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Xie Wenkai was not mentally retarded, so there must be something going on, but Xie Wenkai deliberately hid it.

Zhou Jingyun did not pursue this part of the secret since it was not important at the moment.

What was important was how to deal with Madam Xie.

Zhou Jingyun understood the priority of the matter, so during the car ride, he asked Xie Wenkai a lot about him and his mother.

Twenty minutes later, in the Six Blessings Teahouse, there was a private room on the top floor.

This was also the property of the Xie family.

Although the Xie family was in the jewelry business, they also had some other businesses in Z City.

The private room on the top floor was huge and had a lot of furnishings.

Not only could they drink tea and discuss business, but they could also have a short rest, just like a hotel suite.

Only four people were in the room: Madam Xie, Xie Wenkai, Zhou Jingyun, and Jiang Tong.

“Director Zhou, are you able to explain to me why youre with my son Dont you think its very rude of you to let your girlfriend, Miss Jiang Tong, take my son away without any notice I also dont know if Miss Jiang Tong and Director Zhous actions are against the law.

Perhaps I should consult a lawyer.” Madam Xie elegantly raised her teacup and said these in a neutral tone.

After saying that, she glanced at Jiang Tong.

This was a direct attack! And this was only the beginning.

Jiang Tong was the main target.

Madam Xie had yet to ask a more serious question!

Madam Xie guessed that Zhou Jingyun had asked Jiang Tong to take Xie Wenkai away.

However, she felt that her guess was correct.

Otherwise, she wouldnt be able to explain Zhou Jingyuns current attitude.

Thats why she asked him directly.

“Madam Xie, first of all, I need to correct your statement.” Zhou Jingyun, who was sitting opposite Madam Xie, calmly said, “First of all, my girlfriend, Jiang Tong, didnt take your son away by force.

I made an appointment with Xie Wenkai in advance.

But because I had something urgent, I asked my girlfriend, Jiang Tong, to look for Xie Wenkai.”

“Yes, I had an appointment with Director Zhou,” Xie Wenkai, who was sitting on the sofa at the side, immediately echoed.

Madam Xie immediately looked at Xie Wenkai with a cold gaze.

Xie Wenkai immediately lowered his eyelids and had an unnatural expression on his face.

Then, he lowered his head and did not speak.

“Oh Is that so” Madam Xie continued to look at Zhou Jingyun.

“Then, why did I hear that Miss Jiang Tong was the one who forcefully took away my son, Xie Wenkai”

Zhou Jingyun replied, “Madam Xie, Xie Wenkai is not a doll.

If he was really forced, wouldnt he call for help”

Madam Xie said, “Perhaps my son was deceived by someones sweet words.

After all, his living environment has always been simple.

If he was sold, he might even help the seller count their money.”

Zhou Jingyun smiled and sarcastically asked, “Madam Xie, do you think that Xie Wenkai is a child A man in his twenties would be deceived with just a few words”

Madam Xie was unmoved.

“Ive said it before.

My son hasnt come into contact with too many people.

Hes very kind and simple.” Madam Xie and Zhou Jingyun looked at each other.

There was not a hint of anger in their tone.

However, they had only spoken a few words before they started to verbally fight with each other.

Madam Xie did not ask Xie Wenkai what was going on.

She did not even let Xie Wenkai speak because she knew that her son had already betrayed her.

She knew that Xie Wenkai would not speak for her, and she would not blame her son in front of outsiders.

Otherwise, the person in the wrong would be Xie Wenkai.

When that time came, how would she settle the score with Zhou Jingyun and Jiang Tong

“Madam Xie, do you know why I asked your son to meet me” Zhou Jingyun suddenly changed the topic and directly asked Madam Xie.

“Director Zhou, Id like to hear the details.” Madam Xie held the teacup in her hand and gestured.

After she finished speaking, she elegantly sipped her tea and looked at Zhou Jingyun without any anger in her eyes.

“Actually…” Zhou Jingyun paused for a moment.

Then, he continued, “Actually, the matters of your Xie family have nothing to do with me.

I originally didnt want to get involved, but Xie Wenkai told me more than once in private that he was very envious of me.

He wanted to be like me, who was brave enough to resist, resolutely do what he wanted to do, and walk the path he wanted to walk.

Both of us have a lot in common.

I also admit that Xie Wenkai is better than me in many aspects, but he doesnt have a life of his own.

I dont know if you understand what Im saying, Madam Xie,” Zhou Jingyun said.

He suddenly sat up straight, leaned forward slightly, and stared at Madam Xie.

“Xie Wenkai isnt a living person at all.

Hes just a puppet that youve meticulously dressed up.

A puppet that cant even decide how many bowls of rice to eat and how many friends to make!”


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