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In a room decorated with luxurious and dim lighting, Jiang Tong was lying on the massage table, making a phone call.

A young and handsome male technician was massaging her back.

“What are you so agitated about” Jiang Tong said with a smile, “Did you hear something Are you jealous”

Zhou Jingyun in the office suddenly calmed down.

In fact, he didnt know why he was agitated.

When he heard a man ask Jiang Tong if she was comfortable, he suddenly became nervous.

Even he did not know why he had such a reaction.

“Heheh,” Zhou Jingyun sneered and sat back on the chair.

“You have the time to find a man at a time like this.”

“Its my fault for being young,” Jiang Tong replied with a smile.

She did not explain to Zhou Jingyun that the situation was not what Zhou Jingyun thought.

She also did not tell Zhou Jingyun that she was here for a massage.

She would not tell him that she had come for a massage to relax because she had exercised for several hours straight before going to bed last night, causing her muscles to ache all over her body! Before this, she had no future in her life and had been living in that constant time loop.

Even if she exercised, her bodys fitness would be reset.

Therefore, her current physical fitness was average.

She had exercised too much yesterday and woke up with excruciating pain.

It would be like this when one just started exercising, and there would be such a stage, so Jiang Tong was mentally prepared.

However, she was not going to tell Zhou Jingyun because it would make her look very stupid.

After all, no one would almost cripple themselves because of exercise!

“When will you come to the company” Zhou Jingyun asked coldly.

“I just started.

It will take another hour,” Jiang Tong replied casually.

As soon as she finished speaking, Zhou Jingyun hung up the phone.

Jiang Tong: “…”

She shook her head, put her phone aside, and continued to enjoy the massage from the technician.

An hour later, Zhou Mingfei, who was wearing a suit, pushed open the door.

Then, he said to Jiang Tong who was lying on the bed, “Lets go, Sister-in-law.

Lets have lunch together.

Its already noon.”

The massage place where Jiang Tong was at was none other than Zhou Mingfeis Lihao Ballroom.

Massaging naturally had to be done professionally.

Although Zhou Mingfeis place was not a clean place, the massage technicians here had gone through professional training, and the massage technique utilized made her feel very comfortable.

The reason why she did not find a female technician was that a female technicians hand strength would be too weak and could not meet Jiang Tongs requirements.

“Im not eating.” Jiang Tong picked up the phone and looked at the time.

Then, she said to the male massage technician, “Thats all for today.

I still have something to do.”

Hearing Jiang Tongs words, the male technician stopped and began to pack up the essential oils and other things.

Zhou Mingfei glanced at the male technician.

He knew his subordinates abilities well, but he still asked, “Sister-in-law, did you have a good massage”

“Yes, its quite good.

You worked hard,” Jiang Tong praised with a smile.

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“Thank you, Miss Jiang,” the male massage technician quickly thanked her.

“Alright, you may leave.” Zhou Mingfei tilted his head to gesture to the male massage technician.

When the male massage technician finished packing up and walked out with the box.

When he passed by Zhou Mingfei, Zhou Mingfei said in a low voice, “Go to the finance department to get 10,000 dollars.

Ill give you the afternoon off.

Go and play.”

“Thank you, Boss!” The male massage technician happily bowed to Zhou Mingfei and left happily.

He knew that there would definitely be a reward for giving the bosss sister-in-law a good massage.

Although the process was quite tiring, it was still worth it!

After the male technician left, Zhou Mingfei put his hand in his pocket and leaned against the door.

He asked, “Sister-in-law, do you really have something urgent If youre not in a hurry, lets go have a meal first.

It wont take much time.”

“Your big brother is looking for me.

Do you think its urgent” Jiang Tong stood up and asked with a smile.

She didnt say whether she was in a hurry or not, but Zhou Mingfei instantly showed an expression of understanding.

Of course, the boyfriend was more important than his younger brother.

Zhou Mingfei shrugged and replied, “Alright, lets eat together next time.”

Zhou Mingfei left first.

Jiang Tong took a shower and changed her clothes.

Then, she drove to Huanyu Building.

It was almost noon.

Although it was lunchtime, Zhou Jingyun was still waiting for Jiang Tong in the office.

Jiang Tong pushed the door open and walked into the office.

She saw Zhou Jingyun sitting behind the desk and asked him with a smile, “Have you signed the contract”

Then, she walked to the sofa at the side.

Zhou Jingyun looked at Jiang Tong expressionlessly.

His gaze followed Jiang Tongs movements.

“Why are you looking at me Im asking you a question.

Did the contract not go smoothly” Jiang Tong asked again when she saw that Zhou Jingyun kept looking at her without saying anything.

“You…” Zhou Jingyun narrowed his eyes.

After a pause, he continued, “Can you take note of your identity and status To the public, you are my girlfriend, and yet you are involved with other men.

Dont you find it dirty to go to such a place to find a man”



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