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Xie Wenkais fear of Madam Xie was not something that could be reversed in a short time.

He might say something wrong during Madam Xies interrogation, so Jiang Tong felt that it was better to be careful.

There were only Xie Wenkai and Zhou Jingyun in the Bentley.

Zhou Jingyun, who was driving, suddenly asked, “Whats going on between you and Jiang Tong”

Xie Wenkai glanced at Zhou Jingyun and blurted out, “Big Brother, I…”

“Can you not call meBig Brother Youre older than me! Youre theBig Brother!” Zhou Jingyun was a little nervous.

When he was in Jiang Tongs bedroom, he was really frightened by Xie Wenkais strange behavior.

Xie Wenkai felt that something was wrong.

He asked, “Then… Director Zhou, can I ask you a question first”

Zhou Jingyun frowned.

“What question”

Xie Wenkai asked, “Are you and Jiang Tong… in that kind of relationship”

Zhou Jingyun did not understand.

He glanced at Xie Wenkai and asked, “What kind of relationship”

Xie Wenkai immediately realized that he might have misunderstood.

He almost wanted to ask Zhou Jingyun if he was a masochist, but he stopped because he was afraid that he would expose himself if he asked the wrong question.

After pausing for a moment, Xie Wenkai continued to ask, “Then, Director Zhou, have you… slept with Jiang Tong” His question was very direct.

“No, of course not.” Zhou Jingyun suddenly turned his head to look at Xie Wenkai and then turned back to look at the road in front of him.

“My relationship with Jiang Tong is fake.

Didnt she already tell you”

Xie Wenkai was completely sure that Zhou Jingyun and Jiang Tongs relationship was not that of master and slave, which was even more strange! Xie Wenkai asked again, “Then why did you give Jiang Tong a massage”

Speaking of this, Zhou Jingyuns expression became much more serious and a little irritated.

He was indeed a little annoyed because he still owed Jiang Tong nine massages.

Seeing that Zhou Jingyun was silent, Xie Wenkai asked again, “Is it not convenient to say”

“I lost a bet to Jiang Tong,” Zhou Jingyun said directly.

It was a very reasonable explanation, and it was also in line with his style of keeping his word.

As long as he did not say what the bet was, there would be no problem.

Of course, Zhou Jingyun would not say anything about his bet with Jiang Tong, especially not to Xie Wenkai.

If Xie Wenkai knew that Jiang Tong actually bet whether Xie Wenkai would fall for her, it would definitely destroy the relationship between Xie Wenkai and Jiang Tong.

Zhou Jingyun couldnt do such a despicable thing.

Of course, Zhou Jingyun was overthinking it.

Even if he said it, it wouldnt affect the relationship between Xie Wenkai and Jiang Tong.

“Bet You even bet with Jiang Tong And both of you even make a bet with things like massages” Xie Wenkai looked at Zhou Jingyun with a playful look in his eyes, his tone was obviously hinting that Zhou Jingyun had a thing with Jiang Tong.

“Director Zhou.” Xie Wenkai saw that Zhou Jingyun didnt say anything, so he continued, “Do you like Jiang Tong Were both men.

You dont have to lie to me.

I knew that you were massaging Jiang Tong, but you didnt explain or stop when I saw you.

You were deliberately trying to make me angry, right”

“Director Xie, dont you think you have too many questions” Zhou Jingyuns tone became a little heavier, and then he looked at the road in front of him.

Then, his tone became a lot lighter as he said, “Dont study me for no reason.

Lets talk about you.

You have to understand your situation.

You dont want to never see Jiang Tong again, do you”

“Oh, right, right, right.

Yes, this is more important,” Xie Wenkai said immediately.

The atmosphere in the car became delicate again.

Xie Wenkai and Zhou Jingyun had the intention to confront each other again.

Moreover, the two of them actually used Jiang Tong as a bargaining chip to provoke each others emotions!

“Tell me, whats going on between you and Jiang Tong How did she take you away from the Xie family” Zhou Jingyun asked.

“Actually, the process wasnt complicated.

Its just that after I got to know Jiang Tong, I arranged to meet her at the Jinsha Private Club today.

Some of the things Jiang Tong said was quite right.

My mother, she…” Xie Wenkai explained the situation today and he had hidden a large number of important plots and details.

He had also made some vague adjustments to the process of getting to know Jiang Tong because he wanted to hide that he was a masochist! He attributed the reason why he would run with Jiang Tong to Jiang Tongs persuasion and his own realization.

It was because his mother was really too strict with him.

He wanted to resist.

Zhou Jingyun felt that something was not right after hearing it.

He felt that things were not that simple.

Was Xie Wenkai an id*ot He did not know Jiang Tong for long, but he was persuaded by Jiang Tong to resist his family just like that He even became Jiang Tongs boyfriend, washed her clothes, and cooked for her


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