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[You looked at the absolute beauty in front of you, and it was the Moon Goddess that you created.

For a moment, you actually lost yourself.

[Selenes beauty transcended your understanding of women.

No matter how many flowers one admired, they would still fall for her in an instant.

[The original Moon Goddess had a simple and honest heart.

She was just a simple and kind god.

[However, with the spread of your abnormal teachings, Selene had absorbed the thoughts of billions of believers.

There were good and bad ideas, but these believers had completed the transformation from mortals to cultivators.

Their originally simple and honest personalities also became selfish and greedy as their strength increased.

[Under the instillation of many peoples inherently evil beliefs, the current Moon Goddess was no longer the former Moon Goddess.

“Father, am I beautiful”

[Selene was like a girl who wanted to show off to her father.

She couldnt help but turn around in front of you.

[You tried your best to calm down the waves in your heart and said to Selene with a solemn face, “Do you know that if you let the Moon Goddess Sect continue to act like this, there will be big trouble”

[You could already imagine just how terrifying an impact it would have on this worship-driven world.

[Although Selenes power had already reached that of a High God, a third-step expert, there were still many existences in this world who were more powerful than her.

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[Once they were exposed, one could imagine what would happen.

Your plan to create a main god would be declared bankrupt.

Selene turned a deaf ear to your anger and said somewhat carelessly, “Hehe, Father God, dont be afraid.

I will protect you.

Selene is very strong right now…”

[You still wanted to try your best to salvage the situation, so you said, “You should stop the development of the Moon Goddess Sect.

Your believers are not 100% under your control.

They are very reckless, and you will be in danger once the other High Gods notice them.

[Your solemn and angry tone caused Selenes originally beautiful face to turn cold.

Then, Selene waved her hand, and two figures appeared on the spiritual altar.

These two figures were both gods.

Illusory iron chains bound them, and their bodies were covered in wounds.

Clearly, they had been heavily injured.

“Father, are you talking about these useless people

“A few days ago, the two of them discovered the Moon Goddess Sect and followed the clues of the believers all the way to where I was.

However, they were really weak.

They were not as powerful as you, Father, so I easily captured them.

[Selene was struggling with how to deal with these two.

Father, do you have any good ideas”

[Selenes eyes were filled with many emotions, such as seeking credit, excitement, and conflict, and there were even traces of killing intent.

[You looked at the two imprisoned gods on the spiritual altar, feeling rather helpless in your heart.

With your cultivation level, you would naturally be able to tell at a glance that these two were both High Gods, third-step experts.

[However, you wouldnt have thought that the third-step experts in this world might not be as powerful as you imagined.

Although you were currently at the peak of the second step and had yet to manifest your great Dao, your talent was astonishing.

With your overall skills, you could fight a third-step expert with a 1,000-kilometer Dao manifestation head-on.

[From Selenes words, you understood her meaning.

This so-called daughter of yours didnt want to fall out with you.

On the contrary, she wanted to join hands with you to fight for hegemony in this world.

[You knew very well how quickly the Moon Goddess Sects teachings had invaded this world.

Selenes believers would spread to every corner of the continent in a few months, except for the main gods divine kingdoms.

[The Moon Goddess Sect would definitely exist in every other place where believers existed.

Even though you didnt know what level Selene would reach, you believed that the next few months would undoubtedly be the most difficult.

[Those High Gods who had lost their believers would definitely come to seek revenge against Selene.

In fact, once the teachings of the Moon Goddess Sect were exposed, even the seven sovereigns would attack Selene in order to strengthen themselves.

[Most importantly, the teachings of the Moon Goddess Sect werent that hard to understand.

Any god who obtained them could directly copy them down, and it was impossible to keep this secret.

[The Moon Goddess Sect had billions of disciples.

If one caught any one of them, even if they didnt understand what they were saying, they could still obtain the complete teachings through soul searching.


[And as the first Moon Goddess to eat crab, she would undoubtedly become the common enemy of the entire continent.

Selene would be in great danger, and you would have to face them together.

[Selene didnt know that she was merely the product of an accident in the simulation.

She had already judged how dangerous her existence was and was working hard to find that sliver of hope.

[From the information you had collected, you had learned that there were 108 High Gods in this world.

Excluding the two unlucky fellows Selene had captured, there were still 106 left.

[106 powerful third-step experts.

Even if they werent all dispatched, given your and Selenes power, it would be absolutely impossible to fend off a few dozen at a time.

[After a long period of silence, Selene spoke once more, her tone already carrying a hint of coldness.

“Father God, have you thought it through”

[Although you were worshiped asFather God in Selenes heart, she had been tainted by numerous evil thoughts of human nature.

You would most likely be imprisoned just like those two gods if you didnt give her a satisfactory answer.

[You pondered for a moment and finally said, “Alright! Since things have already come to this point, then I will accompany you for a while.

All the gods in the world…”

[Once you said this, Selenes face once again revealed a brilliant smile.

She directly went forward to pull your arm and said happily, “Selene knew that Father is the best.

He would definitely help Selene.”

[You let out a deep breath as well because, at that moment, you had almost ended this simulation.]

[On the 167th day, with your plan, the development of the Moon Goddess Sect would undoubtedly become much more standardized than before.

It would no longer be like before, growing wildly without caring about the consequences.

Under your guidance, the believers of the Moon Goddess Sect would begin to march toward the territories of a few High Gods.

[Although the speed at which the number of disciples joined the sect wouldnt be as fast as before, the benefits were real.

Even if they were exposed, they would at most face the attacks of a few High Gods.

[Selene listened to your plans.

In her eyes, her Father God was an omnipotent existence.

[You asked Selene to capture Yaksha and have him devour the two imprisoned High Gods.

As a result, Yaksha successfully advanced and became a High God.

Although he was a bit weak, he could undoubtedly be considered a good combatant.

[Selenes power was enough to deter Yaksha from showing the slightest trace of resistance.

He obediently listened to your various arrangements.

[The Moon Goddess Sect began to have a scale, growing under your careful planning.]


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