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Seven years ago, Chen Xiuxiu married Qian Mang.

With the help of Qian Mang, she founded Tianxiu Fashion Company, which mainly engaged in the cosmetics and make-up business.

Not only did she know Zhou Jingyun, but she was also very familiar with him.

However, they were not good friends, they were competitors.

According to what Jiang Tong knew, Chen Xiuxiu had always felt that Zhou Jingyun had stolen her business.

Six years ago, Chen Xiuxiu opened a cosmetics company in City Z, and Zhou Jingyun opened the company four years ago.

Chen Xiuxiu did not have the ability to run a company to begin with.

If it were not for Qian Mang investing money time and time again and using his connections to support her, her company would have long gone bankrupt.

And this situation became worse after Zhou Jingyun opened his company.

The real enmity between Zhou Jingyun and Chen Xiuxiu was three years ago.

Zhou Jingyun had successfully negotiated the business of a large-scale chain beauty salon.

This beauty salon would use Jing Yun Fashions cosmetics and skin care products in the future.

Before that, the skin care products used by this beauty salon all belonged to Tianxiu Fashion.

From then on, every time Chen Xiuxiu saw Zhou Jingyun, she would always try to pick a fight with him.

Chen Xiuxiu felt that Zhou Jingyun, a grown man, running a fashion and skincare business was silly.

She felt that he had no masculinity, so she looked down on Zhou Jingyun.


Qian, did Mr.

Qian come with you” Zhou Jingyun replied indifferently.

He glanced behind Chen Xiuxiu and even looked around the restaurant, but he did not see Qian Mang.

As a man, Zhou Jingyun wouldnt argue with Chen Xiuxiu.

In any case, he would always speak sarcastically to her.

Besides that, Zhou Jingyun and Qian Mang had a good personal relationship.

Zhou Jingyun knew Qian Mang because of his younger brother, Zhou Mingfei.

Zhou Mingfei and Qian Mang had a very close relationship.

Of course, this didnt mean that Zhou Jingyun liked every friend of Zhou Mingfeis, it was Qian Mangs temperament that suited Zhou Jingyun very well.

Qian Mang started his business in the demolition business in his early years.

He also did underground illegal business.

Later on, he set up a real estate company and successfully washed his name clean.

Qian Mang was a forthright and righteous person.

When he was young, he had helped his brother on both sides, and he almost died in the hospital as a result.

Qian Mang had also privately asked Zhou Jingyun to not fuss over it with his wife, Chen Xiuxiu.

That company was used to make Chen Xiuxiu happy.

He did not expect to make more money as long as he did not lose too much money.

Qian Mangs love for his wife was one of the best in City Z, but Zhou Jingyun did not understand why Qian Mang, such a forthright and righteous person, would marry a dimwit like Chen Xiuxiu Just because Chen Xiuxiu gave birth to a son for him

“My husband is outside.

He will come in in a while.” After Chen Xiuxiu said that, her gaze fell on Jiang Tong.

She asked, “Eldest Young Master Zhou, is this your girlfriend”

“Yes,” Zhou Jingyun replied indifferently.

“Oh, since when did you learn from the other bosses and start keeping young girls by your side, Eldest Young Master Zhou” Chen Xiuxius tone was very exaggerated as she said, “Eldest Young Master Zhou, you are already twenty-seven this year, right This little girlfriend of yours looks like she is only in her early twenties.

She is quite good-looking.

You are an old cow who eats young grass.

You have good taste.” She deliberately said very loudly, trying to attract the attention of the people around them to embarrass Zhou Jingyun.

In fact, Zhou Jingyun would not feel embarrassed under such circumstances.

However, not feeling embarrassed did not mean that he would continue to tolerate Chen Xiuxius behavior.

When Jiang Tong saw Zhou Jingyuns subtle movements, Jiang Tong was the first to speak, “Lady, did you hit the wrong place during your plastic surgery Did you hit your head Dont shout like a shr*w and disturb everyones meal.”

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“B*tch, what did you say!” Chen Xiuxiu looked at Jiang Tong fiercely.

“Did I say something wrong You didnt hit your head” Jiang Tong smiled and said, “Then did you hurt your nerves during the bone cutting and damage your brain Or was the nose pad placed in the wrong place during the surgery”

“Shut up! I havent had plastic surgery!” Chen Xiuxiu screamed like a cat whose tail had been stepped on.

Her plastic surgery was a secret.

She was very satisfied with her exquisite appearance and also very concerned about others saying that she had plastic surgery!

Jiang Tong did not know what Chen Xiuxiu had to be proud of.

Everyone had their own secrets that could not be exposed.

Zhou Jingyun had it, Chen Xiuxiu had it, and Jiang Tong knew the secrets of all the people in City Z! Revealing Chen Xiuxius plastic surgery was just an appetizer.

She had yet to reveal Chen Xiuxius most shameful incidents and big secrets.

If she did, Chen Xiuxiu would probably disappear from the world…



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