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“My older brother.” Jiang Tong stretched lazily.

She looked at Zhou Mingfei with drooping eyelids.

“The young master of the Ji family in City Z, Ji Pingshans youngest son, Ji Lanzhou.

Speaking of which, you should thank me for this matter.

Yesterday, if I didnt interfere and Liu Laoers men had really touched him, you might not have been able to settle this matter so easily.”

Zhou Mingfeis face changed slightly.

The Ji family of City Z was an absolutely enormous existence.

They had an intricate relationship with the City Z government, and they also had very deep connections and foundations in City Z.

Although the Zhou family had developed quite well in the past few years, they were definitely not as big as the Ji family.

However, the Ji family had been keeping a low profile these past few years, watching these newly emerging families fight to the death as they stood and watch on the sidelines.

As long as they were not provoked, they would not make a move.

However, if they were provoked…

Zhou Mingfei had heard that Ji Lanzhou, the youngest son of the Ji family, rarely went out because of his poor health.

Therefore, the outside world only heard of his name and did not know what he looked like.

However, this did not hinder them from knowing that Ji Lanzhou was the Ji familys most favored child.

If they were to provoke Ji Pingshan, Ji Pingshan might not care about them because of his status.

However, if they were to provoke Ji Lanzhou, they would be waiting for death.

Therefore, Jiang Tong was right.

If anything happened to Ji Lanzhou last night, even he would not be able to settle this matter!

“Then… I really have to thank you, Sister-in-law.” Zhou Mingfeis expression did not look right.

“Dont say these useless things.

Mingfei, I came to look for you this time because of an urgent matter.” Zhou Jingyun interrupted their conversation.

“Please go ahead, Brother.” Zhou Mingfei immediately nodded.

The matter of Ji Lanzhou had passed just like that.

Zhou Mingfei did not intend to pursue it because he could hear from Jiang Tongs words that she was very close to Ji Lanzhou.

If Jiang Tong knew what Zhou Mingfei was thinking, she would definitely say, “Yes, how can we not be close Weve already slept on the same bed.”

“Ill let your sister-in-law tell you.” After Zhou Jingyun said that, his gaze fell on Jiang Tong.

Zhou Mingfei frowned slightly when he heard that.

This woman actually had such a high position in his brothers heart In the past, the fake girlfriends that Zhou Jingyun brought cowered in front of Zhou Jingyun and did not even dare to breathe loudly.

But this time…

Jiang Tong did not care what Zhou Mingfei was thinking and simply explained the situation to Zhou Mingfei.

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“You said that the government is going to tackle and deal with Lihao Ballroom Thats impossible.

How did you know about this piece of news” Zhou Mingfei did not believe it and narrowed his eyes as he looked at Jiang Tong.

He knew that Lihao Ballroom was big and naturally attracted criticism, but he had always managed it well.

Moreover, everyone knew that he was the most favored child of the Zhou family.

Who would dare to act recklessly

Jiang Tong said, “You can only blame yourself for secretly taking those videos.

You even used those videos to threaten people.

Also… you should have cut off your business dealings with Xing Lin a long time ago.”

“You…” Zhou Mingfei suddenly became very uneasy.

He even stole a glance at Zhou Jingyun.

Xing Lin was a descendant of the southern Xing family.

Even his older brother didnt know about his business with Xing Lin.

How did this woman know about it

“You have ties with that Xing fellow” Zhou Jingyun had a huge reaction after hearing that.

He immediately stood up and pointed at Zhou Mingfei.

“How many times have I told you that he is not a good person Do you take my words for granted”

“Brother, calm down.” Zhou Mingfei quickly went forward to comfort him.

“Your brother is right.

Xing Lin is indeed not a good person.” Jiang Tong crossed her legs.

“This time, he was the one who sold you out.

He was the one who caused the incident first.

However, he pushed the blame onto you and said that everything was your idea.”

Zhou Mingfeis expression instantly turned terrible.

Previously, he was still skeptical of Jiang Tongs words, but Xing Lin was indeed behaving abnormally the past few months.

It had been a long time since Xing Lin brought any new guests over.

“How do you know all this Why should I believe you And how do you even know about all these matters” Zhou Mingfei stared at Jiang Tong.

He was beginning to doubt Jiang Tongs identity.

“There are some things that I dont need to tell you in detail.

The reason why Im telling you all this is because youre Jing Yuns younger brother.” Jiang Tong glanced at Zhou Jingyun.

Then, she said to Zhou Mingfei, “If something happens to you, Jingyun will be very sad.

Thats why Im here to tell you about this.”

“Dont try to be mysterious here! Im telling you, if you dont explain everything clearly today, you wont be able to walk out of here alive!” Zhou Mingfei slapped the table and stood up!

Jiang Tong smiled.

It could only be said that Zhou Jingyun and Zhou Mingfei were indeed biological brothers.

Their words were almost the same.

“Mingfei, what are you doing” Zhou Jingyun frowned.


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