine generals carefully.

Although it was only a simulation, you also wanted to know whether the Earth Sovereign could break through to the next level when she devoured the Lunar Divine Kingdom.

[You were curious to know what was above the Sage rank.]

[On the 188th day, you observed carefully for 10 days and 10 nights in the distance.

You did not find a single flaw.

The four divine generals were like statues, standing guard beside the statue, not moving at all.

[In desperation, you had to use a stratagem to distract the tiger from the mountain.

[You created more than 10 clones and dispatched them to kill a large number of the mortal believers in the city.

[Your main body was hidden near the statue.

As long as the four divine generals left, you could directly attack and shatter the statue of the Lunar Goddess.

[Unfortunately, although your strategy was good, it was useless.

[The instant your clones appeared and killed the believers, many powerful auras erupted from all directions.

[One High God after another charged out, instantly killing all of your clones.

[You looked at the High Gods filling the sky, and your scalp went numb.

[Although these High Gods werent as monstrous as the four divine generals, there were still dozens of them.

It seemed that the power of faith of the Lunar Goddess over the years had been given to this group of subordinate gods.

“Theres an enemy attack, and those who die are all clones.

Search the entire city.

Make sure you dont let him get close to the goddess statue…”

[A muscular man dressed in silver armor gave an order in midair.

You checked his stats; he was also a late-stage High God.

[You felt a tremendous amount of pressure.

There was no way you could complete this mission.

Even if you were invincible in your own realm, there was no way you could defeat so many High Gods working together.]

[On the 192nd day, you were unable to find any method to shatter the goddess idol of the Lunar Goddess.

Helpless, you had no choice but to leave.

Passing through a city, you discovered that over 10,000,000 people were living there, but only one god was protecting them.

You instantly had an idea and approached this matter differently.]

[On the 198th day, you flew directly to the edge of the divine kingdom.

Looking at the cities, you let out a smug smile.

Then, you took out the Sea-Pacifying Pearl and began to massacre the cities.

[You had the Asura in the World talent and could increase your cultivation through killing.

There was no upper limit to your cultivation level.

[This talent was too lethal, so you rarely used it.

In the current environment, if you wanted to extricate yourself from this predicament, you had to use it again.

[The Lunar Divine Kingdom had hundreds of billions of believers.

Even you didnt know what realm you could reach after killing them all.]

[On the 205th day, you massacred dozens of cities and killed tens of billions of believers.

The Dao of Slaughter gathered the murderous aura and directly entered your body.

You became the first third-step expert who had two great Daos.

[Because you acted lightning fast, there was no time for information to be transmitted.

Thus, your actions were not exposed.

In this world, no god would expect that someone would kill a large number of believers.]

[On the 212th day, you massacred more than 100 cities and killed a total of 50 billion believers.

Your Dao of Slaughter grew explosively, its manifestation reaching tens of thousands of meters in length.]

[On the 215th day, the Lunar Divine Kingdoms gods discovered your actions.

A large party of High Gods left Lunar City to search for traces of you, but it was too late.

Your momentum was complete.

You killed all the High Gods who were chasing after you and succeeded in killing all the living beings except for the ones in Lunar City.

[You massacred hundreds of billions of living beings.

Your great Dao of Slaughter became corporeal, and you faintly felt as if you could cut through the Lunar Divine Kingdom.

Its length reached hundreds of thousands of meters.

It could be said that no one had ever done it before, and no one would ever do it again.

[At that moment, you had no idea about your current realm.

You only feel that you could destroy the entire divine kingdom.

Even the Earth Sovereign might not be your match…

[You reached Lunar City, took out the Sea-Pacifying Pearl, killed the four divine generals in an instant, and then smashed the statue of the Lunar goddess with a punch.

[The Lunar Divine Kingdom, which had been sealed for God knew how many years, suddenly opened.]


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