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Ji Lanzhou held her mischievous hands under his clothes and turned his head helplessly.

“Are you in such a hurry” He stopped talking midway when he saw Jiang Tongs face.

Jiang Tong, who had washed off her heavy makeup, was very beautiful.

Her skin was excessively fair with a healthy flush.

It was crystal clear like a honey peach that had been wet by dew.

Her nose bridge was high and her eyes were full of heroic spirit.

Her lips were slightly pursed.

When she wasnt smiling, she looked cold and distant.

“Yes, its very urgent.

After all, I dont have much time.” Jiang Tong pointed at the clock on the wall.

It was already twelve in the morning.

When she spoke, the ends of her eyes were slightly raised.

Her eyes were phoenix-like eyes.

The ends of her eyes were slender and slightly raised.

Her pupils were like the thickest ink in the deep sea, deep and cold.

However, the corners of her mouth were smiling.

Her deep eyes looked at people with a hint of mockery and yet at the same time, it did not seem like mockery.

They carried a strong sense of world-weariness and unrestrained unruliness, like a wild horse that was unrestrained on the prairie.

Ji Lanzhou did not expect Jiang Tongs original appearance to be so stunning.

After a moment, he asked, “What do you mean you dont have much time”

Jiang Tong sighed, “I will fall asleep exactly at four in the morning.

Whether I want to or not, I will fall asleep immediately.

When I wake up, it will be seven in the morning.

Do you understand” She did not want to dilly dally and end up falling asleep while she was doing it with him.

That would be too infuriating!

“There are still four hours before its four oclock in the morning.” Ji Lanzhou pulled her hand out and walked lazily to the bathroom with both hands in his pockets.

“Babe, are you not confident in yourself, or are you not confident in me” Jiang Tong originally wanted to pounce on Ji Lanzhous back from behind.

However, when she thought of Ji Lanzhous delicate and weak body, she decisively gave up on that idea.

She did not want to send Ji Lanzhou to the hospital after finally having this golden opportunity to be with him.

In the end, she could only settle for the second-best option by holding his hand and quickening their pace to the bathroom.

She said, “In order to cherish every second, lets take a bath together!”

Ji Lanzhou stopped in his tracks but did not refute.

He let himself be pulled into the bathroom by Jiang Tong.

In the bathroom, the mist from Jiang Tongs shower had not dissipated yet.

She impatiently pressed Ji Lanzhou against the sink and tiptoed to kiss his sharp, thin lips.

The person she had been dreaming about for thirty thousand days was right underneath her at this moment, so it was understandable for Jiang Tong to be a little excited.

However, her movements were once again stopped by him.

Jiang Tong drooped her eyelids and looked at the slender fingers in the middle.

She complained somewhat helplessly, “Babe if you continue to torment me like this, Ill be wrecked.”

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“Mm, I forgot to tell you something.” Ji Lanzhous palm caught Jiang Tongs slender waist off guard.

As the world around them spun, the two of them switched positions.

Ji Lanzhou pressed Jiang Tong under his body, and his peach blossom eyes locked on her deeply.

He continued, “I dont like to be at the bottom.”

“Then… um…” before Jiang Tong could finish her words, Ji Lanzhou suddenly bent down and pressed his lips against hers.

A strong, cold, pine fragrance entered her mouth.

Jiang Tongs legs went soft, but it only lasted for a moment.

Her arms which were propped up on the sink hung onto Ji Lanzhous neck.

She kissed him back, unwilling to be outdone by him.

It was not like a kiss.

It was more like two kings fighting for territory in each others mouths.

They exchanged breaths, and their lips and teeth collided.

It was intense and exciting.

After a long time, their lips parted, and a thin silver thread appeared between their lips.

Jiang Tongs chest rose and fell, and her beautiful phoenix-like eyes were filled with wickedness.

“What should I do I dont like being down there either.”

Ji Lanzhou laughed softly.

His voice was sexy and hoarse after the intense kiss.

He wiped away the saliva on his lips and said slowly, “Then… well see what we can do.”

After he said that, the two of them kissed each other again in tacit understanding.

The clock in the living room ticked.

The sound of the water in the bathroom splashed continuously, and the moans continued for a long time.

At seven in the morning, the sunlight shone into the room through the floor-to-ceiling curtains.

Jiang Tong opened her eyes punctually and stared blankly at the ceiling.

A new cycle had begun… She looked at the ceiling in a daze out of habit, she recalled what she had done yesterday.

This was a habit she had formed after repeating this day for five hundred years.

But this time, it seemed to be different… Jiang Tong stared at the arm around her waist in a daze.

As her gaze moved up the arm, she saw Ji Lanzhous shockingly beautiful face.

However, his complexion today was a little worse than yesterday.

Under the cover of his thick long eyelashes, there was a hint of excessive debauchery from last nights session in his eyes.

Jiang Tong: “ !”

As if he was awakened by the noise, Ji Lanzhou moved his body.

His slender fingers covered his eyes impatiently.

“Dont be noisy.” After saying that, he paused for a moment.

As if he had realized something, he suddenly put down his hand and met Jiang Tongs stunned gaze.

Ji Lanzhou looked around and his gaze landed on the torn shirt not far away.

His thin lips parted slightly as he said, “Liar.”


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