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Name: Moon Goddess (Selene)

Race: Acquired God

Cultivation: High God/Middle (third step, the 1,000-meter Divine Dao manifestation)

Introduction: Since ancient times, she is the fastest goddess to have reached her current level, with tens of billions of Moon Goddess disciples under her command.

Her personality is eccentric, equally good and evil.

She has special feelings for her Father God.

Name: Yaksha God

Race: Acquired God

Cultivation: High God/Early (third step, 100-meter Divine Dao manifestation)

Introduction: He was originally a poor child.

After being influenced by various accidents, he finally succeeded in becoming a High God.

He has a savage and abnormally violent personality, but he deeply fears you, his high priest.

: When Selene caught him, his deep-rooted fear of you intensified.

Only when he saw you again did he understand that he had been dancing in your palms from the beginning to the end.

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[On the 171st day, after your arrangements and schemes, the Moon Goddess Sect annexed the territories of three High Gods.

Such actions naturally caused the wrath of the three High Gods.

They didnt report it to the sovereigns but instead charged straight toward Moon City.

[You, Selene, and Yaksha had been waiting at Moon City for these three gods to come knocking.

[Because the three gods territories were not situated near Moon City, the three gods had no time to gather information.

They came one after the other only to receive your beating and become Yakshas nourishment.

[After a long period of cooperation, the spoils of war had been perfectly distributed.

All of the believers belonged to Selene.

As the gods reached the later stages, the most important thing was the believers power of faith.

Thus, Selene was always the strongest of the three of you.

[As for the captured High Gods, Yaksha devoured them all.

Although Yaksha didnt gain any new believers, he could obtain a great amount of power of faith by devouring the High Gods.

Thus, Yakshas strength did not stagnate.

[As for you, you are consolidating your great Dao.

The level of life in this world is obviously higher than that of the world where Confucius and the others lived.

You could clearly feel all the Red Talents, which corresponded to a great Dao, respectively.

[Because everyone in this world cultivated the Divine Dao, you could enjoy the full power of these great Daos.

As long as you picked a great Dao, you could have its power at your beck and call.

[Thus, you were very conflicted.

You didnt know which great Dao to allow to enter your body.]

[On the 175th day, your plan was gradually implemented.

Once again, you succeeded in annexing two High Gods.

Due to the increase in believers, Selenes cultivation level successfully reached the level of a third-step expert with a 2,000-meter Dao Manifestation.

Yaksha also became a mid-stage High God, reaching the level of a third-step expert with a 1,000-meter Dao manifestation.

[You finally chose a suitable great Dao.

[On this day, you sat in the lotus position within the Moon Goddess Temple, with Selene and Yaksha God by your side protecting you.

Although everyone in this world cultivated the Divine Dao and the other great Daos were up for grabs, three of them were unsuitable.

[You could not cultivate Buddhism, Daoism, or Confucianism because they used the collective power of the ones cultivating them to strengthen the master of said great Dao.

Since no one cultivated them here, their strength was unknown.

[Thus, after careful research, you chose the Physical Dao.

[No matter what world it was, there would always be this great Dao.

Even if it were not one of the supreme great Daos, it would definitely not be weak.


[Thunder rumbled, and the great Dao rumbled.

Just as you began to summon the Physical Dao and allowed it to enter your body, the entire world began to tremble slightly.

For a moment, the 10,000 Daos that the Divine Dao had suppressed for a long time seemed to have found an exit, and all of them dared to come toward you.

[The Divine Dao in this world had already expanded to a point where it didnt look like it could hold 10 Sages.

It also controlled the world, preventing anyone from cultivating other great Daos.

[Thus, as you reached the third step, the 10,000 Daos suddenly sensed you, and all of them appeared by your side, allowing you to absorb them into your body.

[You knew things were getting serious, so you absorbed the Physical Dao, and you reached the third step, with a 5,000-meter Dao manifestation.

[However, after stabilizing your body and looking around, you discovered that Selene and Yaksha were already protecting you.

There were more than 50 High Gods gathered around you, and there were even more High Gods who dared to come.

[A giant made of stone began to speak in an extremely domineering manner.

“By the order of the Earth Sovereign, I summon you to enter the Earth Divine Kingdom!”

[You directly used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes.

Name: Rock Demon God

Race: Acquired God

Cultivation: High God/Late (third step, 10,000-meter Divine Dao manifestation)

Description: A direct subordinate of the Earth Sovereign.

In this world, aside from the seven sovereigns, very few opponents can fight against this powerful High God.

His defense is even more astonishing.

During the divine war, he once blocked a sovereigns attack.

[You looked at Rock Demons status, and your heart was filled with shock.

Ignoring everything else, relying on his defense to block a sovereigns attack was enough to prove how powerful this High God was.

“By the order of the War Sovereign,I summon you to enter the War Divine Kingdom.”

“By order of the Lightning Sovereign,I summon you to enter the Lightning Divine Kingdom.”

“By order of the Life Sovereign,I summon you to enter the Life Divine Kingdom.”

[Instantly, the seven sovereigns all sent their divine orders, and the seven late-stage High God subordinates personally announced it.

[Selene and Yaksha both turned their gazes toward you.

They were both stunned.

Who would have thought that you would startle the world with a single breakthrough.

[You decided to follow Rock Demon in the end because he was powerful, but because you had heard that the Earth Sovereign was a goddess.

Based on your many years of cultivation experience, it was always easier to see eye to eye with women.

[When the other sovereigns subordinates saw that you picked the Earth Sovereign, not only did they not show any anger, but they all revealed a hint of pity.

[It was as though they were saying, “What a good person, yet what a pity…”

[You naturally noticed their expressions, but at this moment, it was already too late to go back on your words.

[Rock Demon flashed in the middle of your party, took out the Earth Medallion, and instantly teleported you away.

[The other spectating gods also left.

Since this matter had fallen into the hands of the Earth Sovereign, they only needed to wait for the result.]

[You were no stranger to teleportation.

Rock Demon did not restrict your movements because, in his eyes, dead people did not need to be restrained.

[You sensed that you had teleported underground.

At that moment, it was unknown how many tens of thousands of kilometers you had crossed.

[Soon, you arrived in a divine kingdom.

There was the rotation of the sun and moon, wind, fire, water, and lightning within the divine kingdom.

It was like a small world.

When you felt the dense Earth Qi, you came to a conclusion.

[The Earth Divine Kingdom was actually hidden in the underground core of this life star.

[Once one entered this place, their cultivation would be greatly suppressed if one werent the Earth Sovereigns subordinate.

Selene and Yaksha were suppressed by a large realm.

As for you, you werent affected at all because you didnt cultivate the Divine Dao.]


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