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Cao Shaowei was one of the first brothers to journey with Xie Guofu.

He had watched Xie Wenkai grow up.

Although they were not related by blood, the two of them were very close.

Xie Guofu had gone to the capital for a meeting and could not come over.

Therefore, Cao Shaowei was accompanying Xie Wenkai to the press conference today.

Xie Wenkai hid his emotions.

Just as he was about to speak, he heard Cao Shaowei sigh.

Cao Shaowei said, “No matter what happens, you have to put it aside for now.

You have to perform well this time.

The jewelry store robbery shocked the whole country.

There will be a lot of reporters at todays press conference.

If you can handle this matter well, it might even turn a bad situation into a good one.

This will become positive publicity for you personally.

Let them know that the successor of our Six Blessings Corporation is calm in the face of danger and will respond to the unexpected incident in an orderly manner…” he muttered.

“Youre right, Second Uncle,” Xie Wenkai replied.

“Your father and I are both old.

My health isnt good, and I might even leave this world before your father.

In the future, the company will be counting on you.

You must do your best!” Cao Shaowei sighed again.

His breathing was very heavy, it was because he was too fat, so it was making it difficult on his lungs.

“Enough, Second Uncle.

You have time to lose weight.

Stop saying such discouraging words like leaving this world early.” Xie Wenkai pretended to read the manuscript and replied to him.

In fact, Xie Wenkai could not read the manuscript at all.

His mind was filled with thoughts about that text message! He was born with a halo and had high expectations from the younger generation.

The more he thought about it, the more afraid he became! A few minutes later, he pretended to remember something and picked up his phone naturally.

He quickly replied to Jiang Tong, “Who are you”

Jiang Tong, who was driving home, heard her phone ring.

She picked it up and smiled.

If Zhou Jingyun had encountered such a situation, he wouldnt have replied to her text message.

Instead, he would have asked his subordinates to investigate the owner of the phone number and find out all the information.

Xie Wenkai, on the other hand, directly replied to her text message.

This was because Xie Wenkai and Zhou Jingyun had two different personalities.

Other than being handsome, they had nothing in common!

Zhou Jingyun was the kind of man who would do anything if someone dared to provoke him.

Threatening him would simply be ones wishful thinking! However, Xie Wenkai was different.

The halo on his body was too heavy.

Jiang Tong could imagine Xie Wenkais panic after receiving the message.

Therefore, it was expected that he would reply to her message.

However, Jiang Tong did not want to threaten him, she didnt need to threaten anyone.

In the past 500 years, Jiang Tong had indulged herself and committed suicide hundreds of times.

She treated men as a barrier to break through bit by bit and make them fall in love with her.

This was the fun she had found for herself in the endless cycle.

However, she had a bottom line that she had always adhered to.

She didnt force anyone.

If she really used methods to force others, Jiang Tong could guarantee that she would be able to take down any man, including a woman!

Jiang Tong smiled as she looked at her phone screen.

She held the steering wheel with one hand while driving.

Then, she raised her eyes and paid attention to the road conditions.

She quickly tapped on the screen with one hand to type.

She could type blindly, and very quickly at that!

The text message that Jiang Tong sent was: “Mr.

Xie, I have no malicious intent.

I will not reveal your matter.

Please rest assured.” Her purpose of sending the text message was to make Xie Wenkai feel at ease, but whether Xie Wenkai could feel at ease and how he understood this message was none of her business.

She did not intend to continue communicating with Xie Wenkai because the time was not right and the timing would not be right.

She deduced that Xie Wenkai had important matters to attend to today and could not meet with her in private to discuss in detail.

If she could only communicate through text messages… it would be meaningless.

Therefore, Jiang Tong did not want to waste time.

The message she sent today was just a primer.

Jiang Tong knew that Xie Wenkai would definitely investigate her in the future and check all her information.

After that, he would take the initiative to negotiate with her!

At this moment, Jiang Tongs phone rang again.

It was a reply from Xie Wenkai.

She took a look at the message.

The content was, “Who exactly are you” Jiang Tong didnt reply to him.

Then, her phone vibrated again, it was another message.

“How do you know my phone number Who told you What does Grandpa Rice Ball mean” This time, Xie Wenkai not only questioned Jiang Tong, he also wanted to find something to make up for it.

He deliberately asked what was withGrandpa Rice Ball and pretended to be dumb.

Jiang Tong still did not reply to him.

The fourth text came very quickly.

This time, the content was very simple.

There were three question marks! However, Jiang Tong was very calm and did not reply.

Xie Wenkai finally stopped sending messages.

However, Jiang Tong could guess his current mood and what he would do next.

Jiang Tong was waiting for Xie Wenkai to take the initiative to ask her to meet! When that time came, the show would officially begin.

It would probably not take more than a few days.


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