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[This was the strongest aspect of a divine kingdom.

If one were to fight the main god within their divine kingdom, the intruders realms would be suppressed by at least half a major realm, no matter how powerful they were.

[You originally still had the strength to fight, but you no longer had the slightest chance after entering the Earth Divine Kingdom.

[Under Rock Demons lead, you quickly arrived at the center of the divine kingdom, the temple of the Earth Sovereign.

“Your Highness, your subordinate has brought someone here.”

[Rock Demon, who had been extremely domineering and arrogant outside, restrained all of his aura after entering the temple.

He spoke respectfully to the figure at the very top with a half-kneel, and his face showed obvious wariness.

[An incense made of an unknown material was burning in the temple.

[You could not help but be curious as to what this legendary Earth Sovereign looked like.

Hence, you raised your head and looked at the high spiritual altar.

[A figure appeared in your eyes.

It was the Earth Sovereign.

She wore a purple palace dress that covered her exquisite and curvy body.

Her jade-like feet stepped on the spiritual altar.

Her toes were like pearls, sparkling and round, and one could not help but want to hold them in their hands and play with them.

On top of her head was a purple crown that was inlaid with a purple gemstone.

It shone with an enchanting light.

[Her fair skin, perfect face, and exaggerated curves dazzled your eyes.

[Your eyes were attracted by that pair of slender and beautiful legs.

Her square-inch skin shone with a round light.

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[You immediately felt your eyes burning with pain.

[The moment you peered at the jade-like foot, it was as if two ice needles had pierced into your eyes.

Your vision completely disappeared, and your eyes turned pitch black,

“Take one more look, and Ill take your life…”

[After this sentence came out from the Earth Sovereigns thin and merciless red lips, the entire hall seemed to be enveloped in frost, layer after layer, and it was bone-piercing cold.

[Even if your body was incomparably tough, you couldnt help but shudder.

The pain in your eyes dissipated, and light once more returned to you.

[A noble woman who hadnt put on any makeup stood in front of you.

Her skin was as fair as snow, and she appeared cold and elegant.

{Rock Demon hurriedly warned you, “Hurry up and pay your respects to the Earth Sovereign…”

[Rock Demon was stupefied.

He truly regretted not explaining things clearly to your party.

If the goddess was angered, he would not have a good end.

“Greetings, Earth Sovereign.”

[Selene and Yaksha hurriedly knelt down and kowtowed.

A High God didnt stand a chance before one of the seven sovereigns.

“Greetings, Earth Sovereign.”

[You lowered your arrogant head.

You didnt dare to show any dissatisfaction, and your eyes were filled with reverence and respect.

[The Earth Sovereign was holding a fat white rabbit in her arms.

Stroking the rabbits head, she asked you, “Are you from the outside world”

You didnt know what to do at this moment.

However, Since you couldnt fight, you would die.

It didnt matter if she learned the truth, so you freely admitted it.



[The Earth Sovereign suddenly understood and nodded.

“Yes, I remember now.

There are a few familiar auras on your body.

They should be the ones who tried to invade our place many years ago and were beaten away.

Why Did they send you here

[You couldnt help but click your tongue due to her cold tone.

You didnt expect that Confucius and the others had tried to invade this place and were chased away.

[However, you had already given up on struggling, so you directly admitted it.


[The moment you said that it was as if you had fallen into an ice cave.

A bone-piercing cold air once again enveloped the divine hall.

The white rabbit in the Earth Sovereigns hands began to tremble in fear.

[You looked directly at the Earth Sovereign without a trace of fear.

You werent even afraid of death, so what was there to be afraid of

[The Earth Sovereigns expression slowly turned tranquil as she observed how fearless you looked.

Then, she said calmly, “Do something for me.

After the matter is settled, I will not pursue your identity in the outer realm.

I will also let you become an emissary of the Earth Sovereign.

You will receive the incense of billions of people.

Below one person, above 10,000 people.”

[Your eyes lit up.

The Earth Sovereign had a request for you.

You used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes on the Earth Sovereign.

Name: Goddess of Earth

Race: Innate God

Cultivation: Sage/Rank 9

Description: One of the seven main gods of the Divine World.

Among the seven main gods, she is also the strongest.

She is shrewd, intelligent, scheming, cold-blooded, unscrupulous, and ambitious.

She has been searching for a way to break through to a higher realm.

For this reason, she started a divine war and personally killed the Lunar Goddess, sealing her true spirit and dooming her to reincarnate as a mortal for eternity.

[What a good fellow! You wouldnt know if you didnt look, but you would be shocked when you did.

You wouldnt have thought that the Lunar Goddess in Kong Xinyues body was actually one of the three main gods who had died in the divine war.

[The Earth Sovereign, who was peerlessly beautiful and seemed to have the temperament of a queen, was actually the supreme being that had killed the Lunar Goddess back then.

[You didnt dare to be the slightest bit careless, so you hurriedly opened your mouth and said, “Please give me your decree, Your Highness…”

[Your appearance had always been in the eyes of the Earth Sovereign.

However, she wasnt that curious about you.

The fact that she was in her current position spoke for itself.

“My divine kingdom is suppressing that stinky womans divine kingdom.

Before Tai Yin died, she sealed her divine kingdom.

She can enter, but she can not come out once she enters.

If I make a move, the divine kingdom will self-destruct, and my subordinates will be suppressed by the divine kingdom when they enter.

They have no way to defeat Tai Yins four divine generals, so they have been unable to do anything.

“Your strength is not bad.

Once you enter, you will be able to break the seal as long as you destroy the divine statue in the divine hall.

At that time, there will naturally be benefits for you…”

[After listening to the Earth Sovereigns instructions, you finally understood.

The Earth Sovereign wanted to annex the Lunar Divine Kingdom, but she had no way to open it and let you enter to break the seal.

[Since you did not cultivate the Divine Dao, you would not be suppressed.

Although a third-step expert with a 5,000-meter Dao manifestation was not considered very strong compared to the High Gods that would fall to the Lesser God realm upon entering, you were undoubtedly the strongest candidate that could enter.

[You suddenly thought of the Lunar Goddess in Kong Xinyues body.

The Lunar Goddess divine kingdom had always existed.

If the Lunar Goddess broke the seal of the Earth Sovereign, would she instantly return to her previous realm

[For a moment, you immediately broke out in cold sweat.

You sighed at how lucky you were.

If you hadnt held back that time and had gotten intimate with Kong Xinyue so that the Lunar Goddess could cultivate, not to mention returning to the Sage rank, you would have casually become a first-step expert.

[Well, most likely, the entire planet would be gone by now.

[It seemed as if the longer you failed to give an answer, the colder the Earth Sovereigns aura grew.

You hurriedly said, “As you command! Your subordinate will not let you down!”

[After saying this, the cold aura instantly disappeared, and a smile blossomed on the Earth Sovereigns face.

[Then, you heard the Earth Sovereign say, “Do your job well.

I will take these two gods of yours, and they will be my subordinate gods from now on.]


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