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[A divine war was undoubtedly the most terrifying thing in this world.

In that war, 1/3 of the gods died, regardless of whether they were powerful or weak.

[Thus, after that war, the seven sovereigns had set a rule.

After becoming a High God, although they could also start a war for the sake of their faith, they had to report it to a sovereign and obtain the sovereigns permission before they could act.

[When you heard that three main gods had fallen, you couldnt help but click your tongue.

This world was truly filthy rich.

However, considering the power of Confucius and the others, you really couldnt think of any way to invade this world.

[You conversed amicably with Five Lamps high priest for a while before sending him away to suggest to Yaksha his next target.

It was… Five Lamps!

[Your strange way of thinking astonished Yaksha.

In addition, he told you that it was tough to kill Five Lamps with his current power.

[You smiled confidently as you said, “Well wait and use a little trick.

Then, well use a sleeping drug…”

[Yaksha would wait to fish in troubled waters.

He would pit Five Lams against the other gods first and would swoop in when all parties suffered heavy losses.

[Yaksha was very satisfied with this plan.

He immediately felt that it shouldnt be a problem for him to become a High God in the future with a high priest like you.]

[On the 88th day, you began to carry out your plan.

After your investigation, not too far away from Five Lamps territory, there was an early-stage Void Nirvana god.

His name was Grass Lamp.

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[Because the two sides territories were relatively close, they often had conflicts.

However, the two Lesser Gods standards were about the same.

Therefore, it was basically a fight between the people below and rarely disturbed the upper echelons.

[However, with your plan, this scuffle was destined to be different from the past.

You personally led a large number of people, pretending to be people from Five Lamps Temple, into Grass Lamps territory and captured believers from several cities.

You deliberately let a believer escape and let said believer witness everything with his own eyes.

You took those believers you captured back to Five Lamps territory/

[After completing this task, you transformed into Grass Lamp.

Five Lamps had a partner, but her cultivation base was not strong according to the information gathered.

It was similar to the current Yaksha, and her territory was not far away from Five Lamps.

[You transformed into Grass Lamp and forced your way into the palace of the Clearwater River God, humiliating her again and again.

[In the end, you even made Clearwater River admit that Five Lamps was inferior to Grass Lamp.

[Clearwater River God who had lost her innocence was conquered by your strength.

She wanted to abandon Five Lamps and throw herself into your arms, but you were ruthless and even severely injured her.

Clearwater River couldnt beat you, so she could only go to Five Lamps and complain.

[Five Lamps, who was worried about a powerful evil Deity suddenly appearing nearby, felt relieved after hearing the high priests report.

He actually didnt like fighting.

He only wanted to cultivate dutifully.

After confirming that Yaksha had no intention of expanding, he also relaxed.

[He didnt expect that Clearwater River would run in with disheveled hair and disheveled clothes after a short moment of silence.

She told him everything Grass Lamp had done to her.

[Although he was a lamp god, Five Lamps couldnt stand the green light on his head.

After listening to Clearwater Rivers narration, he flew into a rage and rushed out of the divine hall, flying toward Grass Lamps territory.

[On the other side, Grass Lamp, who had learned that Five Lams had captured millions of his believers, couldnt help but fly into a rage.

He led his elite soldiers and strong generals to charge toward Five Lamps territory.

[The two lamp gods just happened to bump into each other on the way.

When the enemies met, their eyes were especially red.

Without saying anything, they directly began to fight.

[They were both Lesser Gods, so their battle prowess was quite impressive.

This made Yaksha, who was still waiting in the divine hall, overjoyed.

He didnt expect his own high priest to be so powerful.

In just half a days time, the two powerful second-step gods made a big move.

[Yaksha hurriedly left the divine hall and headed toward the center of the battle

[When he rushed to the battlefield, Five Lamps had already lost.

There was nothing he could do.

Five Lamps had come by himself, while Grass Lamp had brought many subordinates.

[Five Lamps fled back to his territory and gathered his divine servants to start a divine battle with Grass Lamp.

[The millions of divine believers from both sides fought together.

The two lamp gods also had the intention to kill each other, so their battle strength gradually increased.


[You were secretly watching.

When the two lamp gods used their most powerful attacks against each other, you sensed that the time was right, and so you immediately unleashed the Sea-Pacifying Pearl, instantly piercing through the two lamp gods and leaving behind the illusion that they were heavily injured after the battle.

You then quietly left.

[How could the hidden Yaksha let go of this opportunity He couldnt let the two lamp gods escape, and so he sent a surge of evil power into the heavens…

[The two heavily injured lamp gods and their tens of millions of soldiers were devoured by Yaksha just like that.

[Yaksha successfully advanced to the Void Spirit realm and became a Lesser God.]

[On the 91st day, Yakshas power increased dramatically because of your excellent plan.

Yaksha trusted you even more and bestowed upon you a tremendous amount of divine power.

Youre quietly plotting how to get Yaksha to give you more authority.]

[On the 95th day, Yakshas name had spread across a radius of hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

Thus, several nearby gods joined forces to prevent a sneak attack from Yaksha.

There was nothing they could do.

This evil Lesser Gods battle prowess was a little terrifying.

[After comparing the situation between the two sides, you urged Yaksha to launch a divine war.

[Yaksha followed your suggestion and launched a divine war brazenly.]

[On the 112th day, its different from the previous divine wars.

This divine war is a large-scale battle between the gods above and the divine believers below.

[If one side could defeat the other sides soldiers, and the gods were on a stalemate, then the soldiers of the victorious side could slaughter their way into the other sides territory and plunder a large number of people.

Once the number of believers of one of the gods dropped dramatically, it would undoubtedly be extremely deadly.

[The lighter outcome would be their cultivation dropping, while the heavier one would be their foundation crumbling.

[This was also why main gods established their own divine kingdoms.

They protected their believers within their divine kingdoms.

[After receiving this piece of information, your eyes lit up.

It seemed that you had found a way to deal with the Sage-level experts of this world.

All you needed to do was to charge into the divine kingdoms and kill all the believers.

Even the high and mighty Sages could fall into the abyss.]


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