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Jiang Tong was provoking him, but she refused to admit it.

Zhou Jingyuns eyelids twitched.

He suddenly pulled Jiang Tong by her collar and leaned forward.

The two of them were so close that they were almost face to face.

Zhou Jingyun asked faintly, “Jiang Tong, do you think I cant do anything to you”

“I didnt say anything.” Feeling Zhou Jingyuns breath on her face, Jiang Tong remained calm.

“Youre not in love with me, are you” Zhou Jingyun revealed a teasing smile.

“Dont flatter yourself.” Jiang Tong curled the corners of her mouth.

“Really” Zhou Jingyun acted as if he had seen through her.

“Then you clearly know that I dont want to talk about that matter, yet you still took the initiative to mention it to me.

Are you trying to get attention from me, or…”

“To outsiders, Im already your girlfriend, and Im pregnant.

We see each other every day.

Why do I need your attention for” Jiang Tong interrupted Zhou Jingyuns words.

“Youre not the most handsome man I know, nor are you the richest.

You even put on a facade that wards off strangers.

When children see your face, theyll be scared to tears.

So, where did you get the confidence to think that I would fall in love with you”

Zhou Jingyuns eyelids twitched.

Jiang Tongs words were really unpleasant to hear!

Jiang Tong felt that she would not tell Zhou Jingyun that she had been specially trained in debating and insulting others.

This was also part of her eloquence.

She felt that good eloquence was very important, especially in interpersonal relationships.

Saying pleasant words would make the other party happy, and saying unpleasant words would also stir up the other partys nerves.

Her words could change the other partys emotions, and stimulate the other partys rebellious mentality.

Zhou Jingyun was really stirred.

“From what you said, youve met a lot of men, right All of them are cream of the crop type of men, right” Zhou Jingyun wanted to fight back.

Although Jiang Tong had helped him a lot, he was still angry and wanted to suppress Jiang Tongs arrogance!

Zhou Jingyun was very clear about the importance of important matters.

In the overall situation, he naturally had to be on the same side as Jiang Tong.

Zhou Mingfei gave Jiang Tong a house worth 100 million.

He felt that Zhou Mingfei should give it as Jiang Tong deserved it.

However, he also felt that he had to settle the personal grudge between him and Jiang Tong.

Zhou Jingyun did not realize that he, who had always been calm and steady, had been stirred up by Jiang Tongs words.

“Ive seen a lot of men,” Jiang Tong smiled.

“All of them are more handsome than me and richer than me” Zhou Jingyun pressed.

“Of course, but I cant tell you who they are because this involves personal privacy.” Jiang Tong continued to smile

“You cant tell me or you have no idea how to make it up” Zhou Jingyun smiled.

It wasnt that he was narcissistic, but there were only a few people in City Z who were more handsome and richer than him, and there werent many of them.

“Seeing how arrogant you are, I thought you were a very talented intelligence dealer.

From your tone, I almost thought you knew Xie Wenkai.”

Zhou Jingyun had just mentioned Xie Wenkai, which made Jiang Tong stunned for a moment.

She thought Zhou Jingyun knew something, but then she changed her mind.

Maybe they had just talked about the Six Blessings Corporation.

Furthermore, Xie Wenkais reputation in Z City was truly renowned.

Zhou Jingyuns business circle in City Z could be said to be well-known, but very few people outside the business circle knew about him because he kept a low profile.

However, Xie Wenkai was different.

In the whole Z City, Xie Wenkai… was almost known to everyone!

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In the eyes of ordinary people, Xie Wenkai might be more famous than his father, Xie Guofu! Ordinary people couldnt tell the name of the CEO of Six Blessings Corporation, but they could tell the name of the CEOs only son.

That was because Xie Wenkai was not only the son of the richest man in City Z but also the most eligible bachelor in City Z.

He was cold and gentle, he was the dream lover of countless women.

Of course, Zhou Jingyun knew about Xie Wenkais reputation in City Z, so he instinctively thought of Xie Wenkai.

“Xie Wenkai…” Jiang Tong smiled, “For the time being, he doesnt know me yet.”

“For the time being” Zhou Jingyun found a loophole in Jiang Tongs words.

“Yes, for the time being,” Jiang Tong nodded.

“For the time being, it means I dont know him now, but I might know him in a few days.

Eh Whats with that expression You dont believe me Do you want to make another bet”

Make another bet Zhou Jingyuns eyelids twitched violently when he heard the wordBet.

He had just lost to Jiang Tong because he didnt believe Jiang Tong! It had only been a few minutes since he had fulfilled the bet conditions and knelt down to apologize to Jiang Tong! The two of them were just talking, and she actually wanted to make another bet! Zhou Jingyun was now really convinced of Jiang Tongs abilities and connections, but this time was different!


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