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Jiang Tong took a deep breath.

Then, she continued, “I wonder if Xie Wenkai has a grudge against golf.

Does he think golf is baseball If you dont know how to play, then dont play.

Dont insult golf.

Whats wrong with me hitting Xie Wenkais butt His posture isnt correct and he keeps sticking out his butt.

Whats wrong with me hitting him He cant even stand properly, so how can he play golf Its already a light punishment if I dont kick him! What the h*ll is he playing! Does he not know what hes doing Ive taught a lot of my friends how to play golf in the past few years, but Ive never seen anyone as stupid as Xie Wenkai!”

“You!” Madam Xie suddenly stood up and said angrily, “Show some respect to my son!”

It was settled.

The moment Madam Xie stood up to defend Xie Wenkai and scold Jiang Tong, Jiang Tong had already dealt with Madam Xie.

This was because once Madam Xie showed such an attitude, it was equivalent to putting Xie Wenkai on the opposite side of Jiang Tong.

She was defending Xie Wenkai, who had been bullied and humiliated.

She would no longer suspect that something had happened between Jiang Tong and Xie Wenkai.

After all, Jiang Tong insulted Xie Wenkai in front of her without caring about Xie Wenkais feelings! In this way, even if Xie Wenkai had any special feelings for Jiang Tong, they would be gone now.

This was the key! Everything else was trivial.

So what if Jiang Tong slapped Xie Wenkais butt So what if Madam Xie thought Jiang Tong was taking advantage of Xie Wenkai Xie Wenkai himself didnt say he wasnt willing, so why should Madam Xie make things difficult for Jiang Tong However, Xie Wenkai couldnt say this.

Once Xie Wenkai cooperated with Jiang Tong, it would be a big problem.

Jiang Tong could not let Madam Xie suspect that there was something going on between her and Xie Wenkai.

This was also the biggest taboo in the Xie family.

The daughter-in-law that the Xie family wanted to find must be virtuous and well-mannered.

Now, Xie Wenkais father, Xie Guofu, was not in good health.

He did not know how many more years he could last before Xie Wenkai took over the company.

Therefore, Xie Wenkai had to get married.

Xie Wenkai needed a stable family and an excellent woman who could assist him.

Moreover, this woman had to listen to the Xie family! This was the main issue.

In fact, Jiang Tong didnt care at all about offending Madam Xie on some trivial issues and having some verbal conflicts with her.

That was because Madam Xie was only Madam Xie and not Xie Guofu.

Madam Xie was Xie Guofus good wife.

She wouldnt make a big fuss about some trivial matters, not to the extent that it would affect the Xie family and the Six Blessings Corporation.

She knew her limits.

She would only be daring when it was a big issue.

Xie Wenkai was the future of the Xie family and the Six Blessings Corporation.

Therefore, his relationship problem was the biggest problem for the Xie family.

This was also what Xie Guofu cared about the most.

He didnt want his hard-earned family business to benefit outsiders.

Therefore, although Xie Guofu didnt agree with Madam Xies way of educating his son, the two of them had the same opinion on Xie Wenkais marriage.

Xie Guofu and Xie Wenkai did not allow any bad woman to seduce their son and have an affair with him! Therefore, as long as this issue was settled, the other issues were only minor issues.

It was simply not worth it for the Xie family to start a war with Zhou Jingyun!

Although Zhou Jingyuns personal influence was inferior to that of the Xie family, Zhou Mingfei, who was extremely protective of his elder brother, and the entire Zhou family stood behind Zhou Jingyun.

Therefore, Zhou Jingyuns influence was much greater than that of the Xie family! Therefore, if they could make peace, both sides would definitely strive to make peace.

Xie Wenkai had to suffer now but Jiang Tong merely threw a few insults about him while he was present.

However, after these few insults, the benefits that Xie Wenkai would gain were tremendous.

Madam Xie would throw away the doubt in her heart because of this.

She would also feel sorry for Xie Wenkai.

She felt that Xie Wenkai had been taught too well and was too polite.

That was why he had tolerated Jiang Tongs methods which she used to take advantage of him.

Madam Xie undoubtedly loved Xie Wenkai, but her love for Xie Wenkai was a little pathological.

When Madam Xie stood up to angrily scold Jiang Tong, Jiang Tong retorted without hesitation, “I didnt mean to disrespect Xie Wenkai.

I was just telling the truth.

Xie Wenkai is really stupid when it comes to golf!” As she spoke, Jiang Tong stepped lightly on Zhou Jingyuns foot under the table where Madam Xie could not see.

She did not know why Zhou Jingyun did not cooperate immediately.

Perhaps it was because he had never seen Jiang Tong get angry before so his reaction was slow


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