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She even dared to question him in person Madam Xie raised her eyebrows.

“Yes, hes outside.

Ill get him to come in.” After saying that, she took out her cell phone and rummaged through it.

Then, she dialed a number.

After the call was connected, Madam Xie said, “Come in.” Then, she hung up the phone.

He was right outside the door.

Very soon, he came in.

Xie Wenkais two bodyguards had been following Madam Xie.

When Madam Xie went to the alley where Jiang Tongs old house was located, they also followed her.

It was the tall bodyguard who entered the door.

He was the one who called Madam Xie to report the situation.

“Madam, were you looking for me” The tall bodyguard entered the door and said with a slight bow.

Madam Xie did not say anything.

She gestured in Jiang Tongs direction.

The tall bodyguard then stood up straight and looked at Jiang Tong.

“You were the one who told Madam Xie that I touched Xie Wenkai and even spanked him, right” Jiang Tong asked directly.

“Yes,” the tall bodyguard replied simply.

“Its impossible for him to lie,” Madam Xie added at this time.

“I know he didnt lie,” Jiang Tong replied to Madam Xie.

Then, she smiled at the tall bodyguard and asked, “Since you said that I touched Xie Wenkai, can you tell Madam Xie in more detail what I did to Xie Wenkai”

The tall bodyguard was stunned.

He didnt understand what Jiang Tong meant.

Was she planning to self-destruct

“What else did Jiang Tong do” Madam Xie couldnt help but ask.

When the tall bodyguard saw Madam Xie ask him, he thought for a moment and replied, “Jiang Tong even hugged the Eldest Young Master…”

“Please be more specific,” Jiang Tong reminded him.

“Jiang Tong hugged the Eldest Young Master from behind and then played golf.

After that, she let him play by himself.

She even pulled Eldest Young Master forcefully to the side.

After that, she played golf by herself.

Also… she even spanked the Eldest Young Masters buttocks and corrected his shoulders position… she even kicked the Eldest Young Masters feet and made him retract his legs.

She also held his waist and pushed the back of the Eldest Young Masters head.

It seemed like she was correcting his figure and posture…” the tall bodyguard explained in great detail and he talked for a few minutes.

It was not that he had a good memory, but Jiang Tongs abnormal behavior toward Xie Wenkai was very impressionable and easy to remember.

No one dared to treat Xie Wenkai like that.

Only Jiang Tong treated him like that.

The way she treated him could be considered rough.

However, as he talked, the tone of the tall bodyguard was not quite right.

He also realized that he seemed to have misunderstood something.

He called to report quite early when Jiang Tong spanked Xie Wenkais butt for the second time.

After that, for half an hour, Madam Xie was on her way to the Jinsha Private Club, so he did not report to Madam Xie again.

Madam Xie listened and felt that something was not right.

She knew that the bodyguard would never lie to her.

He would say whatever was on his mind.

Therefore, although she suspected that Jiang Tong was taking advantage of Xie Wenkai… But on the whole, it didnt seem like they were being intimate.

“Are you done” Jiang Tong asked the tall bodyguard.

The tall bodyguard nodded and looked at Jiang Tong.

“If youre done, please answer two questions.

The first question is, what do you think of my golf skills” Jiang Tong looked at the tall bodyguard and asked.

“Good, very good.” The tall bodyguard thought for a moment and said, “To be able to hit the ball so far, you must have reached the professional level.”

“The second question.” Jiang Tong looked at the tall bodyguard and asked, “What do you think I was doing with your young master when I was there for more than half an hour”

“Teaching my young master how to play golf,” the tall bodyguard said and added, “You were quite strict.” He had already repeated what Jiang Tong did so of course, he also realized what Jiang Tong was doing.

She was teaching Xie Wenkai how to play golf!

After the tall bodyguard finished speaking, Jiang Tong turned her head to look at Madam Xie.

She hid the smile on the corner of her mouth and spoke in a tone that sounded as though she had been misunderstood for the entire day and had enough of it.

She coldly said, “Madam Xie, did you hear that Your bodyguard wont lie.

Thats what you said earlier, right Then in the future, could you please clarify the matter before you question me! You even asked me to give you an explanation.

What do you want me to explain to you Ive been busy with Zhou Jingyun for several days, trying to help your son, Xie Wenkai.

Dont you know your son well Dont you know how badly he plays golf”


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